Can I drive in CA legally at 17 with a British driving license?

no you need a us temp license

How comes hasn't there been a British summer 2011?

because our weather is just annoying... it was pouring down an hour ago now its stopped completely just like that.. we are just unlucky.. but it always gives us something to talk about on the plus side :)

I have a turkey with defrosting instructions saying a cool room for 48 hrs ?

Just to be safe I would put the turkey in the refrigerator to defrost. You run the risk of salmonella poisoning by letting it defrost to room temperatue. If it is not fully defrosted on Christmas Morning I would put it in the sink and run cold water over it until you can pry its legs apart and take the giblets out that are usually packed inside. Then rinse the cavity and then you are ready to put the stuffing in.... I like mine with apple and sausage meat. roast for 20 minutes a pound at 325 degrees until done.

I am getting so confused.... I need help with time zones?

I have added a source for a world time zone map that should help to visualize the situation Time in the British Isles is 6 hours earlier than is the USA's Central Time Zone. If it's 3 PM in Chicago, or Kansas City or Dallas, then its 9 PM in London, Birmingham, Dublin or Glasgow. Be careful about "CST" and "BST." CST means that the Central Time Zone is NOT on daylight savings time. CST is Central Standard Time; Central Daylight Time is CDT. Most countries (US States) go to daylight savings at about the same time each year. The situation can be confusing in the case of Arizona which does not go to daylight savings. So when the rest of the USA adds an hour in the spring and subtracts an hour in the fall, Arizonians don't touch their clocks. What happens in that they go from Mountain Time Zone to the Pacific Time Zone. You could also say that when Denver, Cheyenne and Boise go to MDT, Arizona stays at MST. The map will help explain this.

time zone question/pottermore?

we do not have BST (british summer time) or connecticut (EDT) here in Australia where you asked this try asking in travel UK or USA

bst to est time conversion?

8am Oct 28 2011 EST But the US is on DST then, so 9am EDT

Time Zone conversion?


BST to CST time conversion? says BST is -6 hours to CDT, -7 hours to CST. You add hours to CST to get to BST, not subtract (areas farther east are ahead in clock time).

convert 1:30pm BST, to New Zealand time?

Auckland, New Zealand longitude 174 degree 45 min East BST longitude 0 degree. Difference in time= 175/15 = 11 1/2 hours Answer : New Zealand is 1.00 am the following morning (Ahead in time)

Time Zone Conversions Please?

British Summer Time is 6 hours ahead, so it is 9pm in London. As soon as the Eastern zone of the US goes on to daylight saving time the difference will be 5 hours.

What angle should the gnomon on a wall-mounted sundial be?

To quote the website noted below... Wall mounted sundials require a south facing wall and will only be truly accurate if they have been specifically designed for the aspect they are used on. But to answer your question... I would assume that you would look at your watch and move the gnomon until it reads the same time.

part time summer jobs at sporting events?

Respective sport federation, as well as venue manager, and placement agencies. with all the Best.

GMT. Does the hour change for winter and summer in other countries?

most of Europe changes; Iceland does not (last I knew). Most of the US and Canada change; parts do not (especially not in the southwest). Nations in the tropics generally don't - there's no reason to.

If it's 4pm in BST, what time is it in Bridgeport, Connecticut?

It would be noon in Connecticut. You are correct that Bridgeport is EST

What is 1:30PM BST in United States Eastern time?

8:30 am Are you trying to find the magic quill? :)

What is the time in normal british time (with daylight saving) if it is 9-11.00 est?

If it's 9am est then it's 1pm there. The UK is four hours ahead of us. I listen to the BBC on the radio. I have a clock set to that time. Midnite here in Phila., Pa is 4 am there.

How many days on average does it rain in england in the summer?

England has no season when the weather is predictably wonderful. On average there are 42 rainy days in England during the Summer (June, July, August). London, England avgs. 138.6 mm of rain during the Summer while further North at Carlisle they avg. 177.7 mm of rain during the Summer months.

What is the best time to go to Cancun in 2007?

I live in Cancun, i could tel you but it`s depend what do you want to found or do in Cancun, if you are a group of young people the best time is spring break, but you said you cannot, so i should tell you the May-August time is very nice.

What is the layman term for the time zone right now in the UK?

Like the others said. Sometimes we use BST, not British Summer Time. For example, in a few weeks, the clocks change again. So to distinguish times at 1am (ie TV programmes) they'll state whether it's GMT or BST

When does British Summer start? (2011)?

It depends on what you mean by summer. In the northern hemisphere the first day of summer is technically June 21.. But summer could also mean "summer vacation" which would be when ever school lets out.

British Summer time.?

The same reason people still use imperial measurements like ounces and feet. We are very inconsistent.

What U.S. time is 1945 BST (British Summer Time)?

BST is GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) + 1 hour during the summer months. Now you want to know what the time is in the U.S. when it is 19:45 (7:45 PM) BST? There are four time zones in the contiguous U.S., so you need to be a tad more specific. In the Eastern States, it would be 2:45 PM EDT. Subtract one hour for each of the other three zones (CDT, MDT, PDT).

what is 12:00-14:00 BST(British Summer Time) in PST(Pacific Standard Time)?

Take off 7 hours. If you comapre it to GMT then take off 8 hours. PST is behind the UK time. So you would be 5:00 and 7:00 in the morning.

What U.A.E time is 1945 BST (British Summer Time)?

10:45 is it for the man utd vs. barcelona? GO MAN UTD.

What is 1:30 pm BST (british summer time) in PST (pasific standard time)?

1:30 pm BST is 5:30 am PST. I cannot help but ask...Pottermore?

does the city of greenwich uk observe british summer time and move their clocks forward 1 hour?

Greenwich is not a city,its a district of London that houses the Greenwhich observatory.and yes it observes british summer time by moving its clocks forward one hour in spring and one hour back in autumn

Does Germany use British Summer Time?

Yes, Germany does also change the clock, on the same day and time indeed. So it will be normal for her. Germany is just one hour different from England, year round now. (Used to be different dates to change in the past.)

What U.S. time is 1945 BST (British Summer Time)?

2:45pm Saturday (EDT) - Time in Washington D.C., US Chicago 1:45pm CDT Denver 12:45pm MDT Phoenix 11:45am MST Los Angeles 11:45am PDT Anchorage 10:45am AKDT Honolulu 8:45am HST

If it is 2pm in Eastern time USA what time is it summer time british?

Right now it's 8 am in New York and 1 pm in London. At 2 pm New York it will be 7 pm London.

What is 12 PM BST(British Summer Time) in PST(Pacific Standard Time)?

Nine hours ahead. Regular GMT is eight hours ahead of PST.

is British summer time your favourite day of the year?


What day in 2008 does British Summer Time Begin?

It always begins at 01:00 GMT on the last Sunday in March - so 30 March 2008.

Does anyone know when British Summer Time begins?

On Saturday/Sunday 29th - 30th March 2008.

i need help converting British summer time to usa eastern time?

Britain is 5 hours ahead of USA Eastern time & 8 hours ahead of USA Pacific time so..... 1.) 12:00AM BST to USA Eastern time is 7:00PM. 2.) 9:00PM BST to USA Eastern time is 4:00PM 3.) 2:00AM BST to USA Eastern time is 9:00PM (the day before).

What is British Summer Time dor Central Time?

It's 6 hours later than Central Time, so 12 noon CDT is 6 p.m. BST - until the early morning of October 30th when BST ends and Britain goes on GMT, so 12 noon CDT is 5 p.m. GMT for a week or so, until Daylight Saving ends in North America, then 12 noon CST becomes 6 p.m. GMT.

why were the clocks advanced double bst (british summer time) in world war two?

So people would work longer shifts, and not get off work in the dark.

When the clocks go back into British Summer Time...?

It depends on your mobile. Some will change automatically and many others won't. It will be best to manually set your mobile the hour early and if it is automatic, then you wake up an hour early. It is best not to assume your mobile when automatically change your time, especially if you need to be at work by 6am.

If it is 5:00pm British Summer Time, what time is it Pacific Time and Eastern Time in USA?

12 o'clock noon EDT 9 AM PDT j

Pacific Standard Time to British Summer Time?

All of the UK is ahead of PST by 8 hours, so if it were 4pm PST then it would be midnight BST. This link is good for finding the time anywhere in the world at the same time as where you are...

how did we end up with British summer time ,does anywere else have it?

Loads of countries do it - here's a list

why do we have british summer time?

It goes back to the war effort and the conservation of energy. Most countries choose to have a "Daylight Savings Time" (as we call it here in the states). Since people alter their schedules so that the work is done while the sun is up (an hour's difference), less energy is used. This was initiated during, at least in the states, during the war.

Convert British Summer Time to Eastern Daylight Time?

9am for EST. Unless it is daylight savings time then it's 10am

When does BST (British Summer Time) daylight saving start in UK?

Sunday, 25th March at 1:00 AM, the clocks will move forward one hour to 2:00 AM. BST will continue until 28th October, 2007.

What is 2pm-6pm Bst(british summer time) in Pacific time?

6am - 10am PDT. Pacific time is -8 hours GMT, regardless of summer time or daylight saving time

What is the time difference between BST (British Summer Time) and Pacific Time Zone?

Dear mt: London is *8 hours Ahead of us, here in LA. If it is 9 am in London~ it is 1 am here in LA !

Is your baby in british summer time mode yet?

heya hunii im quite happy with this actually, jack still went to bed at 7.30pm but didnt get up untill 9.30 (so 8.30 winter time) lol. but this morning i had to wake him up at 8am as i had to work. im dreading it when it goes the other way :(

What did we do first for British Summer Time?

The clocks must have gone forward first because British Summer Time(BST) is 1 hour ahead of Grenwich Mean Time (GMT). So BST is GMT+1. Britain was just on GMT before BST started. If time had gone back first we would alternate between GMT and GMT minus one (GMT -1). So the very fact that we in the UK alternate between GMT and GMT+1 means that we must have gone forward first.

WHAT is the POINT of British Summer Time?

Where I live, if there were no Summer Time, it would be broad daylight at 4 a.m. in June and July and dark by 8.30 p.m. Far better for it to become light at 5 a.m. and dark at 9.30 p.m. After all, for every person up and about at 4 a.m. there must be 100 people up and about at 8.30 p.m. Why not let the majority benefit from the extra daylight?

British Summer Time to Eastern Standard Time difference?

5 hrs. between BST and EDST

What is the difference between British Summer Time and Pacific Standard Time?

I'm not sure what time it starts for you but its 5:30 am here PST so that means in 2 and a half hours or so the new one will post!! Yeah I'm lame and have been up all night in excitement for it.