Can you have Modern Warfare 2 and play against someone with Black Ops?

No, black ops goes with black ops and MW2 goes with MW2. You both need the game

why did i got 2 prestige token when i was 10th prestige on mw2 and 2nd prestige in black ops?

Would you trade Mafia 2 in towards Black Ops?

YES duh

how to play with more then 2 local players on black ops live?

Get another system and game. I say be glad that Black Ops allows you to play with 2 people on one system online, neither Modern Warfare 1 or 2 allowed more than a single person online from one system.

Should I buy Black Ops from Game Stop or should I wait until Black Ops 2?

blacks ops is too good to not be playing it right now!, and black ops 2 isn't coming for awhile, either is the new systems there due around Christmas. but ill bet that even after black ops 2 comes out you'll have no problem selling the first one

Should I get Black Ops or Modern Warfare 2?

Both answers have its ups and downs MW2: Good: Graphics, Guns, Story, Aim Bad: Match Finding BO: Good: Wager Matches, Combat Training Bad: Graphics, Gun aim, Story I prefer MW2 as it is cheaper and better People just buy BO because of its commercials

What Would Like TrayArch to improve on in call of duty black ops 2?

I'd like a shotgun class that is actually usable. Perks that are balanced. And automatics that aren't overpowered.

Why Do people play Black Ops over Modern Warfare 2?

Personally, I believe it's because there aren't as many campers and the maps are more balanced.

how can you play 2 player missions on call of duty black ops?

The only cooperative mode in the game is zombie mode. This game doesn't have the co-op campaign of World at War, or the SpecOps mode of MW2. If you have the most recent update, you can play against AI bots in the multiplayer mode while offline, so the two of you could play against computer enemies as if you were playing online.

Why isn't there as much black ops hack lobbys like modern warfare 2?

Because the algorithm VAC uses can't find squat, but Punkbuster finds everything eventually. As for which is better, let's see... IW announced after releasing Modern Warfare that they were out of the CoD franchise for good, and were going to be concentrating on other projects. IW had approximately NINE MONTHS to develop a game from scratch, after Activision ORDERED them to make it. MW2 was hacked within hours of release because of how buggy the damned thing was. MW2 was essentially purely a console game that was directly ported MW2 randomly picks one of the 18 computers in the lobby as the server, and plays over a P2P network...that means 34 separate datastreams hogging your bandwidth (PC). Treyarch was overjoyed to be picked to make WaW and (two years later) BlOps, and had almost two full years to make each title. Treyarch used a proven security program (Punkbuster) instead of some homebrew crap. Treyarch kept to (WaW), then "returned to" (BlOps) Dedicated Servers, which means 1 outbound datastream, and 1 inbound datastream. Good Luck!

Was black ops 2 supposed to be out already?

There is no "Black Ops 2". There won't be another COD game until sometime in late 2013 (going by the usual yearly release schedule)

Why is Black Ops worse than Modern Warfare 2?

It doesn't feel like a war. The sounds are like little girly grenades and explosions. Like what kind of grenade makes a popping noise?! It's supposed to EXPLODE!!! MW and MW2 are boss. Fuck treyarch and black ops. They suck.

Is it me or is Modern Warfare 2 better than Black Ops?

I like them both equally along with World at War. It's just that the lobby isn't full anymore when playing those older games which sucks.

If i buy the prestige edition of black ops, Will i be able to Download it on 2 PS3's?

Can i trade Black Ops for Modern Warfare 2?

you can trade it at computer exchange, either for money or for another game :)

Does player 2 on BLack ops affect player 1 kdr?

As people above already said, it won't affect your KDR. I also want to clarify some other things too. Her playing will not affect your COD points. She starts out at 0 COD points and must get her own through gameplay. Every time you leave multiplayer, her COD points will be set back to 0. When she plays, she'll have everything you've bought prior to her playing. Everything you bought after she begins playing will not appear on her 'guest account'. BTW, nice KDR. My average KDR is about 6.8. :)

What is better? Call of Duty Black Ops, or Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2?

Now this is coming from my opionion only Black ops is what call of duty mw2 should have been well from a pc perspective Server Listings Dedicated Servers A reliable punkbuster ( so far ) Bots To Practice with and you can invite freinds in now lets just get this straight i loved mw2 storyline and how it continued from cod4 but in my eyes its multiplayer was shtty and badly done it seems they tried to mix halos dual wilding with diehards action throw in some tactical gear a few attachments mix up a couple of maps and threw it all together In Blackops the story blends well with the time setting its set in alternate timeline of the cold war witch means vietnam , russa , and the cuban missle crisis and you play a former black ops operative now this translates well into the multiplayer aspect you have missle solos and bases as maps and you have nuke town ( Indiana Jones rip off no offence treyarch ) alot of varied maps you have all your weopons ofcourse there a bit bigger and clunkier due to it being the 60- 80's but that makes it even better the guns sounds have more grunt and you have a weopon customization system you can put stickers on guns so to speak All in all with the server options great singleplayer kick ass multiplayer and bots included ( if your a loner like me ) its really what mw2 should have been

In your opinion do you like Black Ops better or Modern Warfare 2 better?

I liked Black Ops' Campaign better and the Zombies are PHENOMENAL! But online multi-player I love MW2 10 times better! Black Ops is too inconsistent for me. The guns feel weaker than mw2 (especially the snipers, I wouldn't trade my intervention for any gun in Black Ops), the most random bullet can kill you, one life it'll take a full clip from a M16 to kill someone, the next life maybe just 1 burst, and there's constant UAV up. However, Black ops multi-player it is still fun: One in the Chamber is a great time. But I'm a 10 prestige in mw2 and still cannot stop playing it!

What game do you think is better call of duty modern warfare 2 or call of duty black ops?

blops is less annoying but waayyyyy too boring. i like mw2 more simply because its fast paced.

Can you play 2 players on Black ops nazy zombies on wii?

the wii version does not have split screen! but it does have online coop so if you have 2 wiis you can play together that way

How to get more than 2 rc xd's in play on black ops?

It's not possible, if Treyarch let there be so many killstreaks active at once it would be chaos. Think of it, an armada of RC-XDs charging a point in HQ, it would be a massacre. You'd probably have to do it in a Private Match or find a glitch.

Why is modern warfare 2 considered better than black ops?

Alot of people who were going to buy black ops before it came out thought it would be an amazing game paired along with an amazing multi-player. But they were wrong. Instead, when the people asked treyarch to get rid of CoDpoints, they kept them in, after lying to the people. And when people learned tht you had to buy the guns with the points...they got mad, this is because it took away all the challange. If you want a shotgun attachment, you buy it. In MW2 if you wanted a shotgun attachment, you had to kill 100 people (I cant remember how many) to get the attachment. The whole point is that Treyarch took away all the joy of a game, and made it into a pointless mind-numbing video game, where you just play to earn points, and you buy guns, and you prestige. Over and over.

Any changes made to Modern Warfare 2 since Black Ops?

none it is still the same

is modern warfare 2 still worth buying even though black ops is out?

mw2 has a short story, no it isnt worth it unless u like gliched multi player its fun if u like to moon jump because almost every lobby will be moded its not a bad thing if u like being overpowered.

whenn i start black ops multiplayer it says connecting and it just freezes after 2 seconds?

You probably have a glitched copy of the game. I hope your warranty is still active...

What the difference in those 2 copies of black ops in gamestop?

The "Buy Digital" is a download, the other is a CD.

Did Call of Duty: Black Ops use a different graphics engine than Modern Warfare 2?

Call of Duty: Black Ops uses an upgraded engine from World at War.

Should i buy modern warfare 2 or black ops?

Definently mw2 sure it has some big problems like nube tubes and stuff but atleast it doesnt have the spawn system like black ops where noobs dying spawn right behind u and in blackops i hate the killstreaks seriously yesterday i got a chopper gunner my first match of yesterday i got 1 kill before it got shot down like are you serious that is ridiculous the killstreaks in blackops are a joke they really are but in mw2 when i got the choppergunner i ended up with 12 kills from it sure its bad for the other team but good for me haha not only do noobs dying spawn behind u when your running around killing everyone but its also the crazy lagg in blackops i swear i shoot like a while clip at someone they live den they shoot me not anywhere near as much as i shot them and i die i have proof to i saw the kill cam i shot him way more and that makes me rage when i should of had the kill but i ended up dying it just really makes me get pissed off i will seriously RAGE big time so i highly highly recomend mw2 trust me it is is better game not only that but it is cheaper as well

how do you use 2 accounts from the same system on black ops?

who thinks black ops is worse than modern warfare 2?

Yep. Black Ops IS in fact worse than Modern Warfare 2. The game developers just wanted a quick buck this time. They are starting to ruin the Call of Duty franchise now. And I wouldn't be surprised if they did the same thing to their latest developing Call of Duty game. That Zombies mode was just a watered down and degraded version of Left 4 Dead.

how do i give player 2 killstreaks in call of duty black ops?

In Local, players 2, 3, and 4 don't get killstreaks. Pisses me off, too.

Is there any way to play 2 players on the Zombie mode for Call of Duty Black Ops Wii version?

No, to play with other people you must be online. And even if you go online its still a one player game. You can play with up to 3 other people but only one person can play on your wii.

On Call of Duty Black Ops how can you save player 2 profile on multiplayer offline play?

Well first of all they cant be in geust they must be in an actual account dosent have to be online but it must be an account and it should do it ottomaticly or well also im pretty sure player one must be over level 10 to get killtreaks therfor your friend cant use them plus if your not lv 4 online you cant make your own class I may very well be wrong because i dont have the game but my friend does and i go over ther A LOT so im pretty sure that what said is how you do it hope this helps (:

What do you think was better Modern warfare 2 or black ops?

in my opinion black ops is waaay better. There may be campers(there's campers in every game though) but there isn't oma so no infinite noob tubes, there's way less hacking, campers are easier to beat(maps have more flanks, no infinite noob tubes, no nooby killstreaks, no nooby secondaries, no nooby attachments(heartbeat sensor)) also the guns actually have recoil! that is one of mw2 main problems no recoil at all on like any gun. Ya i know it's just a video game but can't they make just a little bit of recoil? also perks are more balanced, killstreaks don't lead to other kill streaks, and no death streaks. I could rant about mw2 all day(but i know i shouldn't sorry if i am too much already) but anyway My opinion: black ops is the true sequel of cod 4 which is still the best cod in my opinion.

Can you use 2 different PSN in Splitscreen online in Black Ops?

From the Call of Duty website: For PS3 and Xbox 360: ■ You can connect a 2nd controller and bring a Guest online (i.e. "JD_2020" & "JD_2020(1)"). ■ Guests can rank up, earn unlocks, etc -- all Guest progress goes away once signed out. Xbox 360 only: ■ You can bring a 2nd, Gold Xbox LIVE account online! ■ Both players with full online accounts can rank-up while playing split-screen, as if on two separate consoles.

Which game should i get battlefield bad company 2 or call of duty black ops?

Battelfield is better. Better maps, better wepons , better everything, unfortunatly we were dissapointed in black ops the campain was fun but multiplayer is lacking in excitment(campers are rampant) often the system has a hard time finding a game which is ridiculous because everyone pretty much is playing that game, and the maps are really small.hope that helps!

How exactly is Modern Warfare 2 better than Call of Duty Black Ops?

Well i don't know what people are talking about when they there are no one shot one kills. i get them all the time when i use the l96a1. As far as getting kills i have not really seen much of a difference. i don't think getting kills is easier all you do is shoot enough bullets into one guy until they die. I personally like black ops better than mw2. mw2 does have little bit better graphics but it doesn't effect my opinion on the game. Also i think mw2 is kinda unfair when a harrier can get you to a chopper gunner when you didn't really work to get to it since you just had a jet do most of the work for you. In black ops you need to work for your killstreak since they do not add up.

What game should i get halo reach,black ops ,or battlefield 2?

Honestly get Bad Company 2 or Reach both are actually new and not a carbon copy of the previous games like the COD series. I love COD but all you do is multiplayer, which is filled with little trolls and hacks and grenade launchers, at least the other two have more interesting stories and require more skill and not having a rocket launcher kill you every minute. Fyi I plan to get all three and MOH which will be better than Black Ops

How much would I get for trading in Black Ops and Modern Warfare 2?

You're better off giving them both to your friend and making $40 dude. At Gamestop you'll be lucky to walk out of there with 30 bucks. Modern Warfare 2 is probably under $10 and Black Ops would be under $20. Modern Warfare 3 these days would only be $30 itself at Gamestop.

Can you use 2 different accounts at once while playing Black Ops?

On online split-screen, you can bring up a 2nd XBOX Live gold account, but not a 2nd PS3 account. Unfair! I have a PS3 too.

Can you play Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops on xbox live with only the basic 4gb MU and not a hard drive?

my friend has an arcade box with a memory unit, he plays mw2 online with me all the time, and i can't picture they would make black ops any different play on, my friend

How do you make a online 2 player profile in cod 7 black ops?

You can't.

How much money can i get from selling 2 Call of duty black ops games and 1 Modern Warfare 2?

about 40 dollars. you cant get much from those cames anymore now. i tried to sell black ops fpr ps3 for 2 weeks now on craigslist for 15 and it didnt sell. mw3 is out and those games are gone.

How much better will the graphics be on Black Ops compared to Modern Warfare 2?

CoD Black Ops is being developed by Treyarch not Infinity Ward, Activision has its CoD developers on a game a year system Black Ops is also set in the Cold War, Not just after MW2, the Cold War lasted from 1947 to 1991, so it will most likey take place in The Korean War, The Vietnam War, Special Operation missions into the USSR and Cuba The graphics will depend on how Treyarch does it, it looks pretty good right now

Can 2 people play black ops or zombies on the black ops Wii at the same time on the same game?

Nope, blame the gamers :(

What is with the song on bad company 2 vietnam and black ops vietnam mission?

Fortunate Son- CCR. That song is about the war in Vietnam. "This song was popular during the Vietnam War and is included in several Vietnam films and video games. The song symbolizes the thoughts of a man who is being drafted. This spoke out against the war in Vietnam. It is sung from the perspective of one of these men (who is not the son of a Senator, millionaire, or military leader, thus not a "fortunate son"), who ends up fighting in the Vietnam War." When people hear that song, they instantly think of that war.

What should I get first battlefield bad company 2 or Call of duty Black ops?

My friend who works at Official Playstation Magazine Australia gave me one of his preview codes for black ops... You can drive a hind in the campaign... and black ops will have zombies, most people hated World at War because they hate World War games, and one of the only reasons people bought it was because of the zombies. Even though I hate Treyarch, Infinity Ward, and any other company associated with Call of Duty games, Treyarch isnt dumb. The zombie maps from CoD5 have been confirmed in Black ops with the Hardened and Prestige Editions... and im 99.99999% sure that, unless they really are THAT stupid, Treyarch is going to make new zombie levels...

What's the difference between Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops?

it's probably a little less retarded. less shotgun use- good different time zone (situated in the Cold War, so that's 50's-70's)- less cheap weapons-good You don't have to shoot a guy for sixty years for them to die-good Wager Match: Sticks and Stones-awesome Zombies-Pretty fun with friends. Overall its got new and better stuff compared to MW2, which is expected, but it's also not as noob-friendly(i.e. your sniper scope doesn't automatically lock on to people's heads when you aim in like in MW2, and you can't lunge 50 feet with a knife)

Is there going to be a black ops 2 or more map packs for black ops?

no der wont be nt..sad for u

What is the difference between black ops and modern warfare 2 online?

Well, first off Black Ops has zombies. There is Kino der Toten, Five, Dead Ops Arcade, and the first strike map Acsention. Black Ops also used cod points. Cod points is the currency in the game. You earn it from playing. You can also go in wager matches to earn more money or lose more money. Anyway cod points enables you to buy things once you unlock them. Modern Theater so you can rewatch previous games with friends to show them your " 360 double y quickscope wallbang". Here is a good class to use for low levels: Primary: Famas, Silencer or Extended Mags Secondary: Doesnt matter Equipment: Motion Sensor Lethal: Frag Tactical: Flashbang Perk 1: Scavenger Perk 2: Sleight of Hand Perk 3: Ninja or Hacker Mw2 on the other hand I never really got into.