Who heard about Lawrence King an openly gay student who was bullied & killed by another class mate?

I read about this and I hope McInerney is victimized in jail repeatedly. 25 to life, that's all

What are your thoughts about....???

Upsetting. It's even more sad that Lawrence asked his killer to be his Valentine, just days before he ended up murduring him.

If a 14 year old boy killed your child, what punishments, do you want him to face?

Sadly enough, i can really relate to this kid. I remember when i was 13, i was bullied, i was beat up, teased, and even shot with bb guns. I had so much anger because i felt hate towards my mom. I started writing satanic symbols and would draw everything upside down if it looked remotely satanic. I even wanted to steal a cops gun but i was already in Child Crisis. I ended up being bullied for 3 years until i stood for myself and got into fights. I'm 16 now, and now i know why this is wrong, but back then, if i had a gun, i would have killed everybody in my classroom excluding my one friend and then killed myself. then high school came, and i got beaten up by my supposed "friend" who was a senior, and i felt all that angry muster up i felt like exploding. I can understand why this kid did that. He should probably get a lighter sentence even though he killed someone and juvii/prison might make him worse. As far as it goes, if its true what i hear about prisoners, this one incident might make him to a ruthless killer instead of just an angry boy. So parole hearings are good. If he fails those, we all know it's already too late to save him

Is there a website or archive where I can find credible records/minutes of a trial?

Generally, no. Sometimes older cases make their way onto public internet libraries, but not this case. Contact Ventura County to find out what you need to do for a copy. They might even have an electronic version that can be emailed. I used to work for a company making court documents searchable through a common system. We are years away from being within a decade of current.

What do you think will be the outcome of the Brandon McInerney-Larry King case?

What are you, his relative? First degree murder is what he'll get and what he deserves.

Was Brandon McInerney?

His sentence will probably be mitigated downward because he was under duress, however he did kill the man, and in the eyes of the law he will be subject to punishment. It is a sad case.

Should Brandon McInerney be tried as an adult?

Adult. But, he needs some type of rehab/counseling & not just be thrown in jail. That won't help anything & will probably get this kid thrown into jail later in life for a more serious crime. He's still a kid, that true. But that just means that he can have a greater chance of the rehab/fear of gays addressed, instead of feeding upon that fear by sending him off to a regular jail. The role of the school & his parents also needs to be scrutinized. Anytime a child kills a classmate over a perceived rumor that the other student is gay, there is something that could've been done at home AND at school so this double tragedy could have been avoided.

Were Brandon McInerney (who killed a homosexual) actions biblically correct?

Yes his actions were correct. Had the victim not been gay, then he would have gotten a much lesser sentence. Dont make no sense to me neither.

If 14yo Brandon McInerney had complained?

They would have probably punished Brandon for not accepting gays. They are automatically entitled to special treatment ya know.

the Ventura County Star and Brandon McInerney?

it could have crashed their servers or their ISP made them stop it so you could alway blame the isp and not the paper it could have been hacked could be another reason