2013 NFL 2 Round Mock Draft With Trades?

I expect Lions to trade down

First round NFL Mock draft your thoughts?

Terrible, simply because DT Shariff Floyd is projected to go as high as #3 and no later than #12 and you don't have him going at all in the 1st round. Also, nobody is taking a RB in the top 20 picks, nobody.

Detroit Lions mock draft. Your thoughts?

If we trade down to 12 I would prefer Tavon Austin or Chance Warmack, but for the most part I would be ok with that.

Is this a good NFL mock draft?

this draft is actually pretty good

Is this Mock draft good?

Nope. Geno Smith won't go that high, neither will Cordarrelle Patterson. Mingo won't go before Ansah or Dion Jordan. The Bucs no longer have the 13th pick, Green Bay won't take a TE, and Jonathan Banks is no longer considered a 1st or even 3rd round pick anymore.

NFL Draft 2013: 1st round mock INCLUDING TRADES?

Bears might be looking to trade down as well.

Who would you rather have?

I would take Demontre Moore, he has a lot of upside and also he can be put in almost any defense so he would probably fit the Jets best.

Thoughts on my 3 round mock draft?

Does LSU's Barkevious Mingo have the coolest name in College Football right now?

Its the coolest name ever. second to Whitney Mercilus. Thats what a quarterback should see on the back of the nearest jersey as he's lying on the floor-MERCILUS.

2013 NFL Mock For If The Draft Was Today?

I forgot the Redskins don't have a 1st round pick...

Posting this NFL mock draft so i can have it on my ipad?

I don't seethe chiefs taking Geno smith with the number one pick. If they decided to draft him they would trade down for more picks. I believe Manti T'eo is going to be the number one pick.

2013 NFL 2 Round Mock Draft Post Wildcard Round With Trades?

All wrong.. All wrong

Is this a good 2013 mock draft?

yes, but too many d ends in your first few picks, there will be a lot of offensive tackles picked that early and the d ends will go more mid 1st, i think the seahawks are looking at that dt on ucla or the d end on texas, the ravens will only pick teo if he runs a better 40 on pro day in my mind, and i think there will be another qb besides geno selected in round 1, maybe a suprise pick like barkley or something.

Which LSU DE is better Barkevious Mingo or Sam Montgomery?

Before the season, I would say Montgomery but Mingo is playing ridiculously amazing and could be in contention for the number 1 pick that isn't a quarterback this year not to mention, his name is Barkevious. BARKEVIOUS. There should be a rule that is your name is Barkevious you have to be awesome.

Better fit for Browns: Mingo or Jordan?

I would like to see them give Jarvis Jones a shot... Anything is better than what they have now......

My top 20 rookie prospects for the 2013 NFL Draft?

I like it but i think Shariff Floyd should be higher as well as Eric Fisher in my opinion.

New York Jets first round pick should be a.........?

If they aren't gonna give McElroy a chance next year then they should trade their number one pick and try to get a established Qb... None of the Qbs in the draft out of college will be worth a crap.....

What are some of the meanest NFL/ NCAA lineman?

I would say Jets Center Nick Mangold would be one of the meanest NFL O-Linemen along with his teammate D'Brikashaw Ferguson, there were opening all sorts of holes for Shonn Green & Joe McKnight to run through 2 weeks ago against the Colts allowing them to gain 252 yards on the ground, for D-Linemen, the Steelers James Harrison & the Lions Ndumakong Suh probably perceived as being the meanest & dirtiest. For College O-Lineman, my guess would be Luke Joeckel & Jake Matthews from Texas A&M as well as Taylor Lewan from Michigan & Barrett Jones from Alabama, for D-Lineman, probably Jonathan Hankins from Ohio State, Star Lotulelei from Utah along with Barkevious Mingo & Sam Montgomery from LSU

How good is this Y!A #1 Mock Draft?

I dont see the Bucs drafting D-line. They are set there and need help in the secondary. I also dont see the Giants drafting D-line either. For both teams that is their strength and they should be looking to help out in weak areas. Which for both is the secondary.

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How do you like my top 15 mock draft?

I like Dee Milliner going to the Browns....

What do you think of Yahoo's #1 NFL Mock Draft?

As usual, I will only talk about your top 10 because after that, there is a lot of debate on what can happen. I really don't think the Cardinals will take a QB in round 1. Their offensive line is an absolute mess and they need to address that in round 1. I think either them or the Lions, who lost both of their starting tackles, will take Eric Fisher. I think Geno goes to the Bills and the Titans take Chance Warmack at #10.

In your opinion, how do you see the first round of the NFL Draft playing out?

*=Underclassmen 1. Kansas City Chiefs Luke Joeckel*, OT, Texas A&M 2. Jacksonville Jaguars Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan 3. Oakland Raiders Sharrif Floyd*, DT, Florida 4. Philadelphia Eagles Lane Johnson, OT, Oklahoma 5. Detroit Lions Ezekiel Ansah, DE, BYU 6. Cleveland Browns Tyler Eifert, TE, Notre Dame 7. Arizona Cardinals Dion Jordan, DE/OLB, Oregon 8. Buffalo Bills Ryan Nassib, QB, Syracuse 9. New York Jets Barkevious Mingo*, DE/OLB, LSU 10. Tennessee Titans Dee Milliner*, CB, Alabama 11. San Diego Chargers Jonathan Cooper, OG, North Carolina 12. Miami Dolphins Chance Warmack, OG, Alabama 13. New York Jets (from Buccaneers) Tavon Austin, WR, West Virginia 14. Carolina Panthers Star Lotulelei, DL, Utah 15. New Orleans Saints D.J. Fluker*, OT, Alabama 16. St. Louis Rams Kenny Vaccaro, S, Texas 17. Pittsburgh Steelers Jarvis Jones*, OLB, Georgia 18. Dallas Cowboys Sheldon Richardson*, DT, Missouri 19. New York Giants D.J. Hayden, CB, Houston 20. Chicago Bears Alec Ogletree*, ILB, Georgia 21. Cincinnati Bengals Cordarrelle Patterson*, WR, Tennessee 22. St. Louis (from Washington) Eddie Lacy, RB, Alabama 23. Minnesota Vikings Sylvester Williams, DT, North Carolina 24. Indianapolis Colts Xavier Rhodes*, CB, Florida St. 25. Minnesota Vikings (from Seattle) Manti Te'o, ILB, Notre Dame 26. Green Bay Packers Matt Elam*, S, Florida 27. Houston Texans Justin Hunter *, WR, Tennessee 28. Denver Broncos Bjoern Werner*, DE, Florida St. 29. New England Patriots Datone Jones, DE, UCLA 30. Atlanta Falcons Justin Pugh*, OG, Syracuse 31. San Francisco 49ers Zach Ertz*, TE, Stanford 32. Baltimore Ravens Eric Reid, S, LSU

Can you predict the lineup for the New Orleans Saints next year?

I broke my crystal ball a couple of weeks ago.. Until I get another one I won't be able to predict crap......

How good is this Y!A #1 Mock Draft?

Some people are in the wrong rounds in my mind (like T'eo and Barkley). I think TB will get Trufant in the first round and Steelers will get Matt Elam before the 49ers.

You're the Giants, who do you select with the 19th pick in the draft?

Bjoern Werner. The Giants defensive philosophy has always been keen on building a strong d-line. With Umenyiora leaving, the G-men need a replacement at DE, especially because Justin Tuck's sack numbers have been dipping over the past 2-years. I think they take DE Werner, allowing the team to move Justin Tuck to DT.

You're the Falcons, who do you select with the 30th pick in the draft?

Jamar Taylor CB.Boise State This makes sense since Atlanta lost 2 corners,1 to Cleveland and another to Kansas City.Corner also is atlanta's biggest need by far!

How would you rate my 2013 nfl mock draft 1-10?

I like the Browns getting Milliner... Where is Eddie Lacey......

You're the Bengals, who do you select with the 21th pick in the draft?

Has Vaccaro ever been arrested?If the answer is yes then they take him.If the answer is no then they draft Kevin Minter,mlb,LSU.

You're the Rams, who do you select with the 22nd pick in the draft?

Going to have to go with Cooper as well, offensive lineman are at a premium, especially in this draft, and Bradford is too big an investment not to protect him. This is a deep draft for safeties, and you can always find solid RBs in the later rounds, so they'd do well to address the OL with this pick, especially if we assume they use their first pick to grab Austin as a weapon for Bradford.

You're the Colts, who do you select with the 24th pick in the draft?

Sylvester Williams

You're the Vikings, who do you select with the 25th pick in the draft?

Vikings - Manti Te'o

You're the Packers, who do you select with the 26th pick in the draft?

Eddie Lacy.

You're the Broncos, who do you select with the 28th pick in the draft?

I can't believe John Cyprien is still on the board. I'll go with him. I don't know what the Broncos' most pressing need is, but they need to sure up that secondary.

You're the Patriots, who do you select with the 29th pick in the draft?

And with the 29th pick of the 2013 NFL Draft, the Patriots select Jonathan Banks, cornerback from Mississippi State

You're the 49ers, who do you select with the 31st pick in the draft?

They lack depth along the defensive line, so they'll either go NT Kawann Short from Purdue or DE Marcus Hunt from SMU. Since they pick so early in the 2nd round, they'll probably take Short making the assumption that Hunt will still be there a couple of picks later.

You're the Ravens, who do you select with the 32nd pick in the draft?

Cmon man, there were as many people saying Eifert as Short for the 49ers. Short is not a 1st round pick, the 49ers have no need for his skillset, and they would never waste a pick like that after signing Glenn Dorsey in free agency. I know it's a survey of Yahoo! Answers, but that's just beat your head into the wall stupid. Anyhow, Ravens need a Safety more than anything (well except QB, but even Flacco is better than this year's QB class). Elam is the pick there.

You're da Bears, who do you select with the 20th pick in the draft?

Arthur Brown Sarge

What's YOUR fantasy "predict the pick" for the NFL Draft tonight?

How do you think the 2013 NFL draft will go?

I don't see Milliner, the best CB prospect since Champ Bailey, falling to 19. He's a top 10 pick. I also don't like Eddie Lacy going to GB in the 1st round. As much help the Packers need in the running game, no RB in this draft is worth taking in the 1st round. Besides, Lacy, like Richardson and Ingram, was successful at Bama because of the behemoth line behind which he ran. Finally, I can't see Hopkins being a 1st-round pick. Other than that, solid mock draft.

What do you think of the Yahoo Answers chosen mock draft?

Mock drafts are pointless. Nobody knows who the teams will or will not draft.

What do you think of this mock draft 1st rd?

Even though I think very highly of Cordarrelle Patterson, the Lions aren't taking a WR in the 1st round, unless Matt Millen gets hired as GM sometime between now and the draft. Also, there's no way in hell Damontre Moore drops out of the top 10. His draft stock is soaring, mainly because he reminds everyone of his former college teammate Von Miller. New England won't draft another TE in the 1st round. Is this a joke? Bjoern Werner is a projected top 5 pick and you have him going outside the top 10, and you even call it a "reach"? Sorry, bud, I give this mock draft an F minus.

You're the Vikings, who do you select with the 23rd pick in the draft?

They desperately need a WR and Patterson and Austin are drafted. My pick is Keenan Allen

You're the Rams, who do you select with the 16th pick in the draft?

I could see them going a number of different ways here. It could be a FS, OL, or WR. I really don't expect them to take Patterson (although I also expect him gone by this pick), but I really think they will take Austin because they already have young talent at the outside receiver positions but need a slot guy with Amendola leaving. Tavon Austin makes a lot of sense for them, but will it be here or will they take a risk and wait until #22? Personally, I think they take Tavon Austin here, but I think ultimately it will come down to him and Jonathan Cooper and I would not be surprised to see them go either way. If they go Austin, they'll probably take Vaccaro at #22 because Cooper will almost certainly be gone but I could see Austin POTENTIALLY being there at #22 if they go with Cooper at #16.

You're the Texans, who do you select with the 27th pick in the draft?

LB - Alec Ogletree - Georgia

You're the Steelers, who do you select with the 17th pick in the draft?

Cordarrelle Patterson

You're the Cowboys, who do you select with the 18th pick in the draft?

D. J. Fluker and move him to OG. They had an absolutely atrocious interior line. If they do this i legitimately think they are EASILY a playoff seed.

As of right now the Lions have the 6th overall pick in the 2013 draft. Who do they select?

You think the Lions could get Johnny Adams in the 2nd or 3rd round? He's a quality corner, and definitely better than every CB on the team other than Chris Houston. The Decepticons- so basically you want to release the entire defense. Okay. Jones definitely won't be on the board when the Lions draft. I'm hearing he could go as early as #2. Te'o wouldn't be a bad pick for the first round though. Although I feel like taking Te'o there would be a reach.

What do you think of my First NFL Mock Draft?

Pretty good. I like 4 Bama players in the 1st round.....

How do you expect your favorite NFL team to do this year?

The Niners will win at least 12, and have a good chance to win the big trophy.