What current conflict does the berlin wall relate to?


why was the berlin wall had the most significant impact on world history?

It didn't have the biggest impact on World history at all. It had an impact but there are so many other things that are more historically relevant then the Berlin wall.

What happened to the Berlin Wall during the years on 1960 to 1964?

Well, construction began on 13th August 1961, and it went through two stages before it became a concrete wall in 1965 - it started as a wire fence and then was made into an improved wire fence in 1962. For more details about this period, and the whole history of the wall, check out the Wikipedia article as it is very comprehensive. Here is the link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berlin_Wall#Layout_and_modifications Hope that helps!

How did the Berlin wall impact our lives or our history?

The Bolshevik revolution took place in 1917. Berlin was still a united city in a united Germany in 1917. Germany and Berlin only became divided in 1945 (and then re-united in 1989). So the wall did not impact the revolution, since it came much later in history.

How did the Berlin wall impact our lives and our history?

So he sorta left ya hanging huh? Following the defeat of the Nazis, the Allies divided Germany into four zones, an arrangement that didn’t satisfy the militaristic interests of the Soviets. Following the Soviet blockade of West Berlin and the subsequent Berlin Airlift, the Federal Republic of Germany was established in the West and the Soviet-dominated German Democratic Republic was founded in the East. Eventually the Soviets reacted by sealing the border between East and West Berlin For the next 28 years the wall stood not only as a barrier to those seeking freedom, but as a symbol of the divide between East and West. So on the chilly evening of Nov. 9, 1989, the world watched as people danced and fireworks exploded and guards stood silently aside as they tore down that wall. And the world was changed forever. I hope you get an A! ^3^

How was the Berlin wall build and what machines were used?

initially it was barbed wire fence. Streets were bricked closed later. Then concrete slabs were brought in by truck and erected with small cranes. The wall was improved over time and became 2 walls with watch towers, mine fields, motion detectors, infrared cameras etc.

Berlin WALL................................?

The Berlin Wall was built with American-Russian consent. The official reason, on the Russian side was the "antifaschistischer Schutzwall", a wall that would never again allow a fascist regime to rule their territory. The real reason was that each day people fled from the Russian occupied zone to the American enclave, West Berlin, and the Russians wanted to put an end to that. The wall came down on 9th November 1989 when the GDR government announced on TV, by mistake, that the borders would be open for travel "from now on, immediately". People from the east and the west started tearing the wall down when border control couldn't handle the masses anymore. Rumor has it that it turned out, years later, that the army of the GDR had order to shoot, but commanders refused to fire at their own people.

Berlin wall?

The Berlin wall went up and was finished in 1961, and it divided the city in half. The East half was under the control of the East German communist puppet government. The communists were installed as government by the Soviets after the Second World War. The West half was controlled by the West German government, which was democratically elected. Between 1961 and 1989, there were several instances of East Germans trying to tunnel under the wall, climb over it, or go around it. Anyone caught trying to escape was arrested, and several people were killed in the attempt. In 1989, the wall came down, and East and West were reunified shortly after. Germany was no longer two countries staring each other down across a wall.

Berlin Wall.?

a) East Berlin (in communist East Germany) and West Berlin (a dislocated part of West Germany, a democratic republic) b) Built 1961, torn down 1989 c) East Berlin (and East Germany) was a very repressive nation in the Soviet mold, but even more repressive if that's possible! West Berlin and West Germany symbolized freedom. Watch the German movie Good Bye, Lenin, about an East German family that must maintain the illusion the Wall still stands to protect the fragile health of their mother, who goes into a coma before the wall falls and cannot be given any severe shocks after awakening. It's an amazing and funny film.

berlin wall?

from what I remember it was the Russians who built the wall to keep all East Berliners from leaving for the areas of Berlin controlled by Britain, France, and the U.S. history showed that you could not keep all physical objects out, look at the Berlin Airlift, just like later technologies of television and radio could not be kept out, but one must also not do is get too stuck on the physical border, it is important to think about the barriers and differences in thinking that emerged within the different Berlin or more broadly East European residents, one might say that in terms of the economy, politics, or culture that in some ways the Berlin Wall still exists