Why haven't there been a new album from The Beach Boys since 1996?

There has not been a good Beach Boys album in 33 years. Brothers Brian, Carl, and Dennis Wilson were the heart of the band. Brian was (is) the genius, albeit a troubled genius, and has a successful solo career. Carl and Dennis are dead. The Beach Boys as they exist today are a touring dinosaur driven by Mike Love's greed. You can see them live, maybe have a laugh or two, hear the hits, but The Beach Boys are no longer an ACTIVE or creative band. I say thank God they have not released a new album in fourteen years. The world's ears could not bare another Summer in Paradise or Stars and Stripes Vol. 1, two of the worst albums of the 1990s and a disgrace to the memory of the true Beach Boys.

Do the beach boys have a monopoly game?

No, they don't. Which is too bad. They were a neat group.

what beach boys album do you think has been overlooked?

You wanted to know their most overlooked, right? Smiley Smile is their second greatest and their weirdest album. It was released after the Smile sessions had collapsed and is real mellow with almost zero percussion. The fact that it's been all but forgotten is totally tragic.

What do you think about the beach boys?

Senior Citizens... Do they do ads for Geritol now?

Who do you prefer, beach boys or the beatles and why?

The Beatles. The Beach Boys are great, but I love the Beatles because of how much their taste expanded over the decade they were together. I get more out of the Beatles' melodies and lyrics than I ever do with the Beach Boys. BQ: Twentieth Century Fox - The Doors BQ2: McCartney

Did the Beach Boys copy someone else's rendition of Cotton Fields?

As far as i know, the lyrics that The Beach Boys use are the same lyrics that Harry Belafonte used in 1958 in his version of Cotton Fields.

where can I get free sheet music to the beach boys song kokomo?

Sorry but you cannot get copyrighted sheet music for free!!

Help from NM! Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the New Mexico Version of "Kokomo" by the Beach Boys?


What is the name of the Beach Boys song that starts "She's one of those girls that seems to come is a dream"?

I'll bet you're thinking of "Younger Girl" by the Lovin Spoonful http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20091210133938AAySsIG This is a real coincidence because I was just messing around with this on guitar. : She's one of those girls, Who seems to come in the spring. One look in her eyes, And you forget everything, You had ready to say. And I saw her today, yeah. A younger girl Keeps rollin' 'cross my mind. No matter how much I try, I can't seem to leave her memory behind. I remember her eyes, Soft dark and brown. Said she'd never been in trouble, Even in town A younger girl Keeps rollin' 'cross my mind. No matter how much I try, I can't seem to leave her memory behind. [Instrumental break.] A younger girl Keeps rollin' 'cross my mind. And should I hang around, Acting like her brother? In a few more years, They'd call us right for each other. And why, If I wait I'll just die, yeah. A younger girl Keeps rollin' 'cross my mind. No matter how much I try, I can't seem to leave her memory behind. I remember her eyes, Soft dark and brown. Said she'd never been in trouble, Even in town A younger girl Keeps rollin' 'cross my mind. [Fade.] She's one of those girls, Who seems to come in the spring. One look in her eyes, And you forget everything, You had ready to say... Lyrics: Younger Girl, Lovin' Spoonful [end]

What's the remix of "California Gurls" by Katy Perry with the beach boys(i think)? played on kiis FM?

Hmm that sounds like fun but I think you should have a look at this.. I love this one.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kelUCEcdO8M

best album from the beach boys and the worst album?

Best Surfin USA/Pet Sounds/Smiley Smile Worst Summer in Paradise Cannot pick 1 best album i had to pick 3

Has anyone received their Beach Boys SMiLE box set signed by Brian Wilson?

I know that a couple of people at Brian's message board have reported problems-some with Damage there is a thread from the site Administrator on this subject http://www.brianwilson.com/cgi-bin/community/viewmessage.cgi?r=13200823642438217150&l=level2 http://www.brianwilson.com/community/index.html

I'm really into the Beach Boys, that kind of old school rock and roll, can you suggest others i may like?

Here are some groups and singers from the time period you're asking about, that are, or might be within the sounds you're looking for. The Angels, Marcie Blane, Laura Branigan, Bread, The Byrds, Roy Brown, Johnny Burnette, David Cassidy, Shaun Cassidy, The Carpenters, The Cars, The Chiffons, Petula Clark, The Clovers, The Coasters, Eddie Cochran, The Clovers, The Coasters, Eddie Cochran, The Crickets, Bobby Day, The Diamonds, Dion Dimucci, The Fleetwoods, Frankie Ford (Sea Cruise), Annette Funicello, Dobie Gray, The Honeybus The Honeycombs, Isley Brothers, The Kingsmen, Lovin’ Spoonful, Frankie Lymon, The New Seekers, Sandy Posey, The Romantics, The Royal Teens, Bobby Rydell, The Shirelles, Neil Sedaka, The Seekers, Seels & Croft, Sha Na Na, Del Shannon, Paul Simon, Simon & Garfunkel, Small Faces, Nancy Sinatra, Richie Valens, Bobby Vee, Neil Young.

what genre is surfing usa by the beach boys?

Surf Rock http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Surfin'_USA_(song)

New bands with The Beatles or Beach Boys style vocal harmonies?

A few not new, but I guess somewhat current bands you might like: The Apples In Stereo, Belle & Sebastian, Badly Drawn Boy, Eels...

Im going to see The Beach Boys Band tomorrow?

You most likely won't see Brian Wilson. You will probably see Mike Love and Bruce Johnston. Al Jardine also tours under the Beach Boys name. All of them include family members of some sort.

What song is a peoples favorite by The Beach Boys ?

I get around God only knows I don't particularly like "Surfin' USA".

Which members of The Beach Boys are dead?

dennis wilson in 1983 from drowning,although he was drunk at the time,so his cause of death was ruled "death by misadventure",created big problems with his insurance company when it came time to pay death benefits to his family!dennis was actually buried at sea(his family had to get presidential permission because under normal circumstances civilians aren't allowed to be buried at sea) carl wilson in 1998 from brain and lung cancer! many have said that when carl died,the beach boys died with him because shortly after that al left to create his own group that would eventually be known as endless summer and brian had been out of the band for awhile anyway with his own band the wondermints! the only beach boys left are mike love and bruce johnston who tour to this day as the beach boys and largely as a nostalgia act(though they've actually been touring as a nostalgia act since endless summer came out in 1974,but i'd digress) hope this helps! Colin

Any songs or bands similar to the beach boys style?

Jan and Dean

Apart From Pet Sounds, What Is The Best Beach Boys Album?

PS is the apex in my and most opinions it seems. My second favorite album by them is "Surf's Up" (1971). Smiley Smile is the product of the unfinished "Smile" work that Brian Wilson was planning. Overall it is interesting but only a few great tracks, "Good Vibrations" and "Heroes and Villains" are the best, but "Wonderful" and "Wind Chimes" are fantastic and essential too. There are other decent tracks on it too, imo it's underrated. The best pre-PS material imo are the albums "Today" and "Summer Days (and Summer Nights)" also the "Surfer Girl" album is their first good one, imo. The title track and "In My Room" are classic ballads. At least have those two. Other good ones are "Wild Honey", "Sunflower" and "Friends" all from post-PS era. "Holland" isn't a great album overall but has one of their best songs ever in "Sail on Sailor", "The Beaks of Eagles" is pretty cool too. BQ: The Beach Boys are too good to be called that, except their first few albums really. But I'll rank Dick Dale a bit above Surfin' USA :P (I can't really even call the "Surfer Girl" album "Surf Rock"... it's just not the same style by that point, they were already evolving into something else). BQ2: Not sure, I have a long list tho, perhaps "Equilibrium".

where can i get a beach boys poster?

music store? online poster store?

Beach boys Smile sessions box set in dubai?

Virgin Mega Store @ Dubai mall / Mall of Em. / Bur Juman Mall / Deira City Centre If they don't have it in stock they can order it for you

Which Album do you like more: The Beach Boys Today or Smiley Smile?

Hmmm, hard question to answer. But, I'd go with Today! Tracks such as Do You Wanna Dance?, Good to My Baby, Help Me, Ronda(even though I prefer the single version which can be found on Summer Days and Summer Nights), Dance, Dance, Dance (love Brian's awesome falsetto), Please Let Me Wonder, Kiss Me, Baby(such a good make up and make out song), In the Back of My Mind(great Dennis track)

What band is this... they have a similar sound to the beach boys?

http://www.last.fm/music/The+Beach+Boys/+similar?page=1 <--- pages upon pages of bands similar to the Beach Boys. "S" is not enough to go on, and that's only a "maybe" anyway, so maybe you should browse these until you remember.

Did anyone here see and hear the Beach Boys play on Dancing with the stars?

thats funny I thought the same thing, I thought they were singing from the grave. like with one foot in the grave. it wasn't good. hey beach boys at some point you have to quit and retire.

What Is your Favorite Beach Boys Song ?

The whole Pet Sounds is a great album and I like Fun Fun Fun, Hawaii, Little Honda, Surfin USA, Surfin safari, Wild honey, I get Around, and of course good Vibrations. Oh, and Let Him Run Wild

What is the song called with Beach Boys?

Could always do a Yahoo or Google search for "songs that have the beach boys in it"?

Kevin Love of UCLA basketball is related to the Beach Boys Mike Love?

Kevin Love is the nephew of the Beach Boys' Mike Love. Kevin's dad, Stan Love (Mike's brother), played in the NBA and ABA. http://www.nba.com/historical/playerfile/index.html?player=stan_love http://www.basketball-reference.com/players/l/lovest01.html Mike Love is a cousin of Brian Wilson, Carl Wilson and Dennis Wilson. It is indeed rare for a family to have that kind of talent in two different fields.

Do you think Brian Wilson will ever tour with the Beach Boys again?

I HIGHLY doubt Brian will ever tour with Mike again, and if he does it won't be anytime in the near future. You can never say never with him though. The first concert I ever went to was the "Beach Boys", unfortunately it was Mike Love (& Bruce) not THE Beach Boys. It was shorty after Carl died, and the commercials they played had Brian, Carl, Al, & Mike (& Bruce) riding in a car. Needless to say when I got there I was pretty disappointed to see just Mike (I didn't know who Bruce was at the time, ah the good ol days, lol) and no Brian or Al in sight. The concert was, in general ok, but no where near Beach Boy standards. Had I known then what I know now about how Mike trashed and exploited the band and how terrible he treated his cousins I would have never gone. There is no "legendary group" anymore. The Beach Boys as a band died with Carl & Dennis. The Beach Boys were the Wilsons. If I were you I would save your money and wait til Brian comes to your area. The last concert I was at was Brian's. His current tour is pretty amazing. You can certainly tell it's the same guy teaching the Wondermints that taught the Beach Boys. You couldn't get any closer to the orginal records unless Denny & Carl were there. I've been to alot of great concerts, but Brian's was definitely the best. A recent article: Unfortunately for Beach Boys fanatics, two-fifths appears to be as good as it's ever going to get. Wilson's brothers Dennis and Carl are dead, and legal battles with first cousin Love have pushed even the notoriously forgiving Brian to the breaking point. When asked if it's still possible to have friendly relations with Love, Wilson replies, ``Not really too easily, no.'' When asked about the chances of a reunion, he says, simply, ``No chance.''

How prevelant are gigolos/beach boys in the Caribbean?

Interesting how some people have not noticed this phenomenon. It was well documented in books and movies causing a sharp if temporary increase in tourists to the islands. I have seen it on Store Bay in Tobago in particular where young local guys strut up and down the beach, making small talk with tourists and then often going off with them.

Which Beach Boys song is played at California Adventure?

if it was a xmas one it could have been Old st nick

How many of the original Beach Boys are still alive?

Out of the original lineup, only 3 are alive: Brian Wilson, Mike Love and Al Jardine. Other members who joined later on such as David Marks and Bruce Johnston are still alive. Dennis and Carl Wilson are both dead. Dennis drowned in Marina Del Ray in California in 1983 and Carl died from cancer in 1998. The current touring Beach Boys is comprised of Mike Love and Bruce Johnston.

What band is this, they had a similar sound to the beach boys, and older cd?

Jan and Dean maybe

What was the name of this Beach Boys documentary?

It was called The Beach Boys:An American Family and aired on TV in 2000

Do you think The Beach Boys are underrated?

I was glad to see this question posted. The Beach Boys are one of the greatest groups of all time. No doubt about it. I don't even know which angle of their talent to brag about. The harmony was incredible and the songs... they speak for themselves. I would have loved to been around during that time!

How old is this Beach Boys record?

It is from 1963! I love the song "Shut Down" from that album. I have many albums from the 60's in mint condition, you just have to take good care of them.

What is the font used for the Beach Boys' Summer Days album?

Hello Similar: http://www.whatfontis.com/Antiqua-Shaded.font or http://www.whatfontis.com/AxelsWoodTypesMK.font Alex

Do you think that pumped up kicks by foster the people sounds like the beach boys?

no. the instruments and background track are completely wrong and foster the people has an indie vibe while beach boys have a vacation rock sound

Are there any bands that sound similar to The Beach Boys?

I'm not sure! But I don't think you need to be answering serious questions about someones health (a 7 year old little girl) with things from Resident Evil games or movies.

what songs would be best at a luau party? we're throwing a surprise party for my mom & i have the beach boys

jimmy buffet, kenny chesney and alan jackson are good starters there are tons of fun country drinking/summery songs. if you are interested in country songs email me for a list

Kathy Triccoli made a video with the Beach Boys, who is the tall longhaird guy with the black cap in backup?

Matt Jardine, Al's son (heads up, there's 3 original BBs there; Brian Wilson, Al, & Mike Love)

what Beach Boys studio album and compliation album should i get?

Pet Sounds studio album Sounds of Summer: The Very Best of The Beach Boys compliation album

What is the song 'Heroes and Villains' by the Beach Boys really about?

Hi, I found this link in Wikipedia : The lyric for "Heroes and Villains" exemplify the allusive and playful nature of Parks' writing for Smile, evidently combining the experiences, feelings and preoccupations of both Wilson and Parks. Along with "Surf's Up" and "Cabinessence" it is lyrically among the most complex and ambiguous of all The Beach Boys recordings. The "heroes and villains" concept has often been suggested as referring to the conflicts between Wilson and the other members of The Beach Boys, but there are clear references to Parks' experiences as well. From what I can tell, it's a 'mash-up' of several songs, that's probably why the lyrics are so unclear. First thoughts : member of drug-smuggling gang falls in love with 'wrong' girl, goes in hiding in Mexico ? Sorry I can't do better, it's an intriguing piece of music though. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heroes_and_Villains Take care !

What is that instrument in the Beach Boys song?

Hello there, I don't know what it is, but I think you can see it at about 1:51 in the video here. Maybe you have a better guess as what it is. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7z8NRUFyN0&feature=related Later,

What are some fast paced songs by the beach boys that are more recent and are in movies, or are often heard?

Fun, Fun, Fun, (til her daddy took the T-Bird away) Beach Boys

What have the Beach Boys contributed to music?

Surf Rock/Psychedelic Rock they inspired bands with there vocal harmonies and lyrics which made their legacy good

What original members all tour with the Beach Boys on their current 2009 tour?

1st part has been answered. 2: Absolutely positively not. Mike Love is a despicable human being. (Some of the studio sessions from the 60's that have leaked out prove that without a doubt). He's gotten himself 'writing credits' via lawsuits on songs he didn't compose. To pay money to see a 'Wilson-free' BB show is to give monetary support to what he did to Brian, and to the bands output (imagine how music would be now if SMiLE was completed in 1967 & released then). Go see Brian.

How much for a signed beach boys album?

Priceless, I'd never sell it. There will never be more autographs from Dennis & Carl. I'd definitely hang onto it, then again I'm a huge fan. Easily 4 figures though, depending on authentication, coa, and all that jazz.

Beach Boys?

"I wanna pick you up" on the "Love You" album.

Beach boys?

The primary group comprised singer-musician-composer Brian Wilson; his brothers, Carl and Dennis; their cousin Mike Love, and friend Alan Jardine. This core quintet, along with David Marks and Bruce Johnston, were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1988. Dennis and Carl are now both dead. Their last LP that I can find reference to is: "Good Timin': Live at Knebworth England 1980" (November 26, 2002) Brother Records - US: #101 Tracks: Intro; California Girls; Sloop John B; Darlin'; School Days; God Only Knows; Be True to Your School; Do It Again; Little Deuce Coupe; Cotton Fields/Heroes and Villains; Happy Birthday Brian; Keepin' the Summer Alive; Lady Lynda; Surfer Girl; Help Me, Rhonda; Rock And Roll Music; I Get Around; Surfin' USA; You Are So Beautiful; Good Vibrations; Barbara Ann; Fun, Fun, Fun