Which college bowl games will you be watching this year?

Orange Bowl, Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl and National Championship.

What is the percentage of the favorite winning bowl games?

70 percent

What is the difference among the college football Bowl games?

Complicated invitation process according to rankings.

What is so special about the rose bowl from all the other bowl games?

the rose bowl is the original bowl. for many years the rose bowl alone determined the national champion. all the other bowls are copy cats and pretenders to the rose bowl.

How do they decide where college bowl games are played?

It's another way for the BCS to make money. Venues basically bid on them a certain amount of time in advance, kind of like cities that bid on the Olympics. It usually ends up being warm weather places or domes, so that the elements don't intefere with the game. (i.e. the Georgia Dome, the Metrodome, Ford Field, Pro Players Stadium, etc.)

How are the bowl games and who plays in them determined?

Almost, if not all, of the bowls are created with conference tie-ins, meaning that two conferences are, unless circumstances arise, going to send a representative to that bowl. The circumstances can range from a conference not having enough teams bowl-eligible to put one in there to one of their teams playing in the national championship game and losing one of their other bids. But the matchups are determined by how each conference's standings are at the end of the year. For example, before the BCS madness was created, the Rose Bowl always had the Pac-10 champion vs the Big 10 champion. If you go to espn.com, they have a bowl schedule there that, if I remember correctly, has the tie-ins on the page. It might help you out.

How do these Bowl games and rankings work? Are D1 schools the only schools that can enter?

OK D1A or FBS are the only teams that are picked. You have to have 6 wins against other FBS schools. You don't get to enter any other ones. D1AA or FCS, and D2 and D3 all have a PLAYOFF system.

Bowl Games..........?

cuz they're retards you all have the same record but the most popular and praised teams get in the top 25 poll which is retarded..i hate college football

Bowl games??????????????????????

It isn't an answer to sum up. Here is a link. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bowl_game Thumbs up to those who agree.

bowl games?

I think there should be a playoff,b ut the bowls still mean a lot to players and coaches. For coaches of small programs, making a bowl can save their job. But I think they should raise the winning percentage necessary to reach a bowl so better teams make it, not just prestigious programs (FSU).