what is the background music in the movie bad news bears?

This site lists ALL the classical pieces played during the entire movie... Most are from Carmen http://www.soakingwetchild.net/thebadnewsbears/bnbmediaclips.html Your first post didn't specify which part of the movie and the 1812 Overture is the one most associated with The Bad News Bears...That is assuming you do mean the 1976 version and not the 2005 version.

Who would win the bad news bears or the chicago cubs?

the cubs... as long as they're not in a pennant race.

Is it Bad news bears for the Lakers when Odom goes 0-7, Gasol cant even score ten and Artest only makes 1 shot?

They miss because they need to get into rhythm early in the game. Kobe jacking up shots takes that opportunity down. Just basic sense. 6-24.....who helped him?

who was the sponsor for the bad news bears?

an adult entertainment center .. that would never ever happen in a real little league

How can I download the song Wipeout by Phantom Planet? From Bad News Bears?

did u check Itunes and napster.

where can i buy a Bad News Bears baseball cap?

maybe you could look @ www.ebay.com www.marktplaats.nl www.bol.com but ebay is always good..

What are some great movies like The Sandlot or Bad News Bears?

Watch all the original BNB. Don'w atch and more Sandlots except for the first one. The Might Ducks-Awesome Little Giants that's all I can think of right now

What font is used on the Bad News Bears jerseys (new version, see link)?

Monotype Corsiva font

Is The Bad News Bears any good?

yeah they are both adorable movies...and theres nothing like an original to a movie...unless ur like 15...then you dont appreciate it

where is the motorcycle from the movie the bad news bears?

Why would anyone care?