did the people of London vote of Boris Johnson for a laugh?

I still cant believe that... if the US goes with McCain they could have a double act.

Poll: What do the Following Pictures say about Boris Johnson (MAYOR of London!)?

'Special' is the only way i could define that ...man... haha. XD

mr fix it=boris johnson?

You are the first person I know who has nothing to complain about in your community. Look at your local papers and read all the moans and groans going on in London. Here are a few of them: Council Tax far too high and rising too fast Not enough Social housing Not enough police on the beat Not enough cash for the NHS Dirty hospitals Public transport too costly Sky high fares on Underground Roads full of potholes Crumbling schools Too many cars on the road Olympic Games costing too much Too many on unemployment benefit Too much immigration Not enough jobs Need I go on?

Where is Boris Johnson today??

Who is Boris Johnson??

do you think boris johnson gets away with a lot because he is such a character?

"Character" in the Mickey Mouse sense, I presume? I think he's got away with things so far because he has kept away from City Hall and has let his appointments pull the strings...but seeing as three of those appointments has resigned already, it doesnt give a good impression of his judgement. To be honest, I dont think he really cares about London, he's just using the Mayoralty as a stepping stone to higher office because he's ruthlessly ambitious.

Don't you just love Boris Johnson?

Urmmm.. Well the fact that he is an MP amuses me, though I definitely would not vote for him.

What do you think of Boris Johnson's drinking ban on London's transport network?

It's obviously a good move, although I thought it was banned already. However, it might make things tough for LU staff. Imagine going up to a group of tough, alcohol swilling, bottle swinging louts and telling them to stop! Perhaps there will be more instances of delays on the Underground as drinkers are challenged. The second limb of your question is far too broad to answer. At one extreme we have countries such as Saudi Arabia banning alcohol completely, at the other extreme we have countries where people are free to drink at any time of day or night. Relaxing the licensing laws in the UK has led not to sensible drinking, but to excessive drinking, as those of us who have the misfortune to live near drinking establishments realise all too well. I think that we should not be ashamed to put the clock back and introduce more control of drinking hours. It is quite clear that liberalisation has resulted in problems and that as far as alcohol is concerned, it was a tactical error.

Boris V Cameron - Who will win: No 'Kosovo-style cleansing' of poor says Johnson?

I'm not really sure why the other 2 comment-ees have sided against Johnson, I admire the way he is standing up to the party and the government (admittedly I am not a Tory voter myself!). The housing allowance cap is going to result in an 'urban exodus' of London's poorest and most dependent on the help they recieve(d). By standing up against this Johnson is also playing a good political card; appearing as the 'maverick' who will fight for the interests of those living in the city, even against his own party. To answer your question on who will win as opposed to who should; There's very little Boris can do if Parliament implements this measure. It would be impractical to attempt to 'top-up' the benefits of those unable to afford to live in London with city money, and the Greater London Assembly would most likely veto this.

Is boris johnson just odd and lovable or insane and gullable?

The dude looks odd, has a big head , full of himself

Jokes about Boris Johnson?

Boris Johnson is a conservative UK politicians but if I can make one recommendation to you. Making comedy out of politics is not a good idea, a light joke is fine but 'making fun' type jokes will not amuse his supporters. If you have a large audience, I would refrain from any talk of politics. If you want to do a little joke, look at his career in public life and see if he has made some contradicting remarks. But keep it lighthearted. Good luck!

Why did Boris Johnson tells Barack Obama: Stop bashing Britain?

I'm a British person and I agree, I don't know why we're getting such a bad reputation. What BP have done is terrible, regardless of the country where their headquarters are located. You're saying that because I'm British, it's my fault and I support oil spills? No, it doesn't. Don't blame Britain, blame BP.

What do you think of Boris Johnson's drinking ban on London's transport network?

I think there's a lot of hypocrisy about drinking on public transport. It's apparently ok for a First Class passenger on a Virgin train or Eurostar to enjoy a bottle of wine with his meal, but as soon as a working class person cracks open a can on a bus it's ooh! Anti social behaviour alert! That said, London has been unusually tolerant in this respect. Bus companies in many British cities don't allow any sort of drinks, even soft drinks, in case they get spilled and damage the seat fabric. Ultimately, though, it's not the time and place where alcohol is consumed that is the problem. If someone can't drink on a bus there's nothing to stop them downing an entire bottle of Jack Daniels before they get on.

What fans was Conservative MP Boris Johnson was referring to when he described them as...?

Kinda difficult. Can you narrow it down to which Mersyside club ?

why do poeple hate boris johnson?

The big question here is who is Boris Johnson??

Who genuinely thinks that Boris Johnson will do a good job?

Rock the vote BayBEE!

Were they all so scared of Murdoch & Co,or did Boris Johnson really believe what he said?

Proving he is one of their made men, if you couldn't have already guessed. Considering the hacking and bribing they do, obviously they have the goods on all these politicians.

What questions can I ask Boris Johnson?

How's your Johnson, Boris?

why do people hate Boris Johnson?

1) He can't keep a wife 2) Wont let people drink on the underground 3) Insulted the Chinese for no good reason 4) Endorsed a socialist for US president 5) He is a theif 6) He is also a suspected racist "the tribal warriors will all break out in watermelon smiles to see the big white chief"

Do agree with Boris Johnson that Greece should go bankrupt and abandon the Euro>?

Yes. Then people who KNOW how to run a country would take charge and do a BETTER job. That's the method we do in the USA, until politicians took over and want to make the USA LIKE Greece. Pathetic.

Does anyone else find Boris Johnson strangely attractive?

Hate the Conservative party, but love him. He is hilarious & loved him on Have I Got News For You and his cameo in Eastenders. He just does not take him self to serious which I like. Qualities which I find attractive.

Do you think it's time that we sent Boris Johnson to the World Cup to show 'em how to play Footie?

He couldn't do any worse than the team we have now and at least he would give everybody a laugh.

Is there any truth that Boris Johnson has taken out a super-injunction?

Some, I suppose. One can read about it here : http://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/columnists/alasdair-palmer/8528307/Twitter-versus-the-judges-Its-no-contest.html

A bit late but what is general opinion on Boris Johnson becoming Mayor of London?

I didn't realize the Mayors of London were so 'charasmatic' I understand the prior mayor had a flare as well. He didn't sound like he was too wild about Christians tho... why is that? I heard 'Red' Ken Livingston toyed with the idea of allowing sharia law in ENgland for Moslems... odd.... am I wrong?

What do you think of Boris "The Toff" Johnson riding to work on his bike?Our valiant Mayor of London leads us!?

Personally, I think he is just trying to appeal to the working classes. Trying to show he is an ordinary bloke. I think though the plan is a sham. I doubt it makes that many more people keen on him as mayor. At least we are recycling! Maybe Dara O'Brien will end up PM!

Will Boris Johnson or Ken Livingstone win the Mayor of London election?

Richard Barnbrook will win in a sense when he takes a seat in the Assembly, after all the propaganda against all non liberal left candidates !

who was the mayor of london before Boris Johnson?

is it me or did boris johnson look really scruffy when he collected the olympic flag in beijing?

Boris Johnson wanted to be Mayor of London. This entitles him to a huge salary to represent us - and looking like a scruff in front of world's eyes lets us all down, including those who work hard in our superb tailoring industry. The Olympic bid found favour with the UK Government because the promise is that it will produce spin-offs in increased tourism and business. After all the comments on Google about his scruffy suit, Boris says in today's media that he has bought some suits tailored in China. Thanks a lot Boris - you just probably caused several good tailors to lose their jobs, as visitors will be flying to China rather than Savile Row to buy their suits. Verite R

What would you do if George Bush was leader of the world and Boris Johnson his right hand man?

Buy a bomb shelter.

To The Yahoo Brits What Do You Think About Your 45 Years Old Blond New Mayor of London Boris Johnson?

I couldn't give a monkey's youknowwhat about his hair colour, as it is irrelevant. I'm waiting with interest to see how things go when Boris attempts to take on the Trade Unions and present them with his no-strike deal... he'll be eaten alive.

What did you think of Boris Johnson at the closing ceremony of the Olympics 2008?

He was a total clown. Hands in pockets, or waving around, and he stood like a total penguin for god's sake, with a wrinkled suit and an open jacket... He was obviously not briefed beforehand on what was going to happen in there, but it became very clear that he didn't care either, and what's worse he doesn't seem to have the culture or the background to even improvise in a context like that! What really strikes me is that this person is actually a politician, elected by the people (but definitely not me...)! Very embarrassing, for all... Maybe he's autistic or something. That would explain it and take the embarrassment away! :-S

Is Boris Johnson technically an American citizen?

nope., he was born a brit, as british law from the old empire states that they can have kids anywhere and there born british citizens, they did this so there people don't return to the UK every 9 months to have kids.

Does Boris Johnson have enough of a following to become another mayor?

Ken has the advantage because under him London has transformed itself into the worlds financial capital. Besides Boris is a bit of an idiot and a Tory.

Why were Londoners brainwashed by Boris Johnson ?

ANYONE is better than Ken, and we got a comedian. Not that bad I guess. He'd probably be better than Gordon Brown too. Why is it that some of the most idiotic people in the country end up running it..? Oh yes they can afford to go to Eton through there parents o_o

Should Boris Johnson be allowed more than one wife?

Not really.

who actually voted for boris johnson as mayor?


A question for Londoners! Do you ever worry that Boris Johnson will ruin London and make it bland?


Am I the only one who absolutely hates Boris Johnson and David Cameron?

No I'm with you all the way. Boris is a coke-head and Cameron is a smarmy ponce. Hate them both.

I would like to cook a Boris Johnson; what ingredients do I require?

Boris and a big fire with a spit over it

Is London Mayor, Boris Johnson eligible to stand for President of the United States?

Would Boris Johnson make a more acceptable Tory PM than David Cameron?

I agree, many people have an unfairly poor opinion of him because of his all round clumsiness, but he does have some very good ideas, and unlike most politicians he actually seems to keep to a lot of his promises. It would be very interesting to see how he would do as PM.

Has Boris done it. Has Boris Johnson won the position of London Mayor and kicked out Red Ken?


Eviction looms for Parliament Square war protesters , is Boris Johnson a fat transvestite in a blonde wig?

I'm disgusted by his actions. They are peaceful protesters and this isn't a dictatorship. I've lost all of the very little respect I had for Johnson. He claims that it puts off tourists but I've spoken to many who found it to be a wonderful representation of the spirt of Londoners. The power has gotten to the fools head.

What does boris johnson actually believe?

IDK, it is not a good idea to try too hard to figure out what a nut job really thinks.

When is Boris Johnson going to be on Eastenders?

He runs the Queen Vic didn't you know he was a drag queen.

How did a bumbling fool like Boris Johnson ever get such an important job?

he paid enough to get it...

On what political policies does Boris Johnson exceed Ken Livingstone?

I have been trying to find out who has won. I suspect that Boris will win, sheer comedy factor, rather than real substance. People vote for the person they like rather than looking at what their policies are.

What did Boris Johnson promise to improve regarding the environment in the 2012 elections?

He is going to carry on with the plans he already had in place to make london Cleaner. Have a look at his blog here; http://www.boris-johnson.com/

Is there anything wrong with liking Boris Johnson?

No. We all like a bit of comedy from time to time. His buffoonery is hilarious.

Should Boris Johnson be allowed another wife?

Yes of course he should , in fact three or four would be fine.

Boris Johnson?

I actually cried when I found out that lying, selfish, racist twit who has cheated and lied to his wife as many times as he has cheated and lied to us won. I HATE HIM. IF I EVER SEE HIM RIDING HIS STUPID BIKE I'M GOING TO PUSH HIM UNDERNEATH A 4 BY 4 AND RUN INTO A PUB, STEAL A SMOKER'S CIGARETTE AND PUT IT OUT ON HIM. I won't really but he's totally gonna mess up London. He's just in it for the fame and has NO experience or understanding of London's true problems- he's an upper class twit with dodgey hair. I don't know ANYONE in London that likes him to be honest. I hope the idiots that voted for him will soon see what a mistake they've made and won't vote in that IDIOT David Cameron in 2010. PLEASE GOD!