How would Holden Caulfield from the Catcher in the Rye view Bernard Madoff?

A phony. But then, Holden views a lot of people that way. Madoff's phoniness seems to have been brought to light, but Holden usually doesn't like phonies that tend to get away with their phoniness

Do you guys know other scandals similar to the bernard madoff scandal?

The original Ponzi scheme jumps out. Charles Ponzi done a similar fraud back in 1918-1920. You can check out Dona Branca, Nicholas Cosmo, Sergei Panteleevich Mavrodi, Lou Pearlman, Tom Petters, Reed Slatkin, Hakan Yalincak, Brian J. Smart, and Allen Stanford all ran similar schemes. I would go so far as listing most any pyramid schemes or the so called "airplane" clubs that were going around back in the late 80's.

Why Bernard Madoff had stopped investing money?

Greed & ego.

What do Republicans think of Bernard Madoff? I would think they would be proud. He is not some hard working $30 an hour union worker.

What do Bernard Madoff and Republicans have in common?

They belong in jail?

Would Bernard Madoff have made a better US President than Obama?

Go away fool !

Agree or Disagree: Bernard Madoff should be forced to listen to a constant recording of each of his victims?

He already knows I listened to an interview by this lady who wrote an in depth book about the crime. In a lot of ways he was a tragic figure.

How have you been affected by Ponzi schemes, such as Bernard Madoff's investment scam?

No I haven't.

How does Bernard Madoff is going to live in Jail?

It's likely he would commit suicide rather than live in prison, but of course, the press/media, at the urging of his family and associates, will tell us that he died of heart failure or some other health condition instead of the shameful truth.

What do people think of the Bernard Madoff 150 year sentence?

He should spend every minute in a solitary cell with one slice of moldy bread a day.