Are you ready for Cowboy Neal's 70's Classic Rock Wonderama?

May not all be rock, but whatever. =p The Eagles Donna Summer Neil Diamond Jethro Tull Carole King Bee Gees Stevie Wonder Peaches and Herb Steve Miller Band Cat Stevens James Taylor Wings Alice Cooper Kansas Bread Steely Dan Fleetwood Mac Nazareth Kenny Rogers Funkadelic REO Speedwagon The Band Edgar Winter Boz Scaggs Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Van Morrison The Outlaws T Rex Bob Welch Ted Nugent Stealers Wheel Aerosmith Yes Led Zeppelin Blood Sweat and Tears Pink Floyd Eric Clapton Status Quo Jefferson Starship Glen Campbell Olivia Newton John KC and the Sunshine Band Andy Gibb Funkytown Tower of Power Black Sabbath Earth Wind and Fire BQ: Sell Nice matchups, btw. =)

R&P, any love (or respect) for the lovely Christine McVie...?

You Make Loving Fun - Fleetwood Mac Heroes Are Hard To Find Come A Little Bit Closer Morning Rain Spare A Little Of Your Love Homeward Bound Disatisfied The Way I Feel Over My Head Warm Ways Don't Stop Oh Daddy Chicken Shack I'd Rather Go Blind - I like Eta James version better but this is still good Mean Old World - great song solo Crazy Bout You Baby - Christine Perfect Wait And See - Christine Perfect Yes I have seen FM 3 times and all with Christine Favorite song from Rumours Go Your Own Way The current FM is not complete without Christine - she gave them a bluesy sound to counter balance Stevie's mysticism

Any (obscure) music suggestions?

Some albums: "The Way Of The Vaselines" by The Vaselines (quirky Scottish group, now defunct, influential on Nirvana) "L'Amour Fou" by Kanda Bongo Man (soukous music from Zaire - brilliant guitar playing and very uplifting) "Barbed Wire Kisses" by the Jesus & Mary Chain (it's a best-of, but as you don't have any, it's a start : ) "45s And Under" by Squeeze (great melodic pop from a songwriting duo who were heralded as the new Lennon-McCartney. Not quite, but worth checking out) "Beers, Steers + Queers" by Revolting Cocks (the weirder side of industrial) "Architecture & Morality" by Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark (elegant early electronica from 1981)

Who Else Likes.....?

Oooooo... Classic Rock :) Fleetwood Mac are one of my 5 equal favourite bands. The other 4 are :~ Led Zeppelin Jethro Tull Blackmore's Night {not CR} Dire Straits Favourite artist : Mike Oldfield And I like a wide range of other Classic Rock bands / artists, including The Who, and a couple of songs from others you mentioned :)

Ok - time for some 70's music. What do you think about these songs?

Great stuff Mike the Guess Who right here from my home town. And I have met Burton Cummings. And Thomas the singer for Blood Sweat & Tears also another great Canadian, and a great contack of mine who is no longer on R&P as much, when by Wonderful Tonight's brother played in the horn section of Blood Sweat and Tears for a while I believe. all great tunes and I love what you are doing, by leaving out some of the better known bands of that time, as my favorite the Stones. But hey it was not just them and the Beatles that made the 70's or 60's. take care dave

Is there a song nameable which comes even close to Fleetwood Mac's "Hypnotized" ~ ?

You know, this is a good question. Fleetwood Mac often overlooks those early LA years between the Peter Green and the Buckingham-Nicks years. Bob Welch was the bridge here, and Mick Fleetwood has often cited Bob Welch as keeping the band afloat through those lean years. I am personally NOT a fan of Bob Welch - too LA/laid back/soft rock for my tastes. But I do very definitely like "Hypnotized" and know I always will. It was an FM favorite here in NYC for years. Welch is now seemingly living off his Fleetwood Mac years, as tenuous as they may be (when Fleetwood Mac was inducted into the RnR Hall Of Fame in 1999, Bob Welch was NOT included) He has released in recent years two CD sets of music entitled "My Fleetwood Mac Years And Beyond" which are just re-records of his music from that period. Part 1 came out in like 2003, with part 2 coming out a little over 3 years later.

Favorite Fleetwood Mac era?

This is a *very* tough question for me, as they are one of my favourite bands, and that for me means their entire career. I grew-up on a mix of original Peter Green era and Buckingham/Nicks era, and only got into the Danny Kirwan / Christine McVie / Bob Welch era last year. So... I love *all* of it {except the brief Bekka Bramlet phase!}, and this is so hard. I guess my ultimate choice would be post-1975 era. But if I'm in the mood for my '3am music', then it has to be Peter Green era. And then there are the moments when nothing but Danny's 'Dragonfly' will do... It's not fair ~ I can't choose! {{{{{{{Patrick}}}}}}} I want photos! And a set-list!

Favorite Fleetwood Mac songs before 1975?

Not in order but... This Is The Rock Station Man Sands Of Time Bare Trees The Ghost Hypnotized BA: Kiln House BA2: Peter Green

What are some rock songs about aliens and UFOs?

Try this listening to Star One, it's a space rock band. I would also recommend Muse, they do space themed songs sometimes. Star One: Muse:

Who is your favorite lead singer of Fleetwood Mac?

love em all , but i have to admit that I have ALWAYS been a sucker for Stevie's magnificent voice

Any website where I can download Fleetwood Mac songs "Sentimental Lady" and "Hypnotized"?

Wish I could help ya, I have the original album

Which era of Fleetwood Mac do you Enjoy the most, the Peter Green, Bob Welch or Nicks / Buckingham eras?

Actually, my favorite era is from Then Play On through Bare Trees, so actually that would be the "Danny Kirwan era," really. He's long been my favorite of their songwriters, though of the three frontmen/women combos I'd definitely pick Green. Peter Green - Coming Your Way (with "Oh Well" as a very close second) Bob Welch - Child of Mine Buckingham/Nicks - The Chain

Got a favorite Fleetwood Mac song from the "Bob Welch" era?

Ah... well, 'Hypnotised' is probably my top choice, too. But I'd also add :~ Lay It All Down Silver Heels The Ghost And no one has put any of these on Youtube yet...

Does anyone remember Bob Welch formerly of Fleetwood Mac?

Yes, I still have "Mystery to Me" by Fleetwood Mac ( me hypnotized...) - he was very influential on that album. Of course, also Sentimental Lady.

What are your favorite Bob Welch albums or songs from Fleetwood Mac or as a solo artist?

French Kiss

Do you remember the old Fleetwood Mac with Bob Welch and Peter Green?

Well, I don't remember them at the time, as I wasn't born yet! But, I was fortunate enough to be brought up listening to albums from both the 'Buckingham Nicks' era, and the original Peter Green line-up. However, it wasn't until I looked further into the band for myself {in the last few years} that I became aware of the Christine McVie / Danny Kirwan / Bob Welch era from 1970 - 1974. I love Fleetwood Mac from their 1967 origins to the present day, but those classic Blues-based songs are what I call my "3am music" ~ the stuff I relax to. I also particularly like 'Oh Well', but my favourites are probably 'I Loved Another Woman', 'Underway' {full 15 mins version}, 'The Green Manalishi (with the Two Pronged Crown)', 'Man of the World', and 'Need Your Love So Bad'. My personal Fleetwood Mac collection is a little unusual, as it also includes: 3 songs by The Peter B's ~ a band Peter Green was in early in his career; the John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers album "A Hard Road", which was the one Peter played on, and that is where he met Mick and John; the two Chicken Shack albums featuring Christine McVie {then Christine Perfect}; and Christine's first solo album, released just before she officially joined Fleetwood Mac in 1970 {she had already played uncredited piano on a couple of albums}.

Why did Bob Welch leave Fleetwood Mac ?

In December 1974, Welch departed the band citing exhaustion.

RIP Bob Welch, What is your fav Fleetwood Mac song?

In the Fleetwood Mac/Bob Welch song "Sentimental Lady", what does "14 joys and a will to be merry" mean?

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