Why Does The BBC News Website Allow Only Comments On Articles They Choose?

Their house, their rules. Get over it. I'm certain that there are hundreds of thousands of sites where you can make any and all comments you want.

How would I cite a BBC News article as a source in MLA?


Who was the Nigerian Artist Featured on BBC World News?

Maybe if you visit bbcworld.com you can get the information you're looking for.

What is up with the BBC News picture that keeps tagging everyone?

Why does BBC news care more about a cabinet member quiting than a soldier being killed?

Maybe people feel that joining the army isn't about individuals, it is about putting on a uniform, for uniformity. It must be hard for someone in the army to understand how detached and far away the army seems to most of us who don't know anyone in the army. It must be so hard for people who lose someone in the army to see it overlooked in that way, but then again it is the family and friends remembering that is most important.

Is it Nigeria or Uganda that BBC news said is still doing child sacrifice to bring blessings from the gods?

Uganda. They actually have something called the Anti-Human Sacrifice Police Task Force. As cool as it sounds, it's depressingly ineffective.

Where can I find that BBC News night episode that is talked about in the book 'Broken' by Shy Keenan?

you can find that episode on YouTube.

Can I use BBC news footage in a theatre show?

Yes you need permission, you will need to write them a letter...

Why is BBC News and UK mainstream media ignoring the Spanish protests and popular uprising?

Because the papers in their wisdom think we would far rather read about Ms.Cole being fired from a talent show in the US.! How shallow do they think the general public are?

Are there any US TV services with BBC World News?

You can get about an hour of BBC/US on the evening news with Matt Leher or Katty Kay. Your best bet is to get online as I do.

who was the EDL member on BBC news today?

Can't remember either but it was double-barelled and stupid sounding.

How can I listen to the BBC News on my computer?

Try this link http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/waystolisten/internet/#top

Who was the artist just on BBC World News?

I cant recall

what is the correct version of flash player to watch bbc news on my pc .i am a new user of ubuntu?

Why do news presenters on the BBC World news ALWAYS mispronounce the names of French Canadians?

Because they are English lol. I've been to Quebec(I live in Ontario), and they're English was of pronouncing stuff is different from us Ontario-ans. Who in Canada watches BBC anyways? Everytime I flip the channel to BBC, they are always talking about terrorist and Asians lol.

Who was the Ethiopian woman interviewed on ABC World News Tonight/BBC News today in Beirut?

I saw her tonight on ABC news. Do you mean the maid? That really hurt my heart when I saw her. I am thinking about calling the Ethiopian Embassy if there is such a thing here to try to help her.

With the new Yahoo home page, why am I getting only BBC News on my home page?

Click Add Content, and then click News and Media on the Browse Content menu. Pick the news provider of your choice, then delete the BBC News app (click the cross icon next to it) if you no longer want it.

The BBC News service is reporting that Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton may have been autistic. Thoughts?

What I've heard concurs with Angels. It's that their behavior was consistent with Asperger's sydrome (a form of very high functioning autism). No reputable clinician would actually state a diagnosis for someone who is long dead. It's something consigned to the realm of fun and interesting speculation.

How can you upload photo's to the BBC NEWS place?

listen to the news they normally say if yo would like to share pictures with us please email to****

Conservatives: What do you think about this BBC News analysis article on Capitalism?

Marx was wrong because the system he came up with did not take in to account human nature. In the former USSR a janitor could make as much as a doctor. the so called each "Each according to his needs" if you will. What Marx did not account for was that most people will look at such a situation and say screw putting in the work to be a doctor if I can I can do just as well sweeping a floor. So why does capitalism work. Because with few exceptions people are self centered, arrogant and greedy. Capitalism plays on this fact. The whole notion of "keeping up with the Jones's" is the perfect classic example. The article fails to truly address this fact. Other than that it was a very interesting article. So capitalism works because of greed. Greed is not a good thing and if there is nothing to check greed than we end up in an economic crisis like we are currently in. As such the article could have made the distinction between a capitalist economy with limited regulation compared to unrestrained and unregulated capitalism which we got from decisions dating back to the 70's

Is New Zealand really going to be part of Australia, as the BBC News suggests?

How would i feel about that? I would get all my guns and shoot all the Australians. Hahahaha. It's not going to happen, no way. Never actually. We're Kiwis! Proud of heritage. An independent country from far away.

Is it true that Robert Preston is leaving BBC news?

Robert Preston may leave BBC... but no one is inevitable

Do you hate the irritating background music that the BBC plays on its television news channel?

Hey Sam , email them and tell them your concerns. They are open to hearing from their viewers and want to make it better so let them know. Who knows it might change. We had the same thing here with our weather channel that had really obnoxious music . So I wrote to them and within one month there was really nice soothing music on . I don't know for sure if it was me or just a coincidence but it worked. Try it.

What's the difference between BBC News 24 and BBC World News?

BBC News 24 is the 24 hour news channel for the UK. BBC World News is the 24 hour news channel for worldwide consumption. A number of scheduling differences separate the two, but the outputs are otherwise similar.

Do you like this article I wrote for the BBC News website re gay rights and how it is portrayed in film?

Great article Trev. Like the fact that the movie portrayed gays as real people and not a bunch of sex crazed fairies dancing around with lisps and bright colored clothes. As always your my hero Trev!!! Tim

What satellite/cable providers have the BBC World News channel?

There is buzz about this product in the market. Although it is of the interst for every indidual but best is available at http://www.magghu.com/go/satellitedirect . You may refer it and get the best you need.

What is the oldest story you can find on the BBC news page?

Budget 96' !!! http://www.bbc.co.uk/budget96/live/271196.htm

Who thinks BBC News should have a newspaper?

Newspapers are dying, to open a new one would be financial suicide unless there was a serious backer behind it. And seeing as the BBC is licence fee funded, it would be our money down the drain. Plus a lot of an average newspapers funding comes from advertising, and the Beeb isn't allowed to advertise, at least not in the UK.

Looking to get the BBC News Sport on my website using RSS feeds?

Free Online RSS Feed Makers... http://jade.mcli.dist.maricopa.edu/feed/index.php?s=build http://www.feedburner.com/fb/a/home http://www.rssfeedsgenerator.com/ http://www.site-reference.com/rss-parser.php http://www.make-rss-feeds.com/rss-tags.htm http://www.site-reference.com/syndicate.php http://www.wotzwot.com/rssxl.php FeedBurner seems popular. Ron

Why does the BBC News graphics look so crap?

If you think that is bad try Sky!!! They must surely be the most technically inept TV station in the world. Surely even third world countries can put up a headline with the correct text and photo and not get them all mixed and matched. And signs, pound signs and Dollar signs are usually all wrong. Adverts are often without sound - but I do not mind that!!! If there was a prize for technical incompetence they would win it hands down every year!!!

Why is BBC World News now available in the United States? This is disgusting?

Freedom of the press, my dear. And you do realize that the Brits are our allies?

Who was the 57 year old man on BBC news who sleeps with his passport under his pillow?

Thomas Paine

Why does the BBC News site put news from the Republic of Ireland into the Northern Ireland section?

Yeah I've noticed that too. It's probably just because there hasn't been enough newsworthy happenings in NI to fill the page, so they then put the ROI stuff on.

What was the wedding dress shop featured on BBC News today?

I didnt see news, but the item is on the website, you might catch it if you watch again http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7470588.stm

BBC news feature claims growth in wild deer population is leading to decline in songbirds?

That's horrendous. What it boils down to is punishing the deer for having responded well to the establishment of green corridors. Which I recall quite clearly, were established in the first place to ensure the survival of species such as wild deer. I've rarely seen a deer tearing apart a songbird.But the tabby next door to you probably has a body count in the hundreds. And I'd suggest a few property developers might have some culpability in the issue of habitat loss an' all.

How to understand BBC and CNN news on TV?

Alot of online news stories you can listen too OR read. Try printing the read version and reading it AS you listen, like a script; also reading things out loud, that will help you associate the written with the auditory. This works especially well if you take turns reading the same book with a friend, you can listen and follow along as they read and vice versa.

Why is BBC World News now available in the United States?

Are you just posting the same questions in different sections? You do realize this costs you anywhere from 3-5 points, depending on how you decide for Best Answer? To answer you question: Freedom of the press, my dear. And you do realize that the Brits are our allies?

I want to show a live feed to the bbc online live news internet channel from my website?

usually there is a RSS feed to link to a site from a site in your icons at top do you see Feeds(J) go to bbc live and click this and go to your site and find usually on the left a place for feeds to be shown

Why does the BBC News website feature American stories on the front page?

Maybe you are just in the international version of BBC's web page. I don't see the problem w/ a story about Obama and health care on the front page (and yes I've seen it). Many major newspapers have stories from other countries on their front page. Actually here we do have stories about the UK on the 'front page'--if that's what you want to call it-- here; especially on sites like Businessweek.

Why are ALL of my bookmarks linking to different BBC news articles?

You probably have a virus. Try installing Malwarebytes and see if anything comes up.

BBC News says that a pilot is in prison for praying instead of taking emergency measures during a plane crash?

I agree with the fact that he is in prison. Prayers are fine, if action is not required of you. As the pilot, who has the primary responsibility to act, he failed to act appropriately. He is responsible for the consequences.

Thoughts on BBC News article that says European Muslims are more loyal to their countries than general public?

Yes European Muslims are not fat

Where do i go on the internet to watch TODAYS bbc news?

If you're in the UK use the iPlayer: http://www.bbc.co.uk/tv/ edit: if it's local news google the programme, ie: BBC South East news and you can watch it from there.

How would I know if a photo sent by me to BBC news site is published or not?

It would be normal for them to inform you, because of copyright reasons.

Why is the font so small on the bbc news website with the firefox browser?

Hold down Ctrl and tap the + key... Ctrl - to undo that.

how does the bbc news start when talking about financial side?

start of with the word WARNING that will draw everyone right to your words

Where can I download the BBC News jingles from?

the internet has them

How does bbc news start when talking about financial side?

You could start by saying. "We all now that it has been a bad financial year for all of us". or The financial crisis has seen the worst of most people, ....

bBC NEWS!!!?

Online at bbc.co.uk or on the interactive if you press the red button.

bbc news ?

Hi Try the composer's website www.davidlowemusic.com If you sign up into the member's section there are also various special mixes of the BBC News theme. Hope this is what you are after