Brigadoon anime Is there going to be new Series?

not so sure. but you can go to to check. if it exits in this wensite, it must have a new one. this site always keeps updating the anime. good luck.

Brigadoon anime will there be a new series?

Brigadoon ended 9 years ago, so i say that it's unlikely.

Would Waitin for My Dearie from Brigadoon be an overdone audition song?

Not if you find it interesting. The problem with most classic songs is that young actors do not appreciate them. If you can make the song alive for you it is all good. Keep it real and see the parallels in your life for ultimate realism and honesty. It will be just fine. The truth is in the emotions not the words.

Help with a Scottish accent for Brigadoon?

Two of the best dialect coaches in the business are Gillian Lane-Plescia and David Alan Stern. They've both published CD lessons to help actors learn a variety of accents, including Scottish. Take a look at their websites:

Any tips on playing Jane from Brigadoon?

I played Jane when I was in high school--she's a really fun character. If you want to play her as an unpleasant person, experiment with how she interacts with the bar--is she afraid to touch the stools or the counter, does she wipe her glass with a napkin before taking a drink, does she notice Frank the bartender or ignore him? One thing that's important to remember when playing a character older than you is that a "rich sophisticated woman" is going to have good posture. If your theater director knows Laban, ask for a demonstration of "suspended energy." Otherwise try this: take in a deep breath the way you would if you were expecting a big surprise, or imagine that there are strings pulling your collarbones upwards. I hope this helps. Have fun with it!

Does anyone know where i can find watch episodes of brigadoon marin to melan?

Yes. You can download them from this site: However, these are stored in Rapid Share and if you're a free user, it will only allow you to make one download at a time, has an 85-second wait every time you click on 'download' and has a cool down of 15 minutes between downloads. Still, I was able to get all 26 episodes here in one day ^_^ patience is a virtue.

Free piano music for Brigadoon?

At your local library (if they have a sheet music section) I would never have been able to afford to play the piano if it wasn't for the library!

Where can I find Brigadoon anime videos online? Which website is best?

Brigadoon was a good anime; very unique. It's been licensed by Tokyopop, so the ideal course of action would be to buy it. Looks like you could get the whole series for about $50 from sellers on Amazon: There are of course other, less ideal ways to watch the series...but I don't think yahooAnswers is the place to ask.

What to sing for a Brigadoon audition?

Till There was You from the Music Man.

What is the Brigadoon Effect in archaeology?

Certain archaeological phenomena which only appear when conditions are right, for example, right after it rains.