Do Christian ethics provide us the only chance at universal harmony?

I think you have morals and ethics reversed. Morals are lists of behavioral do's and don't's. Religions provide such lists. People are born with an innate ethical structure based on empathy and an evolved ability to live in a social group. Ethics are not lists of rules, but general principles like fairness and empathy for others. Ethical principles allow us to figure out what is reasonable and good behavior and what is destructive and bad behavior. For instance, the Golden Rule is not so much about morals (it doesn't specifically tell us what to do or not do) as it is about ethics based on the principle of social cause-and-effect. That 'rule' is a recognition that we make a lot of our own social reality by our choices of action and what we choose ot refrain from doing. If you want to make your reality more caring, loving and generous, I suggest you choose actions that are more caring, loving and generous to those around you. But if you choose hateful, selfish and destructive actions, your reality will become more hateful, selfish and destructive. With a very few such ethical principles, one has no need for rote lists of things you must do or must not do (i.e. commandments). Those choices become obvious as they arise. By the way, the hypothetical God, that you are imagining, does not measure up to my ethical principles. -- Regards, John Popelish

Communist Wanna Be Progressives have the huge racist history, why do all who oppose their crap get labeled so?

I could take you seriously, but you don't even understand a simple concept like Communism. Communism = Bolshevism = Marxism Leninism Marx argues class conciousness MUST happen in order to achieve the INEVITABLE end of history. Lenin argues that they will only achieve such conciousness with the help of a dictatorship of the proletariat in order to achieve the INEVITABLE end of history. Communism is rife hegelian telelogy, something nobody (not even G. W. Bush) is stupid enough to believe today. Except maybe you. Apparently.

I need some answer!!?

If you posted these as seperate questions you might have far better luck but this is a little, for lack of better word, overwhelming.

Do you consider this racism?

I work with a White man who claims to 'only' date black women. But almost every black woman that I've seen him with are very fair complexioned, or mixed. Now, I’m not saying that being fair or mixed takes away from one’s ‘blackness’; but I had to ask him why every black woman that he tries to 'halla at' while at work is Darker (or my complexion) than the women he dates? He could never really give me an answer. He just smiled, turned red, shrugged his shoulders and answered “I don’t know”. I personally don't think that he's racist, for the simple fact that he dates black women. But I think it's easier for him to feel comfortable and maybe even have his interracial relationship accepted by his family and society if the women he chose are not so 'dark'. For many people, too much controversy arises when a White man is seen sitting and having lunch with a woman who resembles Gabriel Union, or even Jada Pinket Smith; vs. the same White man being seen with a woman that looks like Tyra Banks Alicia Keys or Beyonce. Some people (especially here in the U.S.) don't think of darker black women as being attractive, and some believe that we should ‘stick with our own kind’. They feel that a dark skin black woman should only date and marry a dark skin black man. And this is coming from both black women/men and people of other races who’ve expressed these views. “Keep it black” is what one sista told me. So some black women (especially darker ones) won’t even date a White man, much less marry one. So he probably fears being ridiculed for spending time with such a woman, and he may fear the brotha's who will become aggressive towards him in doing so (I've seen this happen on a number of occasions). Where as if she's mixed, or 'fair' people really don't know what she is (they just know she’s not white); there's less 'friction' between the black community and himself, and he can still have a black woman, without her being seen as black or maybe even a disgrace to his family.

What was the last thing to make you laugh?

Where did you find that? I studied Psychology last semester and never heard of any of those tests. I think the last thing to make me laugh was one of the questions in yahoo answers, something about a broken D*** I was like hahaha aw...!