What is the meaning of the pink teddy bear at the end of season 2 of breaking bad?

The pink bear has no significance other than being a part of the airplane crash.The body bags and the smoke and the pink bear were all seen in the episodes that led up to the season finale.I dont think the pink bear was anything more than a sort of prophecy.

Can i start watching Breaking Bad from season 4, or do i need to watch Seasons 1-3 before?

Start from the beginning of the series. Season 3 left off with a *huge* cliff hanger, you'll be totally lost.

Do I need to watch all of Breaking Bad seasons to understand it?

you absolutely need to watch it from the beginning to fully understand what is going on..you will find out how walt got started how he met jesse how they got involved with gus this is an awesome show i love it you will love it even more if you watch all of it

Why did the 2ND season of Breaking Bad suck so much?

How could the second season be bad.The dude watched his meth manufacturing partners girl OD in front of him and just watched with mixed emotions as she suffocated on her own vomit.Thats sick!And the pink bear floating in the pool the entire season foretold the plane crash that was caused by the father of the dead girl that he watched OD.The body bags that they showed in front of his house threw the season were bodies that fell from the sky.This guys lies came to a head when his wife did her own investigation into his whereabouts.His son is collecting internet pledges from people that dont exist in fact most of the pledges are coming from his dads drug money.He showed his new born daughter stacks of drug money and told her"Look what daddy did for you".Give it a second chance,that show is amazingly written and acted out wonderfully.Dont give up on it!

What are you expecting from the season finale of Breaking Bad tonight?

Gus better f**cking die. His back story was cool and all but he needs to get it tonight. Mike has to come back, and be on Walt's side. that's what I hope at least. so0o excited. it'll get my mind off the Cardinals losing BQ- watch Hell on Wheels in November, The Walking Dead later this month, and all of HBO's promising new shows if they're out before then

What is the brown solid drug in the Breaking Bad episode 11?

It is Herion. An Opiate. Same class as Codeine, Morphine, Percocet and Oxycotton. ..and when mixed with Meth, it's called a Speedball. And is responsible for many,.. an Overdose.

when will season 3 of breaking bad be available to rent on netflix?

june 7th http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/shows/Breaking-Bad/11099

what time will breaking bad be available on itunes?

breaking bad?

First of all I loved it...couldn't wait for the next episode. Sorry, but I don't know where you can find the soundtracks. I was a little surprised at how the season ended for the simple fact that I didn't realize that was the last episode. I was looking forward to the next and was really disappointed. I did read recently that it will be back for a second season, but I don't know when that will be.

Breaking Bad??????????????????????????????????

Try Hulu or even Youtube.