Tell me what you think of these lyrics? Please (:?

ya i could definitely see this becoming a song! :]

Tell me what you think of these lyrics? Please (:?

I think you should rap about what you know rather than regurgitate what's already out there. That is, I've already heard this nonsensical "rap." And by the way, you contradict your line "I ain't rapping for the fame i just wanna feel welcome in this game" with your second and third verses. All in all, it's a weird mix of Drake and Lil' Wayne who, quite frankly, are awful rappers. Please aspire to something better than commercial sh!t. I'm sure you spent a lot of time on this so I'll applaud you for your effort, but I'll stand behind my thoughts that it lacks originality with its unnecessary cussing and poorly thought-up references (to other songs and some celebrities). Because of this, your personality is nonexistent, and you are easily replaceable and forgettable. These lyrics aren't deep--they don't cause one to stop and think about life in a new way or forge an emotional bond between the listener and you. Instead of genuinely writing for yourself, you're writing to your "haters" and "fans," which is where you and a lot of artists go wrong. Music should always be a means of escape and expression, first and foremost. I know you wanted to hear that these lyrics are amazing, and wow, this should be a song, but those are lies people tell you on here to get best answer or their 2 points. Rapping is a difficult art to master, just like many other pursuits, so I wish you the best of luck and hope you stay true to yourself. Peace :)

Tell me what you think of these lyrics? Please (:?

You've bitten a few lines from Drake I can already see, and I aint read it all It doesn't really flow that well man.. It may with the beat but not really just reading it like that

What was your favorite super bowl ad?

the chimps parking the cars

If Urban Meyer goes to ND, who will replace him as HC @ Florida?

Well you did your daily research obviously... But I'm sure tommy would love to be right back in the sec, but theres many better so doubtful. Jon Gruden doesn't fit&i believe spurrier or shanahan would be awesome. they are prolly the 2 best posibilities. and Coker is good also. dno't believe they'd be interested in Zorn,Stoops,Or Edwards. Mangino would get eaten by the gators. he is just a fat piece of shit that runs down the players every practice&game. i hate em. but he did great in kansas statistically. all he did was recruit. and last bowden is past his time. Gators will definitly seek a younger coach with a good resume. My bet is Spurrier. But first Meyers has to leave.

Tell me what you think of these lyrics? Please (:?

Well tried

Do you think the Chargers will be the team to beat in the AFC? Why or why not?

No. Reasons- Patriots, Steelers, Colts, Titans.

What are your predictions for the superbowl humor bets?

1:49 The Chicken Dance A shirt with a mini skirt 4 0 Budweiser

Is there any substantial proof that Obama is a muslim?

WATCH THIS CLIP AND WAKE UP. He said it himself-in this clip HE SAYS MY MUSLIM FAITH. What more do you people need to see the truth? Or are you being willfully blind? You better wake up before the election because if Obama gets in, he will DESTROY America.

tkdnicky76 help me again please =) [Indent]?

Wow! you are needy :) JK Super Bowl Commercials The USA Today Ad Meter ranked Super Bowl commercials on a scale from 1 to 10. Our group also ranked the commercials in the same manner. Many of the results were similar, but there were a few differences. Both meters had the Doritos Crystal Ball ad as the top result, with USA Today's ranking at 8.46 and our group's at 9.5. The Vizio ad had the worst rating from USA Today at a 3.77; however, our group rated the Budweiser commercial the worst with a score of 2.67. Our best and worst commercial lsit were similar to the USA Today Ad Meter; we both had Doritos, Bridgestone, and Bud Light in our top and Hyundai, Vizio and Toyota on the worst commerical list. Judging by the scores, USA Today rated funny commercials more highly so they must have been more popular. Our group also found that this year's automobile commercials were really unpopular. Another thing we noticed were that commercials advertising websites had increased and have become an effective way to promote products. In conclusion, the face of advertising has changed in recent years; the ads that were successful in the past (beer, cars, etc) no longer have the appeal they once had. Due to changing demographics of superbowl watchers (more women are watching for instance), advertising website products and concepts are gaining popularity. Maybe next year the traditional powerhouses of the beer companies and car companies will catch up with the times. that's an that what you are looking for?

Help me correct my paper?

It's a little wordy... The USA Today Ad Meter ranked the commercials that were on the Super Bowl ON a scale from 1 to 10. Our group also ranked the commercials in the same manner. Many of the results were similar, but there were a few differences. Both meters had the Doritos Crystal Ball ad as the top result, with USA Today's rating at 8.46 and our groups at 9.5. The Vizio ad had the worst rating from USA Today at a 3.77; however, our group rated the Budweiser commercial worst with a score of 2.67. Our best and worst commercial list were similar to the USA Today Ad Meter, we both had Doritos, Bridgestone, and Bud Light in our top and Hyundai, Vizio and Toyota on the worst commercial list. Judging by the scores, USA Today rated funny commercials higher so they must have been more popular.

Will the NFC North be a competitive division?

hugedaddy462 I think is about where I'd put them as well. Chicago is a Superbowl team. Vikings have a great D, just a not so great Offense. Greenbay are still young, but are growing rapidly. I expect them to win a superbowl in a few years. Lion are okay. Calvin Johnson MIGHT be one of those great in college, but then bust. Were not sure, but being a VIkings fan, I hope he's a bust. Sorry I said that Detroit fans, but being a Vikigns fan, I'm your rival.

solve a linear regression problem.?

To answer read your text book and use your head. You can do it!

Solve a linear regression problem.?

I would highly recommend doing stuff like this on a spreadsheet. You already have the numbers typed in (although I had to copy it to the notepad first so I could change (edit-replace all) the spaces to tabs. The spreadsheet will then do the requested graphs quickly and easily. (An xy chart with lines and symbols and a y-axis with a minimum of zero seems most appropriate.) Also, best fit (least-square) linear regression is built into most spreadsheets. Look up the functions SLOPE(y-range;x-range), INTERCEPT(y-range;x-range) and STEYX(y-range;x-range). The last is the "standard error" or the standard deviation of the actual answers from those predicted by the straight line. One might regard that as a measure of the "fit" of your prediction equation. (The smaller the error, as a percentage of the average y-value, the better!) Using the built-in slope and intercept functions, it is very simple to add columns for the values predicted by the best fit linear equations for all three graphs. You can also easily add these lines to your graphs by expanding the data range to include that extra column. This visual confirmation can be reassuring that the linear model is reasonable (and that the calculations were done correctly), without resorting to other measures of fitness (skew etc). Using "fill down" to extend your best fit line calculations into the future, you can easily answer the remaining questions (4 and 5). The standard error gives you some idea how far out these predictions are likely to be. The rule of thumb is that the actual value falls within one standard error of the predicted value (up or down) about 2/3 of the time, or within 2 standard errors about 95% of the time. If you are interested in the sum total over 5 or 20 years, remember that standard errors tend to partially cancel. The standard error of a sum of N terms, each with a standard error of E, will amount to only Sqrt(N)*E. The percentage standard error, P, actually decreases, becoming P/Sqrt(N). The standard errors have an interesting effect on the predictions requested in part 5. The prediction curve for the number of viewers first exceeds 100 million in 2026. However, assuming that the actual values are normally (and independently) distributed about the predicted values with a percent standard deviation matching the historical record, I calculate (on my spreadsheet using the NORMSDIST function) a 99% probability that the actual value will first exceed 100 million before 2026. The cumulative probability of exceeding 100 million first rises above 50% in 2015, with the most probably year being 2016. Using the standard of 95% confidence, we get that the viewers exceed 100 million in 2016, give or take 8 years (from 2008 to 2024). Keep in mind that the LAST time viewership drops below 100 million would have a similar distribution on the other side of 2026. On the question of validity, you should consider not only the standard error, but also mention the risk in making a 20 year prediction based on only 17 years of past data. Larger trends may be missed with such a small initial data set. Furthermore, predicting the future is always fraught with the risk of unforeseen fundamental changes in the underlying mechanisms of growth (especially when we are just crunching numbers with no regard to the underlying fundamentals). This would make a rather nice essay question. I wish I had time to do linear regression properly in some of my classes!

10 points for best answer!?

that song was by Rod Stewart...try youtube

A song the black eye peas sang in the super bowl?

It was Where is the Love - Black Eyed Peas I think that Fergie did a pretty good job

Who do YOU want to win the Super Bowl?

What was your favorite super bowl ad?

I liked the Groupon ad about Tibet! It made me LOL

What are your thoughts on Justin Bieber and his upcoming Super Bowl Commercial?

I don't care one way or another. After all, gays probably watch the Super Bowl so this will be a nice commercial for that demographic. I'll probably be in the head, taking a Bieber, when it comes on.

Did Jimmy Kimmel just create the best Pro-Women's Choice Super Bowl ad :)?

I love Jimmy! If you've ever bored, I highly recommend going to his Youtube page and watching all of the This Week in Unnecessary Censorship things. And yes, show that goddang Tebow. That kid really irks me. (((Samian)))

Poll: Who else think the super bowl bud commercial was just silly?

i thought they were all weak. And I'm really getting sick of the Etrade babies

what was the best ad on the super bowl ?

the coke one...with superdog and stewie battling over for the coke bottle but charlie brown gets it

Which was the best and worst Super Bowl 43 Commercial Ad?

best: Doritos where every time a guy takes a bit of one good things happen until he runs out worst: Career Builder

Best Super Bowl commercials-what do you vote for-I vote for the E-Trade Baby..hands down!?

E Trade Baby is always one of my favorites, as are the Clydesdales. I have a nephew about the age the E Trade baby is supposed to be and he always wants to play on the computer. Actually, I was not all that impressed by the commercials this year, but only saw the last 4 minutes of the 2nd quarter and the rest of the game, so I don't know if I missed anything in the 1st quarter that was better.

How do you like Justin Bieber Super Bowl ad?

I liked it. The fact that Ozzy was in there made it funny and entertaining. But since that was JB himself who said he 'looked like a girl' it made the commercial that much better. I have more respect for him now for having enough sense of humor to poke fun at himself.

What were the best super bowl commercials this year?

i liked this one bonus

The best suoer bowl Ad?

Etrade... baby puking on himself was too funny.

super bowl ads?

I thought the T-Mobile one was hilarious with Barkley and D-Wade. I think every one of us probably has someone who calls us way too much. I liked it WAY better than the ones that finished higher in the USA Today Ad meter.

Is the woman in the Progressive ads the same woman that did the Planters Peanut Super Bowl ad last year?

No...Flo in the Progressive Ads is played by Stephanie Courtney and the Unibrow woman in the Planters ads is played by Christa Woomer

Survey: Best Super Bowl XLIII ad?

the one where they punch small animals

Who Loved That Diet Pepsi Max Super Bowl Ad as much as I did? Any other Favorites?

it was pretty funny. i love that song, but it wasn't one of the more popular ones.

best super bowl commercial so far...?

All the Pepsi max one's.

Who won the best Super Bowl ad contest on TV last night?

Mean Joe kept his title as the best superbowl commercial of all time.

Best Super Bowl Ad, which one?

the blockbuster one with the mouse. it was funny as hell or the k fed one just becuase thats exactly how he is gonna end up

Buy or Sell: The Career Building was this year's Best Super Bowl Ad?

Buy Punching small animals, riding sea lions in the oceans, screaming and crying... One of the few bright spots for Super Bowl comercials yesterday... But I do have to give a shout-out to Miller High-Life and their 1 second ad around halftime...I thought that was unique...

Survey: What was the best super bowl ad?


whos going to have the best super bowl ad this year?

I don't know...maybe Coors Light...I'm sure we'll be talking about it after the game here on ol' Y!A. Stay tuned..............

What is the best Super Bowl Ad?

*slap* 1. get ya hands of mah mama 2. get ya hands of mah doritos *glare* lol haha never gets old