Who is the best looking 2010 Olympian?

I would have to go with Shaun too. Evan Lysacek has a nice body, but a really point nose. Johnny Weir is pretty good looking, if he wasnt gay. Bode Miller is VERY good looking. But I am going to have to say Stephane Lambiel of Switzerland is the best looking. He kinda looks like Orlando Bloom.

Why is Bode Miller doing so badly in the Olympics ? Were we expecting to much of him ? Is he overated ?

I think he distracted himself from the task at hand with his media battles and problems he's had in the weeks prior to the Olympics. That was time he should have spent putting the finishing touches on his preparations for Torino...but instead he spent it making contreversial comments, doing commercials, and doing media interviews.

Does anybody have the bode miller interview segment with ellen from March 28th???

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Who interviewed Bode Miller this Olympcis?

who interviewed Bode Miller?