My First Round NFL MOCK DRAFT With Full Off-Season!!!!?

It's way to early to talkin' draft. Enjoy the season that is here. When it is draft time it is no football time and that sucks. So stop trying to get the season over with.

job seekers allowance?

Can she re-claim Child Benefit? Ask to speak to the Young Person's Advisor at your local Jobcentreplus, to arrange an appointment with your mother.

i have a 1985-86 LA Rams signed football (team) how much would this go for, its good condition?

I would suggest you take it to a sports memorabilia shop and have them look at it. They would be able to give you an answer......

who's your favorite "linguistic acrobat"?

That's a really nice song on your bandcamp. I like when you have the lyrics written for my tinnitus ears tend to not pick up different things. Some of my favorite lyracists: Tom Waits Frank Zappa Jim Croce Neil Young Just wanted to add the comment that when you are recording the acoustics in the room matter in case you weren't noticing the difference between this last song you linked and the one you did on the 4-track experimental. The acoustics in the room sounded better on that one.