Does anyone have a clue who the guest is going to be on the ellen degerous show on March 29th?

THE ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW, syndicated Mo 3/17: Sheryl Crow, Minnie Driver, "American Idol" castoff David Hernandez Tu 3/18: Cheryl Hines We 3/19: Blair Underwood, Chris Matthews Th 3/20: Pamela Anderson, Margaret Cho, "Bachelor" Matt Grant Fr 3/21: Leslie Mann, Marlee Matlin, Fabian Sanchez, Erykah Badu Mo 3/24: Former "Bachelorettes" Trista Sutter and DeAnna Pappas (R 1/31/08) Tu 3/25: Christina Aguilera, third-grade author Alec Greven (R 2/20/08) We 3/26: Paris Hilton, Lupe Fiasco, chef Homaro Cantu, New York Giant David Tyree (R 2/8/08) Th 3/27: Ryan Phillippe, Suze Orman, Colin Cowie Fr 3/28: Courteney Cox, Bode Miller, the latest "American Idol" castoff Mo 3/31: Jeff Foxworthy, Flo Rida, Chester Pitts, Ephraim Salaam Tu 4/1: Paula Deen, the Jonas Brothers We 4/2: Jenny McCarthy, the latest "American Idol" castoff

Can you get a court order for a paternity test on a flight risk baby mam?

Nope, you can't force a paternity test on a woman UNTIL AFTER the baby is born because your brother may not be the father and such a test might end up causing a miscarriage! And at the same time, since he may not be the father, he has no say if his alleged child's mother moves to the other side of the country. (The New York State Court of Appeals has just ruled on this with regard to Bode Miller and his baby's mama.) If and when the baby is born AND he can track her down, then he can seek a court-ordered paternity test. If I were him though, although it is possible she is pregnant with his baby, I wouldn't worry too much as I think it unlikely he is the father. One last us all a favour and tell your brother to KEEP IT IN HIS PANTS until after he gets married...then he will have all the rights possible to parent his own child. As a single father, he won't have so many rights and he won't be raising what might be his child in his own home. Good luck and God bless. ***** Addendum: I nearly forgot...your brother should not give this woman a single dime UNTIL after the baby is born AND it is proven to be his child AND the court has ordered child support. And this is because it may not be his baby, but even if it was, any payments not authorized by the courts probably will count as gifts and not as support (meaning he would be paying twice!). Addendum #2: Katherine W., her brother cannot get a court order ordering the woman to stay in the jurisdiction as her brother is living in as he might not be the father and it would be an unwarranted intrusion into the life of the alleged mother (see the Bode Miller case and the New York State Court of Appeals who ruled that the mother was free to relocate as she pleased when the baby was still inside of her).

who interviewed Bode Miller?