who do you think ben from the bachelor will pick?

Rachel believes he will pick Courtney but I don't believe he will. He likes Kasie B a lot and he was blind to Coutney all this time and he did not like Emily telling him that she is a weirdo but he has another one on one date with Kasie B next week and I think the second one on one with Rachel...and Kasie B will tell Ben as well that she believes that Coutney is only there to win...and so I believe he will lose some of the trust in Courtney and he won't get engaged to her because if he did..he said tonight in his past relationships he was never loved back..if he chose Courtney, she definitely doesn' t love him..she likes him and she likes the publicity she gets.she is not an intelligent person but a good manipulator and a good actress..she acts differently in front of the other girls than in front of him and even there he must see how he gets manipulated..Ellen de Generes told him that Courtney really manipulated him ''last week'' we watched'' to get the rose..so if he were to propose to her then he must be the most dense person and if he sees her on TV now and hears that she calls the other girls B it ches and nasty names..he must feel bad..because Courtney is the worst there can be...Chris Harrison will come by next week and he has some bad news and afterwards the friend of Courtney, Casey S is crying so I think she will be going home...Casey S is the blonde.. Courtney is pretty on the outside but she has nothing attractive at all about her character..she is not intelligent, she is a stupid shallow woman and she is this image on the inside http://victoree.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/wicked-witch-of-the-west.gif http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bom-kd2VaiU

Ben F. as next bachelor?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Personally, I find Ben quite attractive, sexy, and sensual as well. He'll make a great Bachelor!

Who is hosting Big Ben's bachelor party?

I assume Elk is, isn't that usually the best mans job?

the bachelor who is ben going be with?

i dont think courtney and ben would be cute together. courtney isnt even pretty =/

Who won the bachelor with Ben, 2012?

@ Tish. Courtney is a classless viper. There is nothing genuine about that slut other than her malice toward others. You state that she came on the show to find a real man. Sadly she got Ben, the individual that was so concerned about his own credibility that he had the woman he chose appear on last night's show to apologize so that he would look less the fool. Too bad that it was so transparent on his part and fake on Courtney's part. He's still a major fool, who will walk away with less than nothing and she is still the classless juvenile whose public actions will certainly haunt her for the rest of her life. Good luck getting work Courtney.

Bachelor Pad Season 2...song playing during Ben's video clip?

This Years Love by David Gray

What do you think of Ben from the bachelor?

Excited About The Bachelor Starting tomorrow?

SUPER excited!

Who do you Ben is going to choose on the last episode of The Bachelor next week!?

This is called ''the most controversial bachelor show'' ever..so to me that means that a lot of people will not like Ben's choice and some few will accept it..Most people dislike Courtney and I dislike her as well because I am sure she is vain and she was very rude to the other women and if one acts like that on the camera..and is so two faced like her..a true Jekyll and Hyde, then she can't be a nice woman otherwise one is nice most of the time and one does not act the way she did so she is not a nice person because one cannot or would not on purpose act like a pouting sulking kid if one doesn't get a rose..and Courtney was doing that whenever Ben gave a group date rose to someone else...she pouted and she said ''there are many more fish in the sea..'' so she does not love Ben I am sure. She has had a lot of boyfriends and she is a model so she had a lot of opportunities to meet guys..she is more experienced in seducing Ben than the others..and he is fool enough to like that and I don't like her but he finds her pretty..She is pretty on the outside, but the other girls or women were and are pretty as well and they are pretty on the inside also...especially Kasie B. and Nicki who said....we just want you to be happy, we don't want you to get your heart broken..so they loved him and he let them go but despite their hurt they cared about Ben not getting hurt..that shows that they are truly remarkable women and they would have been great. He will of course choose Courtney as he is besotted by her.. That will be on Monday, March 12th the final rose..On the 5th of March the other women who got eliminated will be back on the show and Ben will appear and come from Switzerland to confront them for the first time since he sent them home then the week after he will ask Courtney to be his wife i am sure...but I remember some many weeks ago there was Ben standing on top of a hill in Switzerland and one could see in the distance another mountain that had snow on the top and there was a woman wearing a black dress..and Ben was standing there waiting and one heard the woman say '''I am not sure if I am ready for this, this seems to be happening too soon and I have a feeling this voice belonged to Lindzi...that she had suddenly doubts because I know that Courtney's voice always sounds like that of a little girl and this voice sounded different and as only Lindzi and Courtney are left...I believe Lindzi said those words and if Ben decides to not propose to Lindzi if this was indeed her who said..''I don't know if I am ready for this then she will not be too heartbroken if he chooses Courtney..and it will not last of course..l am sure after a short while he will be in the same position as Jake Pavelka was with Vienna...the only difference is that Vienna was 24 and Courtney is 28 and should be more mature..but otherwise both are super B i t ch es.. and Courtney is good at manipulating and at acting..she can pretend to be the great girl to Ben especially as Ben is so blindsided to all she says so if she admits she was rude to the girls and says.." I now wish I hadn't said that..'' that's enough for him ''poor fool Ben, to forgive her terrible behaviour on the show and whatever she did ..he forgives her.as he is infatuated with her. I don't believe that Ben is in love with her either...but he has a strong infatuation for Courtney that makes him blind and they are both not ready for a relationship and he will choose her and after a while they will split out ''again''so another season of of the bachelor with no happy ending...apart from Trista and Ryan, and Jason Mesnick and Molly...one can only hope that maybe Ashley and J.P will find happiness as Roberto and Ali also did not last...and Ben and Courtney won't last..x PS. If you want to be surprised whom Ben picks please don't open this link because it names the woman he proposes to...so only if you want to know who she is read the link otherwise wait until March 12th..to have the surprise effect..x http://www.examiner.com/entertainment-in-west-palm-beach/major-bachelor-spoiler-winner-of-ben-f-s-final-rose-revealed

Ben the worst bachelor yet?

Worst? I just think he's a d^ck at this point. fnord

WHY Oh WHY Would they make Ben F the next Bachelor (he is soo BORING and NOT cute)?

They haven't made him the Bachelor because they will only announce who is the new bachelor once ''Dancing with the stars begins..so it's not true that Ben F is the next bachelor and I think he is a nice guy...compared to Blake who turns out to be a playboy on Bachelor pad. Ben did not even say he wants to be the next bachelor..Ames was on Bachelor pad and he fell in love with Jackie Gordon who was a contestant on ''the bachelor Brad Womack'' unfortunately they split up again so Ames may want to be the next bachelor and Ryan definitely wants to fall in love...so it's possible that it is Ryan or Ames...People had a chance to vote for either Ben F., Constantine or Ryan or Ames or say ''someone else...there Ben F. got the most votes...Constantine almost got no votes at all and Ryan and Ames were pretty even in votes they got from that one site...12 % of people who took that test to vote for their favourite did not want either of them and said..''somebody else. That was a higher percentage than that Constantine got in votes..he had the lowest votes..3.5 %... The next bachelor is not annonced yet..

The Bachelor, Courtney's a Cancer & Ben's a Virgo, so they're compatible, Ben made the right choice?

What does their sign have to do with anything? Alot of people with signs that are supposed to be compatible aren't Ben doesn't see what the other girls see in Courtney . She's not there for love , she wants Tv time and attention and to just to win It's not going to last and apparently they are having issues already

Who does Ben choose on the Bachelor?

*spoiler alert* What do you think of Ben's choice on the Bachelor and will he feel like and idiot?

I can't figure this out at all. If I thought she was pretty or sexy, I'd at least get part of it but she's neither imo! That twitching mouth of hers is ridiculous. He must be kind of messed. He's said several times it's important to him that his woman get along well with other people. Every girl in the house hates her and it doesn't even slow him down. Yuk.

Do you think Ben from the bachelor going to marry Courtney?

No it won't last long. They are already having problems between them Courtney just wanted Publicity from the show IMO And Ben couldn't see how she really was on the show I think Ben is watching the show now and seeing how she really is and is not really liking it out of like 20 Seasons only 2 Couples have married out of it

Bachelor : What is Ben thinking ? Spoiler *?

On The Bachelor tonight, what was Ben using to cook food at the mountain lake?

Do you think Courtney and Ben look alike alittle bit, on the Bachelor?


the bachelor ben????

I was absolutely disgusted by Ben on this episode and I hope he realizes one day how awful he was. He was condescending and talked down to her. She asked for more time with him, and he essentially said that he didn't feel she deseerved a one-on-one date. His condescending tone was cringe-worthy and no girl should put up with that. I hope more people caught on to this also.

The Bachelor 16 (Ben) and Casey S. HELP!?

The other answerer is right...the person who walked right past him was a woman called Anna and even Ben is not so naive to keep someone there who doesn't even bother to say ''Hello '' that gave a very bad first impression and Anna went home..Casey S. is someone different and she has done nothing wrong...Although I am a bigger fan of Kasie B...but I have nothing against Casey S...I don't like Blakeley of course and Courney and Monica...the others...Rachel, Kasie B, Casey S, Nicki, Jennifer, Jamie, Emily and Linzie C seem ok to me so far...don't know Elyse that well only that she made him do some push ups on the first evening...she is more in the background and has not stood out a lot this far. Those who create the drama are Blakeley, Courntney and Monica is there for the wrong reason which she admitted to the girls that she doesn't care about Ben. Some stuff is dramatized and staged by the producers to get more viewing rates...but Anna was the one who walked past Ben and who did nothing not even smile..she got no rose on the first evening ..she was gone the first evening...x Jenna needed to go home because she has severe psychological issues..I can't hate her..she needs help..she is an emotional mess and if she doesn't get some treatment she will not be able to find love anywhere..she told Ben the most silly things when they talked she even said she was a bad person...she must have very low self esteem and a lot of other issues..but that added drama for 2 weeks of her crying all the time and having emotional breakdowns..x http://www.gossipcop.com/the-bachelor-january-9-2012-video-jenna-shawn-sent-home/

When is the Bachelor with Ben's final episode?

March 12th is the finale Next week is the overnight Dates(Final 3) March 5th is the Women Tell All March 12th is the finale and after the Final Rose

Emily O'Brien's dress from the rose ceremony on episode 7 of The Bachelor (Ben)?

I know the dress your talking about, but unfortunately I don't know who makes it. It's a gorgeous dress though!

What type of car did Ben(current Bachelor) drive on the show?

It's an International Harvester Scout. His is 32-42 years old and looks as though its in pretty good shape! International Harvester used to make farming equipment. My dad has two Scouts! They're cool cars! :)

Who are the two girls that kiss each other on Ben Flajnik's season of the Bachelor?

Whats your opinion about Ben choosing Courtney over Lindsey on the Bachelor?

did Kacey S lie to Ben The Bachelor by not revealing her boyfriend back home?

Yes she did.I don't Believe that they weren't still together because if she was still with him until the day she left for filming why would she go on a show? doesn't make sense to me

Who thinks bachelor Ben will end up with Shawntel..... eventually?

Shawntel is pretty ..definitely prettier than Courtney..but Ben will not end up with her...if you saw when she was a contestant on ''the Bachelor Brad Womack'' and I am not a Brad fan, but her father expects of Shawntel that she takes over the family business and she is the funeral director in this little town that means ..a good looking woman like her is still single because her husband has to move to where she works..she will not be allowed to give up being a funeral director and she will meet a guy sometime because she is a nice woman and good looking but a man has to accept that she embalms corpses and just see it as her job and he has to move to where she lives where I don't believe that Ben would ever leave the California area..he has a vineyard, he is growing wine there..so he has and wants to stay in California..in Sonoma or San Francisco area and Shawntel wants to be a funeral director..she loves her job and when Brad visited the morgue..and that was a bit of a creepy hometown date...but her father also made it clear to Brad that he expects when he retires that is daughter Shawntel takes over the family business..the funeral business on her own and that means her future husband has to be willing to move there..Ben won't do it...and Brad did not want to do it...she is pretty and she is nice and I am sure one day she meets a nice guy..a woman like Shawntel would not need to look for love on the Bachelor if she could move from her hometown and not be tied to her family business but she is..and not that many men will move there and live in the same town where she works...x

Is Ben Flajnik the best Bachelor of all-time?

he's the blindest of them all

who do you think Ben picks on the Bachelor?

itss for show courtney a woman only a mother could love

So Sick Of This Season Of The Bachelor, Ben Is A Jerk?

All the producers really care about is the Drama and the fact that people are talking about it just gives them exposure of the show.It's not about Love anymore as it was when it first started and I'm sure everyone knows that who watch or go on this show. I don't think Ben was cheating, those picture might of been old pictures. Even Reality Steve who's been Spoiling doesn't even think he's cheating.And I don't like Ben or Courtney but i don't think it's true. Every tabloid will make up stories to get people to read their magazines and stories.They said the same thing about JP From Ashley's season and even said Brad was still seeing his Ex when he was with Emily which wasn't true and they have done that with past seasons. They are just Gossip to get people to buy their magazines. All the Magazines say who wins(By Reality Steve but don't Credit him) so they want to get the next biggest thing even if it's not true. After the Final Rose was taped last Sunday and they are still together.But do i think they will last to get Married?No way

I Think Bachelor Ben Skinny Dipping With Girl, Is Totally Trashy and Disrespectful?

I think it's obvious who he will choose. Because if he chooses someone else and they see him skinny dipping with Courtney i bet they would be pissed and hurt.If he even had feeling for the other girls he prob wouldn't of done that. He's obviously sexually attracted to Courtney Nobody has ever gotten naked that soon.I mean of course we see that Fantasy Suite dates but nothing like this I do think it's disrespectful and that is just very trashy.

What do you think of Ben picking Courtney giving the final rose on the Bachelor?

Do you think Bachelor BEN is a moron for being played?

So what do you guys think of Ben Flajnik from The Bachelor?

He is cool... very straight up, not afraid to tell it likes it is.... very brave, can make his own decision. A little stubborn. The ladies need to use their energies to get Ben, not waste their time attacking each others. My favorite is Courtney. I hate nobody. This is just a show... why take it so seriously?

What/which CITY IN SWITZERLAND were Ben THE BACHELOR in today and which do they go to for final rose?

Dont know about the Bachelor Thing (is there way to watch it online). But, on a nice day Mount Pilatus offers a beautiful scenery over the lakes and mountains. Its definitely worth going up there!

Is Ben Flajnik from the Bachelor suppose to be on Jimmy Kimmel tonight?

no he was on a few weeks ago. it was just a promo kinda thing

What do you think of the Bachelor Ben Flanjik?

who do you think will marry ben in the bachelor?

Ben married Kasey B.They are actually quite perfect for eachother on various levels. Courtney, however, was removed from the show because she wasn't genuine and Ben was finally able to see that.. Judging by his character and personality, he would never be fooled by someone as utterly shallow as Courtney. She isn't capable loving or being loved at this point in her life.I think Ben was stubborn to that in a way and maybe avoided looking at that because of how attracted he was to her, and other girls focused on bahsing her to him instead of trying to make it work with Ben. Towards the end Ben made it easier for himself by keeping her (Courtney) and the one's that he didn't feel very connected to so that he could remove them and not feel so bad about doing so..and spare the heartbreak of the more connected ones asap by ending it sooner. It appears that Courtney doesn't know who she is, or how to epxress herself because of it. She avoids talking about anything of value or substance by covering it with physical attention and intimacy. Until she figures out who she really is and how to have compassion for other human beings she won't be able to have a meaningful relationship and she will always focus on what others have and how negatively that makes her feel.

WHy are you guys keep picking on Ben on the Bachelor show?

He's not actually with them all day/ all night long.And they are only there for 6 weeks not a few months. The dates are only one day at a time for only a few hours and he doesn't stay in the house/hotel with them.Only on the overnight dates. The Girls know Courtney more than he knows her since they are with Courtney most of the time. So No he doesn't really know any of them or Courtney that well. All of the girls have said they didn't get along with Courtney. I can understand if she didn't get along with a few of them.But all the girl's exit interviews have said they didn't like her, she isn't what Ben is looking for, She's not a nice person. Ben said himself he doesn't want to be with someone who doesn't get along with other Women. It's just another Jake and Vienna situation and you know how that ended up Yes the show does alot of editing but if they show alot of what she does and says then nothing nice then there wouldn't be every girl saying oh she's not nice or anything What you see is what you get with Courtney It's fine you like her but everyone has their own opinions.But when you sign up for a TV show your going to be talked about

Does Ben from bachelor look like mark foster from foster the people?

I have to look what Mark Foster looks like to me there is a resemblance to Josh Groban there..I know they don't look alike but there is a resemblance..Josh Groban is one of my favourite singers..I will check out Mark Foster and send a song link of Josh Groban..xxx Maybe a bit when Mark Foster wears that hat and the street lights are behind him when his hair is longer.. or a bit like Josh Groban... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MnPICiigM5Q&ob=av2e that is of Josh Groban's latest album ''Illuminations'' maybe the resemblance is greater of Josh Groban singing in 2008... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIAQCiMIEEQ

Why did that girl Anna walk right passed Ben on the Bachelor?

Did The Bachelor (Ben) pick one of the women yet?

Finale is Next week so you'll see then. Tonight is the Women Tell all But filming ended in November so he's been engaged since then I know who he choose but i won't spoil it

Is bachelor Ben showing the real him?

I really liked Ben when he was on the bachelorette. It baffles me that he seems to be so clueless about Courtney. I felt so bad for Emily because she was just trying to understand what he saw in the "monster." I don't think he's a "jerk" though, I just think he's thinking with what's in his pants.

How do you feel about the upcoming episode of ABCs the Bachelor starring Ben F?

Well Hawkeye I guess you as a guy don't like the show the Bachelor unless you want to be a contestant sometimes? Or you might watch it because there will be definitely some good looking young women there on the new show. I know that almost all of the Bachelor shows of the past have not had a happy ending. Trista Rehn and Ryan Sutter were the one real genuinely lucky couple who met on this show and have been married over 7 years now and have a boy and a girl. Jason Mesnick after a lot of drama with his engagement and then breaking the engagement to Melissa Ryecroft and winning back Molly Maloney - it ended well for them after all the mess because Melissa married someone she had known before and seems happy and gave birth last year to a baby girl named Ava Grace and Molly and Jason Mesnick became husband and wife in early 2010..so they will soon have their second wedding anniversary. Kiptyn Locke and Tensley Mohlzahn (Kiptyn was a contestant in the the Jillian Harris Bachelorette season and he proposed to her but was refused in favor of ED.;..but Jillian and Ed did not work out after 9 months they separated and Tensley Mohlzahn was in the Jake Pavelka Bachelor season and she was refused in favour of Vienna...and that went wrong as well but Kiptyn and Tensley have been a couple since they were together on Bachelor Pad in 2010 and have been a couple since then. Deanna Pappas who refused Jason Mesnick finally got married in October 2011 to Michael Staglione's twin brother...Michael Staglione also was a contestant on the Jillian Harris season but he is still not married but his twin brother Stephen Staglione and Deanna Pappas tied the knot. Roberto and Ali Fedotovski broke up because she was more of a party girl and after over 1 year together they broke up just 2 months ago ...because he felt that after all they did not have enough in common and not a similar outlook on life so he left her. One can still hope that J.P.Rosenbaum and Ashley Hebert manage to stay together and get married one day..he seems the kind of guy who is right for her..I like Ben F. He is not as goofy as he appeared when he was a contestant on the bachelorette Ashley..he takes his work on the vinyards very seriously and I am sure he learned a lot about himself in that episode and he seems to be ready to be committed in a relationship which he was not before he signed up to be on the Bachelor and went to being refused by Ashley in favor of J.P...he said his father's death made him not available to be open to getting engaged and committed but a lot has changed and he got over the refusal by Ashley but I believe him that he is the next bachelor for the right reasons because now he is ready to make a commitment if he meets the right woman on that show..it's possible. If two people like Ryan and Trista meet and if Ben F. meets someone and both of them are lucky enough to have such a great connection as Ryan Sutter had with Trista Rehn to actually end up getting married and still be married over 7 years later... He is a nice enough guy and we watch the show for the drama that is added to it and that is exaggerated and highlighted on purpose by the producers to get higher viewing rates and numbers and it won't be dull because in almost every show the guys always end up picking on one or 2 of their fellow competitors and the girls some of them are really catty and show their claws...so it's interesting to see them even if in some ways one has to think that girl is bonkers and that guy is a total macho or a jerk..there are also some nice ones and I hope in the end Ben F will use his past experience and has an instinct and pick someone who has something in common with him that will be enough to make them compatible for a life together and a marriage..x As a guy you see this from a different perspective i am sure..but I am a Josh Groban fan and I see there is a resemblance between Ben F. and one of my favourite singers..Josh Groban...x http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MnPICiigM5Q

Does Camel-mouth Courtney simply appeal to Bachelor Ben's animal side?

Ben's brain has yet to activate. Whatever it is he has in his pants works just fine, but he is basically brain dead. I think he deserves this girl and all her glory. She's already getting tired of him, admitted by her with all that whining and complaining on their last date. It is purely lust, and these two deserve each other. He's throwing away with both hands some very good, stable women who ANY man would desire, and he's casting his pearls before swine. After rolling in the mud with this pig, he'll come out stinking like trash. He'll be the next Jake with a Vienna on his hands. I hope he's embarrassed, and I really hope that no desperate women are there to help pick up the pieces. He doesn't deserve it. He deserves Courtney.

Do You Like The New Bachelor Ben?

Have to agree he's a little bit creepy not very genuine Can't put my finger on it yet.

Who do you think is best for Ben on the Bachelor?

Well anyone but not Courtney because she is vain and shallow and she is not that great looking as she believes..Shawntell who was there as the mystery guest last week and who did not get a rose because Ben is right it would have been unfair on the other women there and she is a funeral director and she has to live in the town where she does her job and Ben has to live in California because he is a wine grower and he has to be near Sonoma ans San Francisco. but Shawtel was better looking than Courtney and she is more intelligent but she got no rose, so she is out of it.. I like Lindzie C I like Kelsie B I like Nicki ...but the problem is she has a young son.. I also like Emily but I have a feeling when she tells Ben that Courtney is a totally different woman, manipulative and vindictive and she is out just for the fame...that it will backfire big time on Emily and that she might be sent home because Courtney will go after her and she is not intelligent but she knows how to get under some of the women's skin and mentally manipulate them...so I believe that Emily will not be there much longer.. Jamie is nice enough..one does not hear a lot of her.. Elyse is quiet Jennifer is nice as well.. Rachel is alright also.. I don't like Coutney, Blakeley and Monica ..because Monica said from the beginning she is there for the fun..to travel a bit and not for Ben..she doesn't care about him as the bachelor..she admitted that but I hope that the rumors are wrong which say that Ben F. will get engaged to Courtney Robertson..that would be his worst possible choice he can make and I hope that the producers just want to lead us astray here and it's not going to be her he proposes to..because she would really be wrong for him and she is a vain person with a shallow mind..and all she wants is fame and she travels a lot as a model..he has to be at his vineyard and in San Francisco..if they get engaged then you can aready be prepared to read some weeks later that they have broken up again..because that is just as daft as Jake Pavelka having chosen Vienna of all the women... I hope those rumours are not true and I believe the producers want Courtney to be around and I am sure she will stay around for a long time because without her and without Blakeley there would be hardly any catfights and no manipulating and no drama...so I hope it's a false rumor that Ben F gets engaged to Courtney Robertson..which it says as a rumor...but we had 3 bachelor shows thus far and it's unusual for Reality Steve to already reveal everything and it would spoil everything if Ben really got engaged to Courtney..then we would not have to watch the rest because we would know that all other women get eliminated and that the worst of all is the one he chooses..then he has little idea about women if he chooses Courtney..then he did not learn a thing when he was a contestant on ''the Bachelorette Ashley Hebert..'' because say what you want about Ashley..she made a good choice by choosing J.P. and nobody knows if Ashley and J.P. will ever get married or stay together but they are at least still together now and still a couple so far...and Ben and Courtney would not last 3 months..x Lindzie C or Kelsie B or Jennifer would be a good choice..one of those 3..and Nicki is nice but it's not easy to have a child and to start a relationship when one has a little son..I like Emily as well but I have a feeling she will be going home soon...and Monica and Blakely will not really be a threat in the end..he won't chose them but Courtney is a real menace because he likes her and she pulls all her manipulative stings and he likes brunettes...x I still don't believe that he will choose Courtney even if ''gossip has it'' but one should only believe half of what one reads and nothing what one hears through a 3rd party..only if Ben confirms it...so I don't believe in Hollywood gossip and never was any guy or female dubbed the future ''fiancee of any Bachelor or Bachelorette as Courtney Robertson so I still don't believe it is true...it would spoil the show if they told us the truth now..that would take away the exitement it's like reading a crime story by Agatha Christie and then halfawy through turn to the last page the denuement of the killer and that spoils the good story..so I don't believe the rumors.. http://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/categories/the-bachelor/

Who can you most see Bachelor Ben Flajnik ending up with?

I agree, Kacie B! But I read (and hopefully this isn't right) that she gets eliminated in the hometown episode and Courtney ends up winning. Hopefully that isn't the case because I do not like Courtney at all, but whatever, it's his life.

what is the song playing in the beginning of the new bachelor Ben?

The song is "this years love" by artist David Gray

What was the restaurant that Bachelor Ben took the girls to on the group date in San Francisco?