What was the name of the song that Benji's sister danced to on So You Think You Can Dance tonight?

oop! i found it...i had to delete my other entry so i could give this song to you, lol..its: "Dancing" by Elisa...

Why does Benji Molina get a ring no matter who wins?

There are no rules. It's at the descretion of the winning team to decide the personnel who helped contribute to their championship season. This includes front office staff, scouts, announcers, etc. In Molina's case, he was traded from the Giants to the Rangers in July because the Giants needed roster space to bring up Buster Posey. The Giants have said that Molina contributed greatly to working with the pitching staff this season. Even if the Rangers were not in the World Series and the Giants would win the WS against another AL team, Molina would be awarded a ring.

What was Benji Marshall thinking not going for the short kick off with only 2 and a half minutes left?

Skando - If Penrith wins tonight, Tigers will be 3rd. They needed to win to secure 2nd place.

Who wins So You Think You Can Dance Benji or Travis?

i was watching it all yesterday and 2day and my mtv channel went off to. but when i watched the tape i was recording it on, i found out the winner was BENJI!!!!! i wanted Travis to win but i like Benji too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What kind of breed (or mix of breeds) is the movie dog "Benji"?

Benji (a.k.a. "Higgins") was a mongrel blend of Cocker Spaniel, Poodle and Schnauzer. In the later 1970 movies, Benji was the son of the previous Benji (Higgins). The Benji from the 2004 movie was a terrier mix.

What movie has a alien dog that comes to earth and looks like a benji dog?


Is it true that Einstein was the dog in the Benji movies?

no that was played by martin short before he made it big with 3 aimgo's .

What is more effective in rugby? The Shane Williams sidestep or Benji Marshall sidestep?

Well if you think it only works one on one...search on youtube for Shane Williams and you'll see him sometimes beating 5 or 6 players. I don't think It's just the sidestep, but the complete unpredictability of where you're going to go, or what you're going to do. It must be combined with lightning pace, and a natural sense of awareness of what your opponent is going to do as well. I think there's very few players who have genuinely possess this trait - Shane Williams, Jason Robinson, Gerald Davies, Bryan Habana and a few others. Jonah Lomu was a one-in-a-million for a winger, he didn't need to sidestep. At 6 feet 5 and 19 1/2 stone...he could do whatever he wanted really, with the speed he had as well.

What type of herpes does Benji Bronk from the Howard Stern have?

"Sleep with" would indicate HSV2 (Genital Herpes).

How the hell do I tell the difference between Benji and Joel Madden(good charlotte)?

Benji is a little more hardcore then Joel. He has the snake bit piercings on his lower lip. That might be a good way to tell them apart. Also, congrads on getting to me them :)