Was the younger Brian Austin Green better looking than Brad Pitt in his prime?

I googled. :-) And, that's a toughie. I normally don't find Brad Pitt attractive, but in certain movies i think he's very good looking. Like Meet Joe Black. Brian Austin Green is good-looking..idk who i'd pick.. D: I think i rather pick Brian. Brad is full of himself, imo

Brian Austin Green song in Beverly Hills 90210?

What is the name of the film where brian austin green has a restaurant?

This Time Around http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0363129/

Do you think Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green will get married?

no, they're constantly breaking up... i don't think they'll ever go through with it. but i disagree about the age thing. we (including you) don't know them so we can't judge their relationship. i'm sure they talk about more than sex. enough that they got engaged... i just don't think their gonna actually get married just cuz of how many times they've broken up. but who knows? i don't... but, i hope they do :) they're kinda cute together... and it's not our place to judge them.

Is Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green married or what?

they are married~

What does Brian austin green has that Megan Fox want??? i mean he doesn't have nice abs or a nice face?

Nothing. I still believe he forced her to marry him or broke her down emotionally until she just turned into his puppet lol. It's really sad actually, She's a gorgeous 24 year old that's now saddled with a 38 year old man and his 8 year old son. She threw away her life... I'll honestly cry if he turns out to be a leach like Kevin Federline and turns Megan into a fat, Fried chicken eating, bare-foot and pregnant Britney Spears.

why did megan fox and brian austin green call off their first engagement?

Where can I fine the jacket that Brian Austin Green wears in The Sarah Connor Chronicles?

The jacket appears to be a M65(also known an M-1965) Field Jacket M65 Jacket http://www.surplusandadventure.com/images/product/main/m65-jacket_washed.jpg Derek's jacket http://thetvaddict.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/02/terminator_finale4.jpg Pretty much identical. You should be able to buy/order one from an Army Surplus store. Hope that helps.

What does Brian Austin Green have that everyone else wants?

two words the he has that everybody else wants.....MEGAN FOX

Why is Brian Austin Green getting the babes?

he's rich enough...