Have you seen the new movie "Paris je t'aime"?

I watched the movie and it surely is worth your time. Paris and its people have been very nicely depicted in the movie. Some stories are a bit abstract by generally it is worth your money and time...

does any one know the movie Believe ?

Try find here...

Is anyone out there old enough to remember Nineteen Sixties t.v. and weird enough to remember two very...?

I remember a show called "Coronet Blue" about a man who has amnesia and someone is trying to kill him but he has no idea who or why. Plot Summary for "Coronet Blue" (1967) More at IMDbPro » advertisementMike is running from some men when he falls into the harbour. He climbs out remembering only that he was running and the phrase 'coronet blue'. As the show continues from week to week, Mike tries to piece together clues as to his identity as individuals he refers to as Greybeards seem to be intent on killing him. Written by John Vogel {jlvogel@comcast.net}

Where can I find the movie "Fireball Forward" on the internet?

ovguide.com is great for everything and try watchmoviesonline.net

how famous is Ben Gazzara?

Is actor Ben Gazzara gay, or has he ever been linked publicly to anyone that is?

WHO's that and WHY is it important to you or anybody else for that matter to know who's gay and who's not! Get a Hobby!