i need an A* in MEDIA?

I think you really thought that project out really good and some of the things I really like about it is that the colors you chose like the blue for the dog story because it represents loyalty which dogs are very loyal.I also like the ways you made the reader stay focused and intrigued in reading the magazine by adding things like "Free dog collar" and like you said helps the readers not get distracted by not making it too bold and obvious.Again,the colors you chose for everything and the reasons why you chose them are seriously really impressing and you can tell you thought it out a lot.I like how you made the magazine try to target a certain audience,it's good because it wouldn't be that great if you didn't pick a certain crowd to grab attention to because that helps make the whole magazine better.I would definitely give you at least a B+ and I really think you deserve more then that!I really hope you get an A,your project is totally worthy of it!

what is the difference between israel and palestine ?

WTF OMG! YOU ALREADY ASKED THIS QUESTION! Are you trying to prove a political point here or something? With a question as long as that, you ain't proving anything! But since this is the same question, I'll copy-paste the same answer I gave you: I'll make this simple; Palestine is currently an Arabic country, so it's real current name should be in the country's language, which is Arabic. In Arabic the country is called فلسطين (Filusteen). The English name doesn't matter here, and it doesn't matter if they call them INVADERS or not! They're ARABS, NOT AMERICANS OR BRITONS! If you want to know something about a name from a country, then look up the name in THEIR language, not English! Nowadays people are making the English language the basis for EVERYTHING! Present day English is probably one of the newest languages on Earth! Unlike present Arabic which is one of the oldest and unchanged languages.

Is George Soros a communist?

Seeing how he funded the overthrow of communist regimes in the old soviet Union.. I pick "No" for 1000 Alex.

why am i unemployed and why is it do hard to live in greece when you are greek but cant speak greek.?

I don't know about Greece, but here at home, when someone doesn't speak english, I get turned off. If you want to live in my country, you better learn the language. If I were you, I would either move or learn to speak greek. There is a good chance that your unemployed status has to do with not being able to speak the language.