Does anybody know the name of that trance/techno song that comes on Blade II?

I think you're talking about the song Confusion by New Order.If it is,email me & I'll send it 2 U

Hellboy II or Blade II - Which film do you think will be bigger/better? (Trailers included for referance)?

I think Hellboy 2 will do better. The last Blade movie was so god awful, it turned some people away from watching a sequel (unless it's free on cable). Hellboy still has that anticipation factor since it hasn't screwed with the fans by making a horrible sequel. :)

How to get rid of the blade marks on your face and body in fable II?

You can't get rid of them. They are there to show you of your past experiences in battle. If you don't want them, don't get knocked unconscious.

What language are the vampires in Blade II speaking? I notice they also use the term "broheem"?

I think its whats known as a conlang - that is a made up language

Where can i download Tekkaman Blade II subbed by DBNL?

Fulldls, Animesuki, FansubTV, Mininova, SumoTorrent, Saiyaman

Is the second disc of "Blade II" worth it?

I dont think its worth it, its kind of drawn out commentary, its almost as if they did it just to have a second interesting info, nothing like you would hope for

Where can I find black Tuuk Lightspeed II blade holders for my hockey skates?

You cant find black ones anymore for a good low price, was your only ope to find em.

Can Nike Magnigrip Blade II receiver gloves be used as baseball batting gloves?

yeah it can imean pretty much you can use wat ever you want to as batting gloves but it might wear them out a little

Where can i find a pair of nike magnigrip blade II gloves? for orange ones and for red, purple, and blue

Is a SOG Flash II contractor knife considered a switch blade?

This knife is considered "assisted opening" and is TECHNICALLY not a switchblade. I say technically because laws on switchblades are somewhat vaguely worded when it comes to assisted opening knives. Assisted opening knives weren't around when switchblade laws went into effect. The term "assisted opening" indicates that a tension spring assists you in the opening of the knife, however you have to physically move the the blade before the spring does it's job. A switchblade opens automatically, usually by pushing a button. It's reasonable for an inexperienced officer, or an officer that's never seen an assisted opening knife to confuse the differences, however, the arrest shouldn't hold in court. For the record, Kershaw makes a very nice line of assisted opening knives as well.