What is the best way to drink Brandy?

It's all in personal taste. If you dont drink I'd sugest a brandy alexander. brandy, creme de cocoa and vanilla ice cream blended together. as for the best it would be the high end cognacs(cognac is a type of brandy)

What would be the best ingredients to add in a BRANDY?

You do not mix anything with brandy. Brandy is like a wine and it is to be served room temperature or warmed in the snifter(brandy glass).

What can I substitute in my christmas pudding & cake for rum or brandy?

i`d use grand marnier as it is a spirit , as is brandy and rum

Can I use rum instead of brandy when baking a fruitcake?

You could use rum but the reason it calls for the brandy is due to its flavor. Rum has a very slight flavor while brandy has a much more powerful one. Spiced or dark rum would work much better than white rum.

Can apple vinegar or apple juice be a substitute for apple brandy?

NO!!! DO NOT use apple cider vinegar. If you don't have apple brandy, do you have some rum? Some regular brandy? If not, use apple cider or apple juice and brandy extract. So say your recipe calls for 1 cup of apple brandy. Use a scant cup of apple juice or apple cider and a tablespoon of brandy extract (in the spice aisle at the store, next to the vanilla extract). Here is a link to a handy equivalents and substitutions chart. http://www.ext.colostate.edu/pubs/foodnut/09329.html DO NOT USE VINEGAR!!

How do you make homemade brandy?

Check it out on google.

What are some popular brands of 1.rum and 2. brandy you may expect to see in a grociery store or bar?

Captain Morgan's rum but I don't drink brandy so I'm not sure what to expect - sorry!

What non-alcholic drink goes good with brandy?

Brandy Alexander Recipe Ingredients to use: 0.5 oz Brandy 2.0 oz whipping Cream 0.5 oz white Creme de Cacao 0.5 cup crushed Ice 1.0 dashes Nutmeg Directions: Fill a mixing glass with ice. Add creme de cacao, brandy, and cream. Shake well and strain into a cocktail glass. Sprinkle nutmeg on top.

Where in New Zealand can I have plums distilled into brandy?

Buy some wine making equipment and turn them all into Plum Wine. Then build/purchase your own still and make brandy with some of the wine.

what is the proper way to use a brandy snifter?

The normal way or the "proper" way The normal way is to pour your brandy into the glass, let it warm in your hands, then swirl it around the glass before drinking. This means you can get more of the aroma, having a much smaller glass opening area than there is drink surface area traps the aroma in the glass The "proper" way is to use a brandy warmer, which holds the glass at an angle and has a small heat source to warm it for you, and then do the swirl, smell, drink routine. And here is one http://www.bondsthejewellers.co.uk/html/details.php/pid/686/cid/132/jewellery/silverware/arthur_price_of_england__shaken_not_stirred_/arthur_price_of_england_brandy_warmer_and_glass.html a brandy warmer And here's one more like the one I have http://www.tudorcrystal.com/designs/new/gift/Brandy_Warmer_photo_large.jpg

what is the best way to drink cognac brandy?

Generally, any cognac brandy is meant to be sipped. You can mix it, but any cognac enthusiast will probably be very upset with you. I say you can drink it how ever you please. Its your cognac.

Can we keep Brandy in a crystal decantor long term?

Liquor stored in lead crystal will absorb lead over time. Unless you're drinking a lot of it it's probably not a major health risk but still not a good thing - lead is poisonous and can accumulate in the body. There is "lead-free crystal" which is safe to use for long-term storage.

how do you make homemade pear wine or brandy?

man oh man hiram walker makes a great pear schnapps but here a a coupla pear wine recipes in this link

Can anyone tell me where to purchase Armenian Brandy?

in armenia

I'd like to order a bottle of brandy from an online retailer. Do I have to be home for the delivery?

They would leave a note on the door and attempt to deliver again. 3 times is probably the most amount of times they will try to deliver before returning it to the sender. If it's FedEx, they will allow you to pick it up from the package center after the driver's route is complete for the day so long as you have ID and the note they left.

Where can I find the youtube video of Brandy vs Bristol Palin?

I watch every episode and I would have to say Bristol is better Brandy is just all over the place

What can be mixed with cherry flavoured brandy?

put a shot or two in a small balloon glass. Hold it in both hands until it warms to body temp. Ten stick your nose in the glass and inhale deeply. This is why those glasses are called snifters. A little on the tongue, another deep sniff. Do this with any brandy, plain or flavored. They are made to be served warm. Never over ice. So, the best thing to mix with cherry brandy would be a crackling log fire, a good cigar, your best dog, a good book or a good friend or two. and time. Always take the time to enjoy.

Where can I find a Creme Peach Brandy, and what Brand is it?

It's called Briotett Creme De Peche. I work for the company that distributes it here in the states. You can order it at http://www.caddellwilliams.com Enjoy!

I make this creamy brandy sauce . are the any alternatives to Brandy that I could use for children.?

If it is cooked it is fine. If not I can not help you. But when you cook alcohol all the alcohol cooks out of it and you are left with the flavor. I promise. Research it if you want.

can i use whisky instead of brandy when making tiramisu?

whiskey is a little to strong . You may use bourbon though , I have substituted it several times and it worked out well . Whiskey just does not blend well .

How do I get the Brandy in Elderly Scrolls 3 Morrowind for xbox?

Well from the sounds of it you have the right house. There are two entrances, one far more suited for a thief, i.e. the one upstairs on the right. Basically, you're going to wither need a scroll, spell or high enough security, as I don't remember there being a key for you to steal. If you're really struggling to open it you could go to pretty much any bandit cave and you'll manage to find a couple of Scrolls of Ondusi's Unhinging (opens 40-60 points), and you'll be set (I think it's a 40 point lock) Good Luck, hope this helps.

Can you get drunk off brandy beans?

Of course, but you would have to eat a lot. Say, like 100.

What is the best brand to buy for Dark Rum, Brandy and Vodka?

My advice is to go in to a liquor store, one that's clean, fairly large with a good reputation and ask a knowledgeable sales person. Not only is he there to sell something to you, but to keep you as a regular customer and develop a continuing relationship with you - he wants you to come back. Dark Rum - Meyers Brandy - E&J Vodka - Kettle One But it's ALL going to taste strong to one without much experience. .

what can I use in stead of brandy in a peach preserve recipe?

Honey Peach Jam Ingredients: 1/4 tsp mace 1/2 tsp ground nutmeg 1 Tbsp cinnamon 1-1/2 tsp whole cloves 3 pounds fresh peaches, blanched, peeled, and puréed 2-1/2 cups raw honey 1/4 cup lemon juice 3/4 cup fresh orange juice Instructions: Tie the spices in a cheesecloth bag. Combine ingredients and simmer together until the mixture thickens. Remove the spices. Pour jam into hot, sterilized jars. Seal.

How do you make a good stage brandy?

Use coffee and dilute it with water until you get the right shade. Remember to add some sugar, or it tastes bad! :) Have FUN!! :)

What is the Best Type of Brandy to Infuse with?

Christian Bros brandy will work well....

How much damage is 1/4 a bottle of brandy going to do?

uh. a little of alchohol never hurts anyone! =D thats my motto.!

How long does wine have to sit to become brandy?

If wine is not stored appropriately, it will change to vinegar, not brandy. It is very easy for a bottle of wine to go bad, and therefore, I would not suggest drinking it. Check the cork. If the cork is not 100%flat on the top and not rotten, I might open it and check it out. If you have had it setting in a place that is not too warm (I'm talking not above 80*F) it should hold. Look up the vintage on google and see what it comes up with. You may have a pretty neat posession and you might want to hold onto it! Cool story!!!

How do you brandy soak a cigar at home?

Put you cigars in a humidor, or tupperware, or any other sealed container and put a small open jar or bowl of brandy in there with it. The cigar gets infused with the brandy through evaporation. Any other way and you'll just end up ruining your cigars.. EDIT,, you can expect it to take a couple of weeks minimum, before you get a full flavor, the longer the better. Check occasionaly and make sure your brandy jar has plenty in it.

I need an inexpensive substitute for Christian Brothers Brandy for my eggnog?

Would you be willing to try something else? Like Southern Comfort?

What can I use as a substitute for brandy?

Since it's being used as a flavoring you could substitute vanilla extract- or another extract you may have such as almond or lemon.

How is it even possible to drink brandy straight?

Straight is the only way. In a snifter you let it spin around and inhale the perfume. Then sip very slowly. If you don't like it don't feel you have to drink it. I tried scotch a few times and decided I didn't need to buy more expensive stuff, so I drink burbon.

How do you make a really good brandy alexander?

1 1/2 oz brandy 1 oz dark creme de cacao 1 oz half-and-half 1/4 tsp grated nutmeg In a shaker half-filled with ice cubes, combine the brandy, creme de cacao, and half-and-half. Shake well. Strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with the nutmeg.

How much brandy would it take to get drunk?

Brandy is mean to be drank slowly by sipping it bit by bit so that you can enjoy the taste of drinking brandy. Its not mean to be drank as a shot or mixed. By drinking slowly and in moderation you won't get drunk but feel abit tipsy if you drink more then 3 brandy glass.

What does brandy supposed to make you feel?

It makes me v feel very happy and strange, a feeling I would not have acheived while sober, I'm actually drunk off it now for the first time, it feels really nice, try it.

Is brandy necessary in chocolate fondue? And if not was is the best recipe or link to a recipe out there?

Try this: Bring heavy cream to just a boil. Chop up some dark chocolate put it in a bowl. Pour hot heavy cream over the chocolate - it will melt nicely - keep it warm and dip away. No need for any alcohol at all - but creme de cocoa works nicely if you want.

How much should I expect to pay for bottles of Brandy and Cointreau?

You can buy E&J brandy for about 13$, and the cointreau is about 30$

How long does it take for brandy sauce to go bad?

i would say no, after a year, the sauce separates--but if it has not been opened, its your call

what type of brandy for cherry desserts?

Any dark rum, bourbon or brandy will work nicely. Frangelico would be great for this one.

Do you have a good recipe that uses plain brandy? The alcohol must cook out?

Allspice Brandy Chicken 6 tbl Butter 2 x Onions, diced 4 x Chicken breast halves 2 x Apples 1/2 cup Calvados 1/2 tsp Allspice 2 cup Apple juice 1/2 tsp Salt 1/4 tsp Freshly ground black pepper 2 tbl Flour Melt half the butter over medium heat in a large skillet. Add the onion and saute till tender. Remove from the pan and reserve. Peel, quarter and core the apples. Melt 1 tbsp butter in skillet and brown chicken breasts on both sides. Add apples, Calvados, allspice, apple juice, salt and pepper to skillet. Cover and cook over low heat 20 minutes. Remove chicken to a platter and keep warm. Return onions to pan. Blend together remaining butter and flour. Stir into sauce and cook for 5 minutes till sauce is thickened. Pour sauce over chicken and serve immediately. Makes 4 servings. Brandy-Peppercorn Steak with Root Vegetable Straw Vegetable or olive oil 2 x New York strip steaks - (10 oz ea) 1 tbl Soft green peppercorns 1 tbl Pink peppercorns 1 tbl Coarsely ground black pepper 2 x Garlic cloves minced 1/2 cup Carrots unpeeled, julienned thinly lengthwise 1/2 cup Parsnips unpeeled, julienned thinly lengthwise 1/2 cup Rutabagas peeled, julienned thinly lengthwise 3 tbl Whole-grain mustard 1/4 cup Brandy 1/4 cup Beef broth 1/4 cup Heavy cream Oil for frying Salt and pepper to taste Mash the peppercorns and garlic together with a mortar and pestle or food processor. Coat the steak with mustard and press peppercorns and garlic into the meat. Place the steaks in hot, oiled skillet and sear on one side, about four to five minutes per side for medium-rare. While steak is searing, heat separate saucepan with oil. Make sure oil is very hot and fry vegetables (carrots, parsnips, and rutabagas) until crisp and golden brown, just a minute or two. Drain on paper towels and season with salt and pepper. When steaks are nicely browned, flip them over, add brandy, and ignite. Cook until rare. To test steaks for doneness, press the meat with your finger - it should be firm to the touch. It is better to remove when underdone, rather than overdone, since you can always cook it a little more, if necessary. Remove the steaks from pan and place each on a plate. Add beef broth and cream to pan and reduce to thicken. Less broth and cream will help the sauce to thicken more quickly. Pour sauce over steak, top with "straw" vegetables.

What happens if I mix two kinds of brandy in a Sangria? Is it OK? Will it still be tasty?

as a confirned "drinker" for over 80 years i would say "go for it"

How many shots of brandy does it take for a female to get drunk?

Could anywhere from 1-4. Depending on individual tolerance. But really brandy isn't something you do shots of,taking into consideration the alcohol by volume. Generally contains 35%–60% alcohol. It's something you sip not 'chug'. Back in the day it was more so considered an after dinner drink. Something to relax with.

What can you drink brandy with to make it less strong?

i drink coke with brandy.. just get two cups and take shots!

How much brandy to kill the yeast in my wine?

Raise alcohol level over 17% and all should be dead. Most yeast cant survive over 15%. It depends on the current alcohol levels of your wine is. Either way, this will make a fortified wine, and will have a lot more heat from the alcohol. You will need to balance with higher sugar levels, which can also be accomplished by adding more unfermented juice (called sus reserve). You will have to do a lot of math.

Supplement for brandy in a recipe?

u can buy brandy flavored syrup at most grocery stores. its kinda like vanilla extract but its brandy flavored. u cant even tell the difference when u cook with it

What's the difference between regular Brandy and Doctor's Brandy?

Well it means that you need to see a doctor if you have stopped drinking!! Whats wrong with you?

How would someone home distill a brandy or whiskey?

Check this out: http://www.stilldrinkin.com/ Excellent source for equipment and instruction

Is there really such a large difference between a mediocre brandy and a good to excellent brandy?

A good brandy is like a tiny cat in velvet slippers scampering down your throat. A mediocre brandy is like the same cat, without the slippers, being pulled out by the tail. Don't even mention other fruit brandies in the same breath as good grape brandy. Top of the line, at least in terms of cost, is cognac, produced in the cognac region of France. In terms of cost, you can do better with armagnac, produced nearby. I like Bras d'or. Many people like Metaxa, a Greek brandy. Never slurp a good brandy. Pour a little into a snifter or balloon glass and warm it with the palm of your hand. Swirl it, sniff it, sip it. Enjoy it.

Can I substitute brandy for cognac in a cooking recipe?

Brandy is a fine substitute for cognac and it wont alter the taste so that it is noticeable.

How old is the youngest brandy blended in Torres 20 imperial brandy?

Nice question and in the near future I plan to seriously look it up. Good luck to you on your search.