How do I set up E-mail on my BlackBerry Curve?

Dolphin on Orange does include data but obviously your service has not been set up properly Try this: Options icon - Advanced Options - Host Routing Table Press the Menu key and select Register Now If that doesn't work skip the website and call them for help

Help me with my Blackberry 9700?

BBM, apps and e-mail all require data service. Call your provider to add data to your wireless plan.

Im having problems with the "BlackBerry Curve 8520"?

You need to use your provider's mobile network to use apps To use the mobile network you need to have a wireless data plan If you want to use AppWorld and applications you have to add data to your wireless plan Wi-fi does not mean that you can use the internet anywhere. In order to use wi-fi there must be a wi-fi signal available and apps will not work using wi-fi without a data plan

blackberry downloads?

Hi Gia, The issue here is that you need to get a data plan separate from a phone plan. A data plan (BIS Blackberry Internet Service) is needed to connect to the Internet so that you may download/surf/chat or what not. Now if you have WiFi, you may be able to connect for free to a place that offers wireless connections. Such as a cafe, hotels, home wireless, schools. Good Luck XGoz Blackberry Support.

Found blackberry 8520 help?

bet it would, the phone is nicked by you or how about handling stolen goods. when you lose or get a phone nicked you`ll understand.

Blackberry messenger helpp?

Were to find blackberry enterprise actiation code?

ask your provider

Blackberry O2, enterprise activation password?

Hi You dont need any passwords to use the blackberry messenger you just need to make sure the latest version is downloaded onto your handset. You may need to create a username and password for the messenger service but you do that yourself not from O2. I work for O2, hope that helps.