Do you think Charlie Sheen is going to come out smelling like a rose, or will they put him away finally?

He is not winning anymore. He is whining. People are sick of his stupid antics and nonsense. It was funny first few times but after a while people realised they have been taken for a ride. Kudos to him cos he know how to make money from his fall from grace

Why do people hate Charlie Sheen so much?

Charlie Sheen is an addict who needs medical treatment, he has lost touch with reality and has fried his brain. Charlie also has a long, documented, history of abuse to women. A great actor? Really? I mean I think the show is hilarious, but Sheen does not carry the show it's the rest that are so funny. The last thing he needs is anyone thinking "Poor Charlie", he needs to be hospitalized and treated before he completely derails and does something that can never be taken back.

Were you shocked that Brooker Mueller allegedly bought drugs recently?

hah no

Denise Richards or Brooke Mueller ?

Brooke Mueller.

Isn't Charlie Sheen violating his restraining order with Brooke Mueller?

Need to see what TRO says, what state case law is. Public statements by a silly person may not be considered technically a violation. Police and court officers may be laughing at him and states attorney says sarcasm and parody is not quite enough for conviction. Utube videos might be introduced as evidence in a sanity hearing to get Charlie confined for 6 months dry out time-but right now the talking and extra girlfriends are not a direct danger to public and let police know where he is and figure his capability to commit violence- right now he seems incapable of making it to street without help let alone form coherent sentence.

Do you think Brooke Mueller is really having Charlie Sheen's baby?

Gay couples shouldn't adopt but coke addicts Charlie Sheen and wife Brooke Mueller get to keep their kids?!?

Well you know it goes on and on...OctoMom is allowed to keep her baseball team/hockey/football team whereas anytime someone gay even mentions insemination the complaints start coming in... The majority of kids that we want to adopt are up for adoption because someone straight was unfit!

Poll: Brooke Mueller vs. Tania Saulnier?

Brooke Mueller:)

Brooke Mueller's jacket on World According to Paris?? 10 pointss?

Im just here for the points. :l

Christmas Day with Charlie Sheen or Brooke Mueller?

neither--to much violence there. i dont wanna get killed!