how much can i have to open cafeteria in Cotonou Benin republic Africa?

You might be a good cook, but to lead a business sucsessfull, it takes a bit more. As long as you don't have a clue about how to establish a busubess, you should educate yourself first in this field or look for a business partner with some business knowledge. Do you know what are the legal requirements of the Republic of Benin to open up a business? How is any Y/A member suppose to know how much rent you will have to pay, how much you will have to invest for equitment, furniture etc. How many employees/worker you will hire, how much the Government costs will be, etc. Beside the investment capital, you should have a business plan first or hire a consultant.

how do i find phones numbers to hotels in benin, city nigeria africa?

Google them, most hotel contact nrs can be found on various websites. If you have no luck, try contacting the Nigerian embassy's tourist board in your country and ask them

Are there any myths for the country of Benin?

The myths of Benin are often repeated in various forms throughout the Caribbean due to slavery. The Vodou that is in Haiti today was originally transplanted largely from Benin. Aside from that the myths, religions and practices of Benin persist today. is a really good website that has a lot of stories and myths from Benin, as well as other parts of West Africa.

What does the name of Country Benin mean?

This information below is copied from the link at the bottom. Click on the link for more information about Benin. Name Benin During the colonial period and at independence, the country was known as Dahomey. It was renamed on November 30, 1975, to Benin after the body of water on which the country lies, the Bight of Benin, which had in turn been named after the Benin Empire. The country of Benin has no direct connection to Benin City in modern Nigeria, nor to the Benin bronzes. The new name, Benin, was chosen for its neutrality. Dahomey was the name of the former Kingdom of Dahomey, which covered only the southern third of the present country and therefore did not represent the northwestern sector Atakora nor the kingdom of Borgu, which covered the northeastern third .

What age do children in Benin start school?

Children start school in Benin at the age of six.

What's the best way to fly from Cotonou, Benin, to Dallas, TX?

try an airline maybe????????

When mailing a package to Republic du Benin what country should I put on the international shipping label?

Yes It's a country in it's own right. Ian M Correct spelling is Republique de Benin ( In French) or Republic of Benin (in English) You should avoid mixing the languages.

What re the Names of the Board Directors for Internantinal Bank Benin?

That's a name used in online scams

How do I call the Catholic mission in Benin?

There are 10 Catholic dioceses in Benin serving over 1.5 million Catholics. Each has a different telephone number> With love in Christ.

How much on average can a french frank in benin buy? What can i buy with 100 french francs?

First of all, a Frank is a member of a Germanic tribe that invaded what would become France in the 3rd-4th century. So you can't buy anything with one ;) Then, it seems you are a bit confused regarding currency. French francs was the currency of France up until 2002 when they switched to the Euro. Benin's currency is the CFA franc. 1000 CFA franc are worth around 2 US dollars, to give you an idea. The table on the right-hand side will give you prices for some basic food, per kilogram. For 100 fCFA, you can get 1 kg manioc or 500g yam. Those are the prices paid by a customer in a market, not a producer or a wholesaler. The page is in French, so if you're unsure what the food name mean, look it up in the French Wikipedia ( ), then click the link to the English page in the left-hand list :)