Barry Bonds the best ever to play the game?

You are only looking at batting stats but he not a great fielder. He kinda sucks out there (now at least.) I personally dont think he's on or ever took steroids. even if he did take them it would be in the 90's making it LEGAL. Perjury charges will be the only thing to keep bonds off the homerun record, but an injury will also do it.

How much is a Barry Bonds piece of worn jersey card worth?

I'd have to say about $20-$40 right now with only a piece of his jersey. If it was autographed with a jersey piece, it would rise up to $75-$100. Limited edition jersey cards with "out of #XX" serial numbers are worth close to $75. I had a "10 gem mint" Beckett Graded Topps Barry Bonds card with an autograph, limited edition # to his jersey number 25, and a jersey piece in it and sold it on EBay for $4,500. It all depends on what type of insert card you pulled and if it is a limited edition.

How many times did Hank Aaron go to the playoffs in his career as oppose to Barry Bonds?

Hank Aaron was a three-time participant in the postseason (1957 and 1958 World Series, 1969 NLCS), while Bonds was in the postseason at least seven times (1990-1992 NLCS, 1997 NLDS, 2000 NLDS, 2002 World Series, 2003 NLDS). Aaron has a World Series ring from the 1957 Braves winner.

Why is Barry Bonds singled out for steroid use and not all the other guys who have used?

I believe that he is having trouble not only because he used steroids but because he lyied and misslead the investigation when he was questioned about it.

How much should I sell Barry Bonds rookie card for once he breaks the record?

If the card is in Mint condition -- seriously as close to perfect (sharp corners and edges, well-centered, no surface abrasions) then get it graded by PSA or BGS. If it scores a 9.5 or (don't hope for this) a 10, it'll be worth a LOT more. Bonds' rookie cards were released during the late-80s card glut, when print runs were calculated by forests cut down. There's more than enough Bonds cards, so it has to have something rare about it -- the imprimatur of extremely high good condition -- to command serious interest. Also, sell soon BEFORE he passes Aaron, because that's when the market frenzy occurs. Once Bonds hits #756, well, metaphorically that's the time to light up cigarettes and see what's on TV.

How can you ban Pete Rose for life but still let Barry Bonds corrupt this great game?

Amen.... everyone is going to say this and that about rules in the books and blah blah blah.... No-one will deny that Pete Rose was wrong in doing what he did BUT his individual stats were NEVER compromised or questioned. He obtained those stats ALL on his own.... The books will open up for him. Especially if all these other drug clowns make it in.

I caught what could be the last ever baseball hit into the stands by Barry Bonds (a fould ball ) Any value?

No, even if it is authenticated and autographed, Bonds is not very popular with fans, because of his caustic personality.

whats the chance Barry Bonds get at least a hit?

This is binomial distribution. The formula is P(exactly x hits) = 5Cx * p^x * (1 - p)^(5 - x) where 5Cx is the choose function. So, by the formula: P(0 hits) = 5C0 * (.37)^0 * (.63)^5 = .0992 P(1 hits) = 5C1 * (.37)^1 * (.63)^4 = .2914 P(2 hits) = 5C2 * (.37)^2 * (.63)^3 = .3423 P(3 hits) = 5C3 * (.37)^3 * (.63)^2 = .2010 P(4 hits) = 5C4 * (.37)^4 * (.63)^1 = .0590 P(5 hits) = 5C5 * (.37)^5 * (.63)^0 = .0069 A) P(3 hits) = .2010 B) P(at least 1 hit) = 1 - P(0 hits) = 1 - .0992 = .9008

How much money has the govt spent on the Barry Bonds investigation/trial?

I've been lookin for this too - in a few of them all I can find is figure between 10 - 50 million....of federal tax money. best part is he probably won't get any serious jail time, maybe house arrest, fines or probation. love this country :)

Will Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds get into the Hall of Fame after they were found guilty of steroid use?

The answer to your question is not a simple one. Right now it appears that both players used steroids prior to the implementation of the drug testing plan and before in was banned by MLB. It could turn out that MLB will do nothing to these players that will keep them from their eligibility into the HOF. However, they still have to be voted in and the writers that vote players into the HOF might not vote for them if they are found to have actually used the drugs. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Do you think Barry Bonds should opt out of being inducted into the Hall of Fame if an asterisk is added?

I remember Gerry Templeton, shortstop for the St. Louis Cardinals in 1980. He said of the All-Star Game, "If I ain't startin', I ain't departin'!" Well, he departed - for San Diego, for a little-known shortstop named Osborne Earl Smith. The rest, they say, is history! The moral of the story: Barry, don't let the door hit ya, where the good Lord split ya! The more he whines, the less likely he's going to get elected in the first place. Personally, I hope they keep him off the ballot for a few years just for spite! LOL

How many career home runs will Barry Bonds hit?

790-795 is my prediction. I'd like to see him get 800, but I don't know if he can get 38 HRs, especially if he gets signed to another team with no good hitters in the lineup to protect him. Will he retire after 2008? Only Bonds can tell you that. I think he's good for another 3-4 years at DH. It all depends on who wants to have him around and if he wants to just spend time with his family. I think if he wins a World Series next year, he might retire.

Why do the media and all sports networks help the MLB get rid of Barry Bonds?

First, your assertion that baseball "is officially overrated" is totally absurd!! Who, for example has made that decision "official"? Secondly, the media nor anyone else is trying to get "rid" of Barry Balco Bonds. They are attacking his use of steroids, his dishonesty, and his allowing his trainer to take the rap for him. Bonds discredits himself, and NO ONE fears his "secrets" being told. He is so deep into dishonesty and steroids that no one will believe him anyway. Chow!!

Does anyone know what happened to Barry Bonds the Baseball player?

He retired and went to stereoid heaven hahaha

If Roger Clemens is guilty should he have the same fate as Barry Bonds?

I think that he will remain with the Yankees until he's indicted for lying to congress on Capitol Hill, if they find proof that he lied. The SF Giants did not "dump" Barry Bonds. They waited for him to file for free agency and did not act upon it by signing him or trading him when the deadline came and passed. Barry, not the SF Giants filed for free agency, releasing his own commitment to the team because they were on a season by season basis anyways. I believe that all of the records that Barry and Roger set will remain as such because there is no proof that the drug use occurred when the records fell. Both of them will definitely end up HOF'ers!

Does Barry Bonds still hold the record for homeruns?

MLB does not edit the historical statistical records except in cases of error or oversight. The stats are just that -- a record of what occurred on the field. Bonds hit 762 home runs, and 73 in the 2001 season. These are still the high marks across the history of the major leagues. Less enlightened minds will attempt to attach meaningless conditions. Futility IS a difficult lesson to learn.

What would an average price for a Barry Bonds rookie card be worth?

Value in dollars or in steroid doses?

Is Corey Patterson a better baseball player than A-Rod and Barry Bonds simply because they used steroids?

Better morally, but that doesn't really mean anything. This is the problem that comes with judging players from the steroid era, because even before he took steroids Barry Bonds was going to be a fantastic player as evidenced by his play as a Pittsburgh Pirate while he was skinny and didn't have a massive head. One can really only guess how much better steroids actually made these players, but it doesn't automatically put them at a skill level lower than the likes of Mitch Maier (no offence to him). For example, if I took steroids, I still would never make contact with a 100 mph fastball, so a certain skill level is apparent even in the players who took steroids their entire careers. The true talent of some of these players, sadly, will forever remain a mystery.

If Barry Bonds makes it to the Hall of Fame, should Marion Jones get her medals back?

Steroids were made illegal in baseball in 1991, so Bonds should not be in the hall of fame if Jones cannot get her medals back. Maybe both should be banned. -------------- "In truth, steroids have been banned in baseball since 1991 -- in a policy baseball officials made little effort to publicize"

Have the Giants actually rebuilt any of their offense since Barry Bonds retired?

The offense has died down a lot since the end of the Bonds era. The Giants have switched from an all-hitting team, to an all-pitching team. The offense is slowly rebuilding with young guys like Pablo Sandoval and Buster Posey making a name for themselves.

Why is a Barry Bonds Topps 1986 baseball card worth so little?

Trust me I feel your pain on this one... But the reason that card, and really all cards from this era are worth so little, are because so many of us really got into collecting in the mid to late 80's. People were starting to talk about how much cards from the earlier era were selling for around this time and things went crazy, companies like Fleer, Bowman, Upper Deck, etc. etc. starting popping up to compete with Topps who was king as everybody wanted to collect. Now, that is the reason that cards from the 80's and 90's pale in comparison to other years. Now, the other guy was right too about people not liking Barry Bonds, but the other thing that made card values across the board drop is eBay. We now see how many of each card actually exist out there and unfortunately its a lot more than we'd like. So prices of cards, unless you get them graded and they grad a perfect 10, aren't worth much.

What is the deadline to sign Barry Bonds?

in barry's case, i don't think there is one, because he is a free agent, but i think sept 1 is the date one must be on a roster to be eligible for post season (but i could be wrong on this in barry's case). And i agree--barry would no doubt poison the clubhouse--except maybe with the yankees--he would not be such a big cheese there, with derek and arod and everyone.

Do you guys remember which game Barry Bonds was intentionally walked with the bases loaded?

Barry Bonds was intentionally walked with the bases loaded on May 28, 1998. It has happened five other times in history. 08/02/1881 Abner Dalrymple 05/23/1901 Napoleon Lajoie 05/02/1928 Del Bissonette 07/23/1944 Bill Nicholson 08/17/2008 Josh Hamilton

Is it just me or does espn show favoritism for barry bonds and the yankees?

Nah man Barry Bond deserves RESPECT and the Yankees do to cause of the run their on!!!

How do you feel about Barry Bonds?

I like woman, don't get me wrong I like him as a friend.... he he seriously I'm not sure, it sure does cast a cloud over him, as does some of his comments and attitude in the past, but I'm not sure how much that bugs me.

Which team do you see Barry Bonds playing for in 2008?

either the Indians or Rangers

What if Barry Bonds never broke the all time homerun record?

Barry Bonds breaking the HR record killed my dog

What is the proof of Barry Bonds cheating and using steriods?

Barry is currently under investigation so the evidence that has been collected to this point is being kept secret. It won't be made public until charges are filed (or MLB decides to take action). He did appear before a grand jury and admitted to taking two products that were steroids but claimed others lied to him by saying he was told they were something else. His testimony was supposed to be secret too but someone leaked it to SF Chronicle reporters. The two links from Ummfada will pretty much get you up to speed on the issue... especially if you read several of the other SFGate articles too. BALCO, the company developing and selling the products was busted and put out of business. Five or six other Major League ballplayers testified they got their steroids through Barry. Barry got them from life-long friend, Greg Anderson, who pleaded guilty to drug dealing charges. Greg is now rotting in prison, refusing to testify. PS: The analogy of the guy traveling across country is fair. (at this point) We can see something is not right and someone if not telling the truth.

Why does anyone care whether Barry Bonds used steroids or not?

Well, because he's the face of baseball and the Homerun king. You always have to go after the top athletes. No one cares if, say Jim Sorgi used them. He's the backup to Peyton Manning, so no one would care. Now if say, Brette Favre (which he's not) were accused, then that would be a story.

Why are people unsure about Roger Clemens drug use but are certain Barry Bonds used drugs?

The suspicion around Bonds had been there for some time. His physical appearance was very different from when he started his career to when he was breaking home run records. Clemens appearance has not really changed. Bonds has had books written about him. The whole Clemens thing was sprung on us rather quickly.

Do you think Barry Bonds is disappointed for not winning a ring with the Giants?

I'm sure he's disappointed, but he's not regretting it. It's baseball not basketball. Unlike basketball, one person can't single handed will a victory like a Kobe or Jordan. He wasn't a road block. Look at his stats in that world series. He arguably could have been the MVP as a player on the losing team. I believe he was better than Glaus who won the WS MVP. He wasn't the roadblock, he didn't take out Russ Ortiz in a 5-0 lead with like 7 outs to go.

What exercise did Barry Bonds do to make his head grow?

He stuck a bunch of needles full of HGH (Human Growth Hormone ), which Major League Baseball dues not test for,in his rear end. For further info see book " Game of Shadows." His shoe size has also grown by 3 full sizes

Is Barry Bonds the smartest hitter in baseball?

I think it was a combination of experience and having a good eye from seeing so many pitches and pitchers fearing him. So many pitchers got behind in the count on Bonds trying to be to careful. Once they got 2-0 or 3-1 in the count they would usually walk him. If you look at Bonds stats you will see he drew walks like crazy. He was walked 232 times which is insane.

Why can't the guy that caught Barry Bonds record breaking home run ball keep it?

It's funny that all these "experts" on tax law have a different opinion, but the IRS has never said they are taxing him for it. The most sensible opinion I heard from a tax attorney was on the radio. He stated that right now the ball is worth basically the retail price of a ball, and would only be considered worth more if he were to sell it for more then that retail price. Then he would be taxed on what it gets in auction, not what the "perceived" value is. maybe my opinion on this isn't popular, but it's rather difficult for me to feel sorry for a man who will make a couple hundred thousand bucks because a baseball happened to come his way. The other thing I find funny is that he says he didn't want to sell it, that he would rather keep it to show his grandchildren, but yet he agreed with his buddy that if one of them got the ball, they would split the proceeds - 51% to the one who caught it, and 49% to the other guy. Does this sound like someone who wasn't planning on selling the ball? Or worse yet, did he enter this agreement with his friend hoping that if his friend caught it he'd get that 49%, but if he caught it, he would keep it and stiff his buddy? I think this guy has had his 15 minutes of fame, liked it, and is only trying to get more publicity. I wish he would just quit complaining about what a raw deal he got and sell the damn thing already.

How can I make my feet grow like Barry Bonds?

Get you some anabolic steroids and start shooting them into every pore you have. Go Dr. shopping if you have to, just like the pros do. That oughta work. It worked for him. p.s. Say bye-bye to your 'nads, they'll disappear just like your sex drive. ENJOY being a eunuch, but you'll have bigger feet.

Why is the sports fan who caught the ball from Barry Bonds' 756th home run being sent a tax bill?

Congratulations - you've just made this topic the most over rated topic in the history of Yahoo. The IRS has not sent him a bill, nor will they unless he sells the ball. Note that in all of the articles written about this, none of them has actually talked to the IRS, only to "experts". As many of these "historic" balls that have been out there the last few years ( McGwire's 70th, Bonds' 73rd, etc.) we have not yet heard of this issue before. The law has not changed since then, and none of those people received a tax bill from the IRS ubtil they sold the ball. This dude is just trying to get some sympathy. Sorry, but I can't feel sorry for someone who's gonna make the money he will just because a baseball happened to come his way. The guy said that he didn't want to sell it, but before the game he made a deal with his buddy that if one of them caught the ball, they would split the proceeds - 51% to the guy who got the ball and 49% to the other one. Does this sound like a man who didn't plan on selling it? Then he says that he hopes whoever buys it donates to the Hall of Fame. Why doesn't he just do that ? Then he wouldn't pay taxes on it because he could then deduct the value of the ball from his income. Sorry to say, but this guy is talking out of both sides of his mouth. He's had his 15 minutes of fame and liked it, so he's trying to get even more publicity. I'll be real glad when he sells the thing and disappears from sight with his money.

Do you think what Mark Ecko did to Barry Bonds' home run ball could be considered slander?

Yes, why not. Ecko is a clown. He looks like K-Fed's father.


Most sensible minded people are aware that Barry was on steroids and so were a lot of other players. Baseballs owners pretended like they did'nt know anything because it was good for business and look at what they've done. They owe Hank big time, bottom line is the owners and Selig are just as guilty as the juiced up players.

How is Shawne Merriman any different than Barry Bonds?

Bonds was on his way to breaking the most prestigious record in baseball and Merriman was just a defensive player of the year candidate. Merriman also admitted he did it and apologized to all his fans. Bonds has constantly denied the accusations as his huge head is slowly shrinking.

Why is Barry Bonds looked down more than other baseball players who was alleged to use steroids?

Because he is an arrogant liar, and because his record-breaking rampage did the most damage to the history of the game.

How much is a Origanal Barry Bonds card, after he dies If i waited a couple of years?

"...after he dies If i waited a couple of years?" WTF? I mean if he (Barry) was going to die in two years don't you think Canseco would be dead by now?

Since Barry Bonds has broken the homerun record, will the value of his baseball cards go up?

Baseball cards are only worth what you can get someone to pay and if he remains this unpopular I would say it is only downhill.

What is the difference between Barry Bonds fans and Patriot fans?

I agree 100%. They are both cheaters but for some reason everyone hates Barry Bonds and loves the Patriots.

How did Barry Bonds learn his exact steroid testing date months ahead of time?

Thats a great point. Idt MLB would do that or they wouldnt have allowed the Mitchell report to ever begin. Thats a very interesting point. If thats true though then they have sum explainin to do. The game of baseball will never be the same cuz of the "Steroid Era" Its my fav sport and everyone who doesnt know much looks down on it now. Makes me sick

Who the difference between Barry Bonds or Bill Belichick?

Bonds is a liar and a cheater Belicheck is just a cheater

Is Barry Bonds the most dominant baseball player in the 40 billion year history of the world?

Since the evolution of STEROIDS.


steroids?...why do you think he hit any on steroids?...has he tested positive any of the times that major league baseball randomly tested him? I know that they do actually test people because Darryl Strawberry failed many times...but i've never heard of barry bonds failing a drug test administered by his employer, Major League Baseball... weird assumption...its funny what people will believe just so that they can lessen the feats of others..without any PROOF or FACTS... for every person out there who claims that they "know" bonds took steroids, there is a person who can claim different... personally, without proof, people like you are just perpetuating the doesn't matter what you THINK he only matters what you can PROVE he did... steroids are illegal, and i don't see any police department arresting him... steroid use in baseball, administered by a doctor or not, is illegal, and i don't see barry bonds getting suspended or fired from his job... proof need proof...stop being brain dead sheep that are led around by a media and opportunistic conmen that are creating a story to make money for themselves...

barry bonds?

today? you think he will hit 56 HRs today? lol if he hits 800 in his career i will be surprised. at most he has one year left after this, where he will go to the AL and DH for a team that needs a bat. of course he will end up making ridiculous money for it, but thats only so he could get to 800. sure, hitting 800 homers wont be forgotten, especially from a guy like bonds. the whole steroid controversy will loom over his head forever, and if he does reach 800 that might make it worse. of course this is all until a-rod reaches 800 in about 8 or 9 years.

Barry bonds?

Anyone who calls Barry Bonds a cheater is uneducated in regards to baseball and are only spewing back what the media tells them. The reason the media is so hard on Barry Bonds is because when they try to get a rise out of him he ignores them or tells them they asked a stupid question. Important Things to know about Barry Bonds record: - He accomplished it in half the time it took Aaron - He has never cheated - even during the time he allegedly took steroids it was not against the rules in MLB - Despite the many times he has been tested, he has never been caught using steroids - Even if he was on steroids he still has outperformed any other player who was on steroids - There was no testing in Aaron's day, I don't suggest he used any sort of substance to enhance his play, but there is as much evidence of Bonds using steroids as there is of Aaron using steroids. The media has created a farce to persecute a great ball player simply because he won't talk to them. He refuses to follow their rules and so they bash him and the majority of the public have condemned him even though their has been no evidence. It is a disgrace the way people treat this record which is truly amazing and cause for celebration. He also holds the record for most single season homeruns He holds the record for most MVPs with 7 (the next closest is 3) He is the only player to have 500 homeruns and 500 stolen bases He has 8 Gold gloves. Barry is by far the greatest ball player to ever play the game, and unless he fails a drug test leave him alone and enjoy the show.

Barry Bonds?

I could care less. Personally I'd rather see someone like A-Rod break the homerun record.