How the hell did the no.1 team in the nfl get the easiest schedule ?

the schedule is made from a formula, The Broncos have the easiest schedule because the other teams in their division had such bad records and because they get to play the NFC East and AFC South,both of which were pretty weak last season. There is no conspiracy here, it just worked out that way.

Why are people claiming that the Broncos have had an easier schedule compared to the Chiefs?

That's not possible considering the Chiefs are coming off a 2-14 season last year giving them one of the easier schedules for this year. Therefor I agree.

Does anybody know were to find the Denver Bronco practice schedule?

Their practices ended August 20:
The schedule is at the very bottom.

Do you these predictions are right for the Broncos schedule?

Well first of all, here are my predictions and I'll explain.
Week 8: Ravens - W
Week 9: Steelers - L
Week 10: Chargers - W
Week 11: Redskins - W
Week 12: Giants - W
Week 13: Chiefs - W
Week 14: Colts - L
Week 15: Raiders - W
Week 16: Eagles - W
Week 17: Chiefs - W
This would put the Broncos at 14-2, haha. I don't know if that will happen, but if they continue to play like they are right now, there is no reason why they can't go out and win the majority of the rest. They could even beat Indy & Pittsburgh, but those are very tough games to win, so we'll see how that goes. Denver will at least be 12-4, at the very least.

Rate the denver broncos schedule 1-10?

Their only saving point is that the rest of the AFC West has a similar tough schedule taking on the NFC East and the AFC North. The differences are that Denver gets NE and Indy, San Diego has Miami and Tennessee, Oakland gets Houston and the Jets, KC has Jacksonville and Buffalo. Tough schedule for the entire AFC West.


Denver Broncos 2009 Season NFL Schedule
Denver @ Cinci Win 12-7
Cleveland @ Denver Win 27-6
Denver @ Oakland Win 23-3
Dallas @ Denver
New England @Denver
Denver @ San Diego
Denver @ Baltimore
Pittsburgh @ Denver
Denver @ Washington
San Diego @ Denver
NYG @ Denver
Denver @ KC
Denver @ Indianapolis
Oakland @ Denver
Denver @ Philadelphia
KC @ Denver

What is the Broncos schedule?

For the playoffs? They play the Ravens Saturday at 4:30 pm Eastern Time (2:30 pm Eastern Time). The rest of the schedule depends on who wins out, but the AFC Championship game will be in Denver if the Broncos beat the Ravens.
The specific schedules for next year are to be announced.

Why are people crying about the Broncos schedule?

Well, they play in arguably the weakest division in the NFL. Losses being to 3 other playoff teams in Atlanta, New England, and Houston. They play Oakland, San Diego, and Kansas City twice. Their biggest wins were against Cincinnati and Baltimore. The rest of the schedule is also weak. A bad Pittsburgh team, A Carolina team who is better than their record, Cleveland, and Tampa Bay. That start of the season difficult schedule they lost 3 of those games.

Broncos 2009 Schedule?

they have a very tough schedule. the chargers play almost the same teams except they play the titans instead of the colts and the dolphins instead of the patriots. I think the dolphins will not be close to the pats, but i think the titans will once again be better than the colts as they are on a decline. afc west has a tough tough schedule next year.

The Broncos schedule?

There is no way to really tell at this point.
Last off season the Pats had the easiest schedule on paper and were a lock to win their division and maybe even go undefeated again.
But, the Dolphins won the division.
The same Dolphins that went 1-15 the season before.
The Jets also went 4-12 the season before, and went 9-7 last season.
They Lions went 7-9 in 2007, and 0-16 in 2008.
So who knows?
You cannot tell how successful any team is going to be in a new season based on what they did the season before.
Way too many changes take place in the offseason.