Are there a lot of national/world news reporting jobs in the San Francisco Bay Area?

SF has only one large newspaper, the Chron, and it's struggling. SF is about the 18th market in the US for TV and is not a large center for national or world news. In CA, the large center is LA.

NBC Bay Area: Seven glaucoma patients have been informed that they may have gone blind due to improper care?

Sorry, I don't, but expect that kind of horror story to multiply by the thousands if the government takes over health care.

How do I get Fox News Sports/Bay Area on the PC??

Sigh. IF you mean internet Tv, then you cant. Only why is to physically connect your cable to your pc using a video capture card. fox news sports is avaible online, but in text format with pictures and little video sample pics. btw i also live in the bay area ^^

This is NBC Bay Area News. This question is for people who live in East San Jose.?

I wish I could help you, but I live a long way from there. I'll star your question, maybe one of my contacts knows something.

NBC Bay Area News is looking for someone in the Bay Area who has eaten Nestle Toll House Cookie Dough?

where can we meet?

NBC News Bay Area. A plane crashed into the Hudson River. Does anyone have friends or family who were onboard?

No, but you can quote me saying that I will NEVER fly anywhere again. As a journalist, don't you think family/friends are on the phone or at the airport now instead of calmly answering questions on Yahoo??? ETA: My sister works at KTVU.

Where do I find NBC 11 News: Bay Area news clip?

It is probably not available, however you could contact NBC news 11 directly, and ask them, if it is they will give you a link, however It is doubtful that it is.

Best way to stream San Francisco Bay Area news?

Does anyone know any good Twitters for CA bay area news?

KTVU contact 36

are there any bay area news channels that are non-biased?

You're referring to the SF Bay Area? The closest you'll come would be NPR or other publicly funded news. Fox is way out there, and the other networks are very mainstream and overall conservative. Even the SF Chron. is very conservative, a Hearst paper with a couple of token liberal columnists.