What golfer began the final round of the 1999 British Open 10 strokes off the lead, but then won?

Paul Lawrie is the correct answer for radio trivia. 100.3 KILT

Who do you think will win the British Open?

Sergio is on top right now with a -6...but is famous for not closing the deal or pulling way.. so the advantage goes to Tiger.. being only 4 out with 3 rounds left... especially if he is within 2 going into the weekend... Tiger will will.. if he is more than 3 out, he wont... here is my guess 1. Tiger 2. Campbell 3. Sergio 4. Jimmy Furyk...(hes even a pittsburgh boy too)

How badly will Tiger miss the cut at the British Open?

Def not miss the cut i wouldn't bet on a top 10 though. Olympic was tough and during the Masters he had a severe meltdown. Tiger will win more majors just maybe not this year. These past few years have been like 2003-2004. No majors won, but he didn't lose his game then, and he surely hasn't now. We're talking about the greatest player in the game here, not "miss 3 cuts McIlroy.

What time does the golf british open begin on tv?

I am Pacific Time. So golf comes on at 2 AM local time, 5 AM EST, 4 CST. They have a half hour special before golf comes on, so if you watch espn it says it comes on 1/2 earlier. I, myself, will be spending that extra half hour sleeping. I would LIKE Tiger Woods to win. I want him to win every tournament he enters. But other guys I wouldn't mind seeing win: Lee Westwood, Steve Stricker, Justin Rose, or even Phil Mickelson if Tiger isn't in contention.

What is bigger and better, Olympia or The British open Showjumping?

The British Open has more entertainment packed into its timetable. There's not only world clsss show jumping but Polo, Vaulting, Barrel Racing, Scurry, Dressage and displays. They also have the UK's only indoor cross country on the opening night. The show has only been going a few years and for 2007 moves to the NEC in birminghjam so it should be brilliant cos this is where Horse of the Year Show is held in October. See you there.

What golfer came from 10 strokes behind on the final day to win the 1000 British Open?

Paul Lawrie

Who is your pick to win the British Open?

I think Sergio Garcia if his putting is decent. He is a great ball striker and has been really hot lately. He could have been in the mix at the US open if he wouldn't have been 6 over through his first seven holes

Who is the first player to win both the US and British Open Championships in the same calendar year more than?

jack nicklaus.....try tiger woods or Arnold Palmer or there was one that took walter hagens ............................. Nicklaus has three Career Grand Slams, having won each major at least three times, while Woods has two, having won each major at least twice. Only five golfers have won all four of golf's modern Majors at any time during their career, an achievement which is often referred to as a Career Grand Slam: Gene Sarazen, Hogan, Gary Player, Jack Nicklaus, and Woods

If an Amateur golfer wins the British open, i no he doesn't get the cash, but does he get the claret jug?

He would take home the silverware but would not get any cash unless he was pro. GO PADRIG HARRINGTON! I know Amy Yang's brother and he said when she won the event on the gold coast she was able to keep the trophy but no prize money (this was back when she was a amatuer) I looked all over the internet for a link but couldn't find one.

why did tiger woods not finish the british open?

He did not get to finish because he didnt make the cut. The cut was +4 and he finished at +5. This means he didnt get to play through the weekend

Who do you think will win the British open?

Why was the British Open in Scotland and not in England as the "British" name suggest?

Englands known as 'British' people because Scotland wants to be on its own due to the English media being biased towards Scotland. If thats the point you making anyway... a good example of this.... Tim Henman was always referred to as 'English' but now Andy Murray is the best around to the media he isnt known as 'Scottish' as he should be, hes known as 'British'. But Scotland is in Britain, and it is the Home of Golf. Scotlands the Home of Golf, NOT Britain... ;)!!

Who was the first indian to win the British Open Chess Championship ?

i believe that was tonto

Why does ESPN cover guys 13 shots out of the lead at the British Open?

That's the same reason why I don't care how Tiger fares anymore. Whether he's winning or way out of it, the camera's always on him. I'm surprised we were even allowed to find out who won the Open... it wasn't Tiger (and it was on ESPN, king of all hype) so why would it matter? This sounds bad, but I don't really care: I usually hope for Tiger to miss cuts. Then the media coverage HAS to focus on the "other guys".

Who should I go with for my 2nd and 4th slots in fantasy golf for the British Open?

Keep Furyk, and if you change, go with Poulter. On the fourth pick I would go with Wagner. I would love to see Watson do well, but I think his last good open was three years ago when he almost won at 60. Hope you win it!

Where can I find highlights of tom watson's 2nd round at the 2009 British Open?

youtube? duh

How long will it take Tiger Woods to finish his fourth round at the British Open?

About five hours. Depending on the weather.

What dance/electronic song was featured in the BBC Women's British Open 2011?

the featured song must have life and energy

How did Tom Watson and John Daly qualify for the great British Open? Any ideas?

As past champions they're both exempt until they're 60. Watson needs to win to extend his exemption another 10 years. Top 10 and he'd be invited back next year anyways,

Anyone remember the Tiger Woods Ooh La La British Open commercial? Where can I find it online?


Why did the Spanish and the French close their colonies to immigration? Why did the British open theirs?

European colonization of the Americas The start of the European colonization of the Americas is typically dated to 1492. There was limited contact between North American peoples and the outside world before 1492. Several theoretical contacts have been proposed, but the earliest physical evidence comes to us from the Norse or Vikings. Norse captain Leif Ericson is believed to have reached the Island of Newfoundland circa 1000 AD. They named their new discovery Vinland. The only Norse site yet discovered in North America is at L'Anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland and Labrador. The Norse colonies were later abandoned. The Viking voyages did not become common knowledge in the Old World, and Europeans remained ignorant of the existence of the Americas, until 1492. As part of a general age of discovery Italian sailor Christopher Columbus proposed a voyage west from Europe to find a shorter route to Asia. He eventually received the backing of Isabella I and Ferdinand II, Queen and King of newly united Spain. In 1492 Columbus reached land in the Bahamas. Almost 500 years after the Norse, John Cabot explored the east coast of what would become Canada in 1497. Giovanni da Verrazzano explored the East Coast of America from Florida to presumably Newfoundland in 1524. Jacques Cartier made a series of voyages on behalf of the French crown in 1534 and penetrated the St. Lawrence River. The Spanish people were the first to win many parts of South America and Central America. They also won many parts of North America. Later on, people from many countries of Europe reached the Americas. There were two main countries that tried to take over the rest of the Americas. These countries were France and England. England took over the middle of North America, and the French took what they could further up north in what is now called Canada. Eventually, the English colonists took over most of the French territory. The people in the Southern Colonies were there because they wanted money. They had very good soil, and because of this they could grow what people call Cash Crops, tobacco. The people in colonies further north could not grow these crops so easily, so their reason for coming to America was different. These people wanted to come to America because they wanted to be free of religious oppression. These were people in the Middle and Northern Colonies. In the Middle Colonies, people grew food, and this was how they lived, making food for the whole of North America. The people in the Northern Colonies made just enough to live, every year, so they were there just for religion, not for money. The English settled on the East Coast of what is now the United States of America, their economic activity consisted of tobacco farming, and looking for gold and silver. The Spanish settled down in Central America and South America, mining for gold and silver, and farming tobacco, the Spanish had a surplus of labor, because they used the Natives to do the work for them, this was called Encomienda. The French had to use what they could get, which was what they wanted, because they were the country settled the closest to the north pole. They were looking for what we call the Northwest Passage, finding a route to Asia, because of this they had a low population, forcing them to cooperate with the natives to survive. There was one trade that the French had major profits in, and that, was in the trade of furs. Roman Catholics were the first major religious group to immigrate to the New World, as settlers in the colonies of Portugal and Spain (and later, France) were required to belong to that faith. English and Dutch colonies, on the other hand, tended to be more religiously diverse. Settlers to these colonies included Anglicans, Dutch Calvinists, English Puritans, English Catholics, Scottish Presbyterians, French Huguenots, German and Swedish Lutherans, as well as Quakers, Mennonites, Amish, Moravians and Jews of various nationalities. By 1663 the French crown had taken over control of New France from the fur-trading companies, and the English charter colonies gave way to more metropolitan control. This ushered in a new era of more formalized colonialism in North America. Rivalry between the European powers created a series of wars on the North American landmass that would have great impact on the development of the colonies. Territory often changed hands multiple times. Peace was not achieved until French forces in North America were vanquished at the Battle of the Plains of Abraham at Quebec City, and France ceded most of her claims outside of the Caribbean.

It's the British Open weekend, How come analyts are forgetting the last major's winner?

It's a combination of factors, all of which must be considered when prognosticating. First, a test ... Name the last golfer other than Tiger Woods to win consecutive majors in the same calendar year. ANSWER: Nick Price (British and PGA in 1994). In other words, the odds are very much against Angel Cabrera to go back-to-back. Next, although Cabrera won the last major, he is hardly considered in the top tier of talent in the world. Sure, he's ranked 17th in the world but he was 41st the week before Oakmont. So, using that argument, who's to say Boo Weekley, the current #41, won't win the British? Third, ALL majors are played on "real tough courses" so that cancels out any perceived advantage just because Cabrera is the most recent winner on a "real tough course." Fourth and arguably the most important, the variables that make the U.S. Open difficult are much different that those that make the British Open difficult. At the U.S. Open, the USGA sets up the course with high rough and fast greens. Almost annually, there is a debate on whether the greens should be syringed (watered) before and even during play. Plus, the overall length is always a headline. Conversely, at the British, weather is the number one factor. Since Scotland and England are prone to intermittent rain showers off the sea, it's not unusual for the morning wave to play a completely different track than the fellas in the afternoon. Along with that, you have the links style of play, which requires a much different method of thinking from hole to hole. The courses in the rota aren't necessarily long but they require experience to master. And don't forget that there are virtually zero trees with which to contend meaning that wind is always in play. Finally, never forget about the human element - pressure. Tiger Woods said it himself this week when asked if winning the British before is an advantage. He responded by saying that he has as equal a chance to win as anyone else playing. And while that's a modest reply, one underlying message there is that come gut-check time, only the strong will survive. If you want favorites, it wouldn't hurt to research results from the Dunhill Links event on the European Tour. Carnoustie is one of the three courses used for the unique set-up. In last year's Dunhill (held in October), Padraig Harrington shot a 68 at Carnoustie in the 3rd round en route to a five-stroke win over Anthony Wall. Cabrera carded a 73 at Carnoustie, also in the 3rd round. That means that he played the course on the same day that Harrington carded his 68. The link to the results from the 2006 Dunhill is below ...

Tickets for British Golf Open - which day is best?

Get it for Sunday so he can see who the Championship Golfer will be from the pressure of the fourth round. It is the day the most people will be there.

Should the winner of the 08' British Open and PGA Championship get an asterisk?

well how about the other ones he didn't play in

Any foreigners in the Philippines watching British Open Golf tournament?

Do you think Sergio Garcia will win the British Open tomorrow?

he's probably gonna make it interesting like lose in a playoff or pull a jean van de velde and blow it.

Should I take today and tomorrow off from work to watch the British Open?

I approve your days off

Will Tiger play in the 2008 British Open?

He will not play again in 2008. He probably tore it again and will need reconstructive surgery. The doctor told him not to play and he did anyway because that is who he is. He won't give up or give in ever!!!!

What was mentioned during the British Open?

I found this about bounce in the golf glossary... -technically, the measure of the angle from the front edge of a club's sole to the point that rests on the ground when addressing the ball.

Why are British Open scores higher on average than other golf majors?

For one, you have weather (specifically, wind) as a dominant factor that has heavily influenced the last two Opens. The US Open would have had higher scores, however all the rain kept scores fairly low. If Bethpage had played "firm and fast" you wouldn't have seen the scores you did...level par would have easily won, and possibly +2/+4. Keep in mind that Torrey Pines in 2008 was set up very favourably, and yet...look at the winning score. While links courses typically do not have trees, they do have tall fescue that can be brutal to advance the ball out of; plus rock-hard fairways (they typically do not water the fairways at the Open Championship). Last year's PGA Championship...scores were fairly high. This year at Hazeltine...depends on the setup, but 2010 at Whistling Straits...the wind could be a huge factor.

I have a signed 2008 British open hat and ticket I got myself how much is it worth?

It is worth a lot of memories!

British Open championship best chances at winning out of these 3 players?

Ricky Barnes.

can british national open a bank account in france?

Anyone can open a bank account in France. You can open it in the UK before you leave. If you are not going to be resident, it has to be a non resident account. Take a look here http://france.angloinfo.com/countries/france/banking.asp

Will Tiger Woods play in the 2009 british open in turnberry?

The presumption is that Tiger will play....the field has not been set yet...its still like 6 mo off

Is the British Open the biggest Golf Tournament?

You may get a different reply from the UK or Scotland but no. 1 is The Masters and no. 2 is The British Open in my book. Next would be the US Open and followed by the PGA Championship.

Where can i watch highlights of the British Open on television?

Where can i watch British Open live streaming video?

They're streaming it live over at http://unlocksports.com/watch28015.html for free if you wanna watch it online. Also if you miss the live stream you can go download the replay at http://unlocksports.com/file2018451.html (it takes them at least 20 minutes to upload the replay though fyi)

How to watch British Open Golf live online?

Get a top-rated Satellite TV software here http://top-etv.com With it, you can watch British Open Golf and thousands of worldwide TV channels like ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, Speed, ESPN, TNT, BBC, Sky, CCTV, CW, Local ... live online legally, comfortably and in good quality. Hope this can help you.

Why did the British open their colonies to immigration around 1700?

The English wanted to make their colonies profitable by opening up their colonies to skilled immigrant workers like Jamestown, VA from countries who were friendly to England. After Jamestown was established by the English, they invited German and Polish skilled craftsmen and their families to make their colonies profitable. They also had indentured servants and mercenaries from different parts of Europe. Spain in the beginning were only interested in gold, exotic foods and products (like potatoes, pepper, and tobacco), and Christianizing and civilizing their Native American Indian subjects. They had strict immigration policies because of constant pirate attacks from French, British, Portuguese, and Dutch pirates. However, they did let some foreigners settle in their colonies in the Americas like Filipino sailors/skilled craftsmen (who were called Manilamen and Luzones indios back then), Greek sailors, German and Irish mercenaries/skilled craftsmen, Italian merchants and bankers who helped financed Spanish conquistadors and Portuguese merchant explorers in the Americas, Africa, and Far East Asia. Later on in the early 1800's, after Spain lost many of it's colonies in the mainland Americas to various revolutions, they become open to immigration and invited many non-Spanish Europeans (from European countries friendly to Spain) to settle in their two remaining colonies in the Americas, Puerto Rico and Cuba, to make it profitable and drown out any early independence movements there with large number of immigrants from France/Corsica, Ireland, Germany, Middle East Christians, Italy, etc. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_Decree_of_Graces_of_1815

What tv stations are covering the 2010 British Open here in CA, USA?

its called the OPEN and i think its on ABC

Does the British Open Championship follow USGA rules?

We in England have rules set by the R&A (which many others have already said) The R&A rules and USGA will be very very much alike and I am pretty sure there won't be much different as when doing the rules they will all be together in a discussion. The rule about the putter: If you ground the putter and the ball moves it is classed as a one shot penalty. (I think the ball has to move one full rotation though) This is why golfers were not grounding the putter, because if you dont ground the putter and the ball moves then it doesn't class as addressing the ball.

What native son was the only golfer to win the British Open twice in the 1990’s?


who should I route for in british open over weekend?

tom watson so far leading 5 under, if he wins he'll be the oldest man to win a major! unfortunately, tiger is 5 over... therefore he didn't make the cut.

british open?

The Open Championship is the greatest golf tournament in the world. It is the only tournament with a truly international field. Seventy-six different players from twelve different nations have won the tournament over the years. I believe Tiger has played in the Open Championship fourteen times and only won three. That means it has never been a sure thing even for the Great One. Kenny Perry would be a favorite, but he will not be playing in the British this year, choosing to stay home and play at Milwaukee in an effort to ensure he qualifies for the Ryder Cup. Sergio is playing well and finished second in a playoff last year. Stewart Cink is sixth in the world and playing pretty well this season. He's a great putter and keeps the ball in play. Anthony Kim is very hot and is looking at moving up in the world rankings (he's 13). Miquel Angel Jimenez of Spain is playing well on the European Tour and is always a threat. Henrik Stenson and Robert Karlsson of Sweden are both doing well on the European tour this year as well. A major is not a major because one guy is there or not; it is a major because of tradition, the quality of the field, the quality of the course, the prestige of winning it and the esteem in which the other players hold winning the trophy.

What was the purse win in todays winning of the British Open Golf?

$1.5 million

Why did the Spanish and the French close their colonies to immigration? Why did the British open theirs? How d?

Why did the Spanish and the French close their colonies to immigration? fear of war Why did the British open theirs? need to expand itself How do you explain the ethnic homogeneity of New England and the ethnic pluralism of New York and Pennsylvania? the geolocalisation

How much is my Tiger Woods autographed 2006 British Open flag worth?

if you have no proof of legitamacy, keep it. Even if it is real no one would buy it without authenticity proof. It's a great collector's item for yourself though.

When is the draw taking place for the British Open Golf 2011?

The Draw was made today and is posted on the Open official site

Who will win the British Open in a few weeks?

Lee Westwood or Tiger Woods

Will the British Open be replayed during the day, since the time zones are very different?

Greetings .. This link shows the initial live and repeat viewing times on ESPN and ESPN2 (scroll down and view left-hand side of page) .... http://www.usatoday.com/sports/columnist/hiestand-tv/2010-07-13-espn-british-open_N.htm ALSO: On Saturday and Sunday afternoons, there will be repeat airings on ABC-TV from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm EDT each day, according to this link (which also shows partially incorrect ESPN times ... http://www.pgatour.com/tv-times/ Thurs July 15th and Friday July 16th -- Times EDT ESPN: 4am - 6pm (live/repeat) & 7 pm - 10 pm (repeat) Saturday July 17th -- Times EDT ESPN: 7am - 3 pm (live) ABC: 3 pm - 6 pm (repeat) ESPN: 7 pm - 10 pm (repeat) Sunday July 18th -- Times EDT ESPN: 6 am - 1:30 pm (live) ABC: 3 pm - 6 pm (repeat) ESPN2: 9 pm - Midnight (repeat) Thanx-A-Lot