Big job interview tomorrow and i am really sick? Any miracle pills?

Alka seltzer plus will fix the stomach and congestion,then cepastat lozenges or Halls C for your throat.You'll be good as new !

Miracle Max says there really is a big difference between mostly dead and all dead. Is this true?

It only makes a difference if true love is involved.

why do atheists mock the miracles of Jesus when the universe forming itself is the biggest miracle?

When a person has a little knowledge of something, they tend to be proud and refuse to humble and admit that there is a super mighty being up there who is cleverer than him. That is a normal human reaction. But, a person who has experienced an encounter with God or Jesus, will understand the meaning of Faith and the whole purpose of life. Albert Einstein the most genius brain on earth, even humble himself that his knowledge is nothing more than just a scratch on the surface of what lies up there in the universe to be explained. Einstein believes that there is God the creator of universe.

Did Albus Dumbledore use miracle grow on his big beard?

seriously if that was the case that dude would of had a beard 90 foot long or even longer lol смерть➤➤➤

What was the biggest miracle in sports history?

It has to be when Babe Ruth pointed before he hit that homerun. Noone else can do that. Noone else has the balls to do that.

Wasnt catchin nothin & my buddy said throw your line that way Bang! big fish! Was this a miracle like Jesus?


What is the bigger miracle, the virgin birth itself, or the fact that there are still plenty of......?

Atheist's if a squirrel could think for it's self. What would he say about his habitat miracle or big bang?

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What's a bigger miracle, childbirth or being able to talk your girlfriend into her third consecutive abortion?

The biggest miracle is that you found a girl who was willing to sleep with you more than once. Well done. Perhaps it might be time to consider condoms though.

Is it really that big of a miracle to feed 5,000 people with 3 fish and 5 loaves of bread?

It's not hart to feed them at all. The Catholics have been doing it for years. How thin can a wafer be sliced? And three white sharks will make a hell of a lot of broth. If you toss half a peanut to an elephant, haven't you fed the elephant? If the sign says, "Do not feed the elephants and someone in authority sees you hand that half peanut to the elephant, do you think you can argue that it was only half a peanut before you are asked to leave the zoo?

POLL: What was the biggest miracle that happened to you?

My miracle daughter being born, after two years of trying and a miscarriage.

What's a miracle and why do you need faith to accomplish it? Is not life the biggest miracle?

True "miracles" don't exist, and no, life is not a miracle, it's a product of natural processes.

Miracle? Big liars extorting each other to spill the truth, plus, in history as now "honorable".?

I like your pic, it's pretty creepy.

Isn't the Big Bang the equivalent of a miracle? Miracles Feasible?

let's assume that you were part of a stone age tribe out in the wilds. a plane flew overhead, and dropped a mirror, which shattered when it hit the ground. you could reassemble the mirror. you could see where all the pieces fit together. but you would have no knowledge of how the mirror came to be in the first place. just because you do not understand something does not justify a "God did it" explanation. If that's what you'd like to think, have at it. however, do not expect your desire to believe in God to inspire others to abandon their attempt to understand the universe in which we live. The problem with "God did it" is that it doesn't lead anywhere. It doesn't challenge us to find a deeper understanding of our world. It doesn't lead us to understand how DNA works. Or evolution. Or global warming. Or earthquakes. All of those things, and many others are important. Once you put them on an altar, and declare "It's God's fault" you nullify the need for more research. The history of religion, unfortunately, is the suppression of science. I, for one, don't care to go back to that mental state.

Do you think Easter or Christmas is a bigger miracle?

Easter, 100%... Everyone believes at Christmas... Easter separates the true believers from the doubters...

Have you ever thought how big of a miracle the Exodus from Egypt was ???

Yes, it had to be a huge miracle. But that is only if it actually happened. There isn't a shred of evidence outside of the bible that the Jews were ever inside Egypt (although it could be likely a few could have been,due to is close proximity), there is also no evidence they were ever in the dessert either.

Anyone think they have encountered a miracle?

When my grandad had cancer and they were sure he wouldn't make it but he did! Love you Grandad! xxx

Is the fact that Joseph believed Mary's story about her pregnancy the biggest miracle in the bible?

Christianity: when lying about an affair gets out of hand.

Why do so many people who take whey protein think it's a miracle supplement and will suddenly get them big?

Because it's marketed that way. No body wants to hear the TRUTH about gaining muscle. It's time consuming, it's expensive, it's hard to do, and it hurts. It sucks.

If i am casted as one of the blind girls in the Miracle worker, how big is my part?

If you are cast (not casted) as one of several blind girls the only way to tell is by reading the script and finding out which girl you're playing. There could be no lines at all or quite a few.

When is God going to perform his next big miracle or does he not do those any more?

I think God wore himself out during Biblical times.

Why God doesn't Perfrom one Big miracle to make all the people belive in him?

The fact is we know they were really clever people. The whole point of religion is faith in something that cannot be proven by science. If we knew for a fact that it were true and had empirical evidence to substantiate it then we wouldn't need faith to back it up. I'm not a member of one of the abrahm religions, but I appreciate the faith that many of their members have.

Is the big bang considered a miracle or quantum physics?

Depends where you stand.. I believe in the believe in The BB theory..and all that comes with it..But i still fall under the category of "Christian"

What do you think is the biggest miracle that can happen to someone?

Most people think it is a Child birth

What is the biggest miracle in your family?

You have been blessed that your Aunt and Uncle survived that accident. I hope there dogs are ok also.The miracle that I have is that my oldest daughter made it through a heart problem when she was born I think about it every day. the docs told me she would not make it through the night but here we are 20 years later and she is still with us!! I truly know she is my miracle.

Does the ad for the film Big Miracle make you tear up?


Will Ross Tailor's big-men pull a miracle win in this all important QF?

I wouldn't say its a miracle. I would say they are 'Silent Assassins'. They wouldn't inspire hope in their fans before the WC, but they somehow always mange to reach the semifinals.

Has anyone witnessed a big miracle healing?

I have never seen one but I am answering cos I really like your avatar. Sorry...

Scientifically speaking , evolution is a big miracle or another fairy tail story?

Read This And Consider this Mysteries In Science The Young Age of the Earth The Origins of Life Creation In The 21st Century From Where did these Layers Come (From) 1 of 3 (Global Flood) Creation in the 21st Century - Overwhelming Evidence 1 of 3 Skull Fossils - As Empty as the Evolutionary Theory Neanderthals - Smarter Then We Thought Dinosaurs: Those Terrible Lizards Our Solar System: Evidence For Creation

Would the pope consider it a miracle if a big earthquake occurred to take the media attention off him?

He is not perturbed by the media attention in the first place.

How big of a role is Mr. Macy in the Miracle on 34th Street play?

My Macy is an important part of the story . He owns one of the largest department stores in NY. He sponsors the Thanksgiving Parade in the play. He owns the store when Santa visits with the children. He doesn't have too many lines. I would guess five at the most.

If people quit killing in God's name would that be a big enough miracle to make you religious?

I am already religious (a Christian). I do not believe people who say they are killing in God's name because I know better.

what's the music on the tv commercial for the movie big miracle?

there are two that I know of colbie caillat - brighter than the sun and Moth's wings by Passion pit

I purchased this miracle grow soil and it says do not use in pots, whay not? I have it in a big pot.?

It might have a soil additive that swells when it becomes saturated; I'd cut it with a little regular soil and have at it.

How big of a role is Susan Walker In the Play "Miracle on 34th street"?

I believe it is Susie Walker, the daughter of Doris Walker. If you have seen the movie then you should know that Susie is one of the most important roles in the play. The entire story revolves around 4 main characters: Doris Walker, the store manager, who has raised her daughter Susie to not believe in Santa, Fred, who is the love interest of Doris, and of course Santa(Kris Kringle)

By denying that the big bang occurred Are Creationists potentially denying God's greatest miracle?

Well, according to Father Georges Lemaitre, the Catholic priest who first proposed the theory, yes.

what was the big deal behind the 1980 winter olympics, "the miracle on ice"?

to put in context of another sport its like The Triple A team for the Pirates beating the 2009 NY Yankees ALL the USSR team members were in the RED Army (officers)...there job in the Army was to PLAY HOCKEY and most had been in Soviet hockey program since they were teenaged...the USA players were all very good college players, but were from several different teams...also this was a time that the USA as a country needed some uplifting (the economy was worse than now, we had Americans being held hostage in Iran, the Soviet Union was in Afghanistan [think about that for a second] and most people did not even think we had a chance to win any medal) and that is the funny part --after we beat the USSR we still had to beat Sweden (I think) to win the GOLD nobody ever talks about that game. Not sure how old you are...but I watched it as a a 13 year old who did not know anything about hockey and was very proud and I still watch hockey today.

Is Jesus walking on water a big miracle or a small miracle?

Walking on water became a wet miracle when he stepped on a mossy submerged rock. I refuse to dignify the last miracle with with a comment.

What will be god's next big time miracle?

I'm betting on another holy image on a sandwich.

What song is used in the commercial for "Big Miracle"?

The song is called 'Moth's Wings' by Passion Pit

What is the name of the song in the "big miracle" trailer?

This trailer... Moth's Wings - Passion Pit

what is the song called from Big Miracle tv ad?

did any of the whales die in big miracle?

It's hard to say for certain, since it's not out yet and we don't know if the director decided to change what happened or not, but if they don't then yes, the baby dies.

Mayo or Miracle whip when I make big mac sauce?

Use what you prefer the taste of, because that's the taste that will be in the sauce.

Does Carnival Miracle have a large big screen outdoor tv like their other ships?

No I don't think they do...:-( I went on that ship in May of 2007...I don't think they added one and it is not on their list of amenities.

What is that song called from "Big Miracle" tv commercial ?

What are the names of the three whales in the new movie Big Miracle?

What is the song in the "Big Miracle" movie trailer?

Colbie Cailat - Brighter than the Sun

1.618 is a golden ratio point (number ) can some one plz ask me what is really it.Is really big miracle?

English is not your "second" language, is it ? Φ [PHI] is the positive root of the equation x^2 - x - 1 = 0 Use the quadratic formula to find it... Look up Fibonacci's sequence. Look for the ratio of successive terms. You might want to repost your question.

Why is it such a big miracle for Jesus to change water to wine?

and have the Host of the party say it was the best they ever tasted? I don't think a powdered wine would taste better than the real stuff. Does koolaid taste better than real juice? Besides that he wasn't doing it to entertain a crowd he just happened to be there when a need came up and when all else failed, Mary knew to turn to him for some odd reason? Why is that?