PLEASE READ!!- is it my parents fault that I fail in School?

You are at that age where you can make your own decisions about schooling. There is no reason why you should not go to a normal High School. If you think you will cope then I am sure that you will. You are not an idiot, as an idiot would not care about bettering themselves. So just keep that in mind. Take a proactive approach and look into high schools around your area. See what they are offering and where you think you might want to go. If you can get there by your own means even better, as it would involve your parents to pick up and drop you off. So really it is nothing to do with them expect the schooling fees and cost. But if you are going to an adult learning centre I am sure it is costing something to go there. Do not give up and I am sure that there are a lot of people who will support you in trying to better your education. It is a pity it is not your parents as that what they should be doing. You are just going to have to rely on self responsibility and just keep trying to get into a school. Even if you have to approach the school yourself I am sure they could assist if you tell them what has happened. Wish you luck

Are these cute outfits for school?

I think both outfits are lovely! I would love to wear them for MY first day of school. But what is important is that you feel comfortable wearing that, only then it will look great on you :) Good luck in your first day of school!


It's soo cute :) :)

back to school hair and makeup tips?

A natural look is KEY. It accents your features and it makes you look naturally pretty, like you're not trying. That wasn't a well constructed sentence, but boo. Anyways, I think that a neutral pink eyeshadow would look good. Use an eyelash curler and use brown mascara, and maybe a little bit of brown eyeliner. Light pink blush on your cheeks, and some lip balm about the shade of your lips. I think that would look good :) If you don't like pink eyeshadow use brown or tan, but I like pink better, personally. As for hairstyles, I used to have my hair like that then I cut it. Sorry, off topic. I think that a pretty side ponytail/side braid would look really cute. Or a french braid would look really cute. Also, you should get a thin barrel curling tong (love these things) and curl your hair from chin down. It looks adorable. Also, use cute hair clips in the shape of flowers and whatnot, and some cute headbands! :) You can get them for like 3-5 dollars at Claire's. Good luck :D

is this a nice oulfit for back to school?!?!?!

first link doesn't work.

Back to School Early Fashion HELP!?

Which bag is better for going back to school, year 12?

Get the AE bag. School is not for smart bags - unless you take good care of it, but chances are, you're gonna toss it around, shove it into your locker, etc. The smart bag will get dirty and ruined quicky and easily. It looks pretty expensive. So go with the AE bag. Also, I think you will fit in more easily with the AE bag. The smart bag looks a little too mature for you.

should i go back to school?

I would suggest getting your GED. You can apply to a Community College once you receive it, take your pre-reqs and then move onto a state school. I know a few people who actually started college earlier than some of the kids who graduated with a regular diploma. College matters more. The route in which you get there doesn't matter once you're there. Good for you for wanting your education!

Where can I get cute back to school stuff

there's this place in NYC (where grand central station is) is called Pylones. (they have a website). they have really cool&cute stuff!!!

What should carry in my back to school tote ?!??!!?

Little hand santizer bottles. This one smells delish. Small wallet. Keep two one dollar bills, one five dollar bills, four quarters, and some spare change. Keys. A small compact. Mini tissue pack.,r:28,s:0&tx=120&ty=92&biw=1920&bih=937 The purple, pink, and orange tie-dye style pack on the right? Buy them at local drugstore. Lip gloss.'s%2Bsecret%2Blip%2Bgloss%26tbm%3Disch%26tbo%3Du&zoom=1&q=victoria's+secret+lip+gloss&docid=bqs3orbsJLfKUM&hl=en&sa=X&ei=cuJXTturLaq30AHHxJWuDA&ved=0CFkQ9QEwBQ&dur=354 Good luck! ♥