when is the best time to book flights with cheap rates to India?

On a tuesday. It was proven that all the airlines sell tickets less on tuesdays than any other day of the year

What is honestly the cheapest site/way to book cheap flights for last minute deals?

I would sign up for the farewatcher at Travelocity to start. You can choose Vegas as one of the fares you are interested in and have them email you when and if the fare hits whatever rate you choose. You can choose $100 if that is what you want. Otherwise, I would just be diligent. Find out what budget airlines fly out of Baltimore and chances are, they go to Vegas. Then start watching and checking their sites. If I see a fare on Orbitz or Travelocity, I go to the airline website and make sure it isn't cheaper there. I flew out of Mpls a couple weeks ago to Vegas and back and I thought I was getting a great deal at $200 round trip non stop.

Where can i book cheap flights from Detroit to Germany?

try cheapoair or expedia for cheap flights

I need to book cheap flights from Spain to South America online and have no idea how to do it. HALP!?

Travelocity is a good site for flights: http://www.travelocity.com/ Here are the airlines that fly from Madrid to Chile: Lan Airlines SA $836 US, $903 US http://www.lan.com/index.html Air Comet SA, also $836 US, $927 US, $966 US http://www.aircomet.com/ Aerolineas Argentinas, $886, $966 http://www.aerolineas.com.ar/home.asp TAM Linhas Aereas S.A. (Brasil), $927 http://www.tam.com.br/b2c/jsp/default.jhtml

I want to book cheap domestic flights tickets.Can anyone suggest me from where i can book online tickets?

Are you wanting to book domestic flights in India or in the U.S? If in India, you can check out the discount airlines such as Jet Airways and Kingfisher. In the U.S., it depends on where you want to fly as a lot of discount airline do not have as large of a network as the legacy airlines. You can visit JetBlue, Southwest, Virgin America, Spirit, Frontier, Sun Country, AirTran and Allegiant. You will have to go to each airline's website to look. Again without mentioning where you want to fly from and where you want go, we cannot give you a specific answer.

What is the best website to book cheap flights?

My answer to a similar question. These sites are all pretty safe to go through. Just be sure you understand policies, etc. in case you need to cancel or change your flight. Look over what you book several times to make sure it is what you want/need. As far as the one site that is the best, it's really hard to tell you. They will all vary and change all the time. One site may be lower for one person, higher for the next. You just have to do your research and see what yo find. In my expereince, the cheapest way to go is directly through the airline. In my past dozen trips, that I can remember, the airline has always been cheaper than the online discounters. Just look around and see what you can find. Check around online. There are several online discounters, like expedia, priceline, orbitz, etc. This is usually the cheapest way to go. But you should also check directly through airline sites to see if they are running a special. For example, air tran often offers discounted tickets on Tuesdays and Thursdays and it is cheaper than through other online sites. Also watch in the newspapers and such, they often advertise specials in the newspaper.

Does anyone know any sites I can book cheap flights to USA?

Airlines usually don't publish fares more than 1 year advance. Try http://www.cheapflights.co.uk and http://www.bookingbuddy.co.uk -- These 2 will well-cover consolidators, holiday charters, airline specials, and other discounting on UK-Florida flights. If central Florida, also check http://www.orlandosanfordairport.com/airlines.asp

where can i book cheap flights online from edmonton to islamabad?

Just compare instantly prices from various airlines and consolidators with some of the tools listed below. Price differences may be as high as 100 $ for same flight.

How do I book cheap flights to India?

Yeah, try orbitz, kayak, vayama, and all the usual candidates. The general advise for air tickets applies here as well: shop around for the best rates, try to be flexible with your dates and destination airports if possible. And if you fly at the peak tourist or travel season, make sure to get your tickets well enough in advance before the prices skyrocket or the flights sell out entirely.

cheap flights to Barbados? where can i book cheap flights to Barbados?

You did not say if you are coming form the US or England. These are some sites you might want to look at. http://www.cheapflights.co.uk/flights/Barbados/ http://www.cheapflights.co.uk/flights/Barbados/Gatwick/ http://www.cheapflights.co.uk/flights/Barbados/Gatwick/ http://www.farecompare.com/flights/Barbados-BGI/city.html