What are some cute Greek baby names and their meanings?

Cora - Heart, Maiden Daphne - Laurel Tree Alyssa - Noble Chloe - Young Shoot Callista - Most Beautiful Daria - Maintain well Helena/Elena - Wicker, reed, shoot; torch; basket Karis - Grace Kyra - Lady Melina - Honey Penelope - Weaver; Duck Zoe - Life Thalia - To Flourish; Bloom I like Cora, Thalia, Daphne, Penelope & Helena the best. Andrew - Man, Warrior Evander - Archer Gregory - Wather Jason - Healer Leander - Lion Man Lucas - Man From Lucania Linus - Flax Colored Nicholas - Victory of the People Orion - Dweller on the Mountain Theodore - Gift of God Timothy - To Honor God I like Andrew, Evander, Leander, Lucas, Linus, Nicholas, Orion & Timothy the best.

Where can I find baby names with meanings and pronunciation's?


What are the best baby names and there meanings?

I really like names that aren't too common, but not too eccentric at the same time. Here's a list of my favorites Girls- Caroline, Carly, Mariana, Autumn, Carolynn, Marlena, Audrianna, Angelina Boys- David, John, Alex, Nicholas, James, Christopher Hoped that this helped! Thanks!

Cute Native American Baby names and meanings?

BOYS:Adahy: Lives in the woods (Cherokee)and middle name Bemidii: (Ojibwa) name meaning river by a lake next Hakan: Fireand middle name Elan: Friendly GIRLS:Ayita: First to dance (Cherokee) and middle name Cheyanna: Form of Cheyanne - an Algonquian tribe of the Great Plains and Capital city of Wyoming next Dakota: Friend; ally and middle name Flo: Arrow

Do you like these baby names? (meanings too)?

I like Owen Robert the best. It has a ring to it and I like the meanings especially when you put it together.

Guess these baby names meanings?

I know what most of these mean, but I pinky swear I won't cheat :) (Some I don't know, so I'll probably make up something ridiculous. Girls: Madeline - woman from Magdala Marie - this one means like, sour or bitter ... it always confused me why people use it so much. Arabella - not sure, but Bella always means beautiful - so somethingbeautiful. Gabrielle - something to do with angels; angelic? Mia - me? Amy - I always thought this had something to do with love - from amor.. Laura - my middle name. means laurel - or from the laurel bush. Bianca - I know this one :) white. Jessica - "there's a million trillion babillion of me?" Gwen - isn't this 'white' also? Blake - haven't got a clue. Kai - ocean. Andrew - STRONG AND MANLY - it's my fave boys name meaning :) Brendan - always thought it was royal? That might have been Bradon.. Keiran - another fave name, dark one. Kevin - don't know Cameron - crooked nose. weird meaning. Anthony - again, don't know :) cool game/thing :) :)

what is the best site to find baby names and their meanings?

Once I find a baby name with a meaning I like, I usually cross-check different baby name websites, just to make sure! :o) But the one I use the most is www.babynamesworld.com. I find that one pretty accurate and helpful (and you can search by meaning, origin, by name, or just browse the various names, which is neat!). :o) Hope that helps!!

Good Japanese baby Names And Meanings For girls?

Aiko: Aiko is of Japanese origin, and its meaning is "little loved one". My favourite Japanese name Keiko (pronounced KAY-koh): Its meaning is "be glad; rejoicing child".

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What is a good site to find baby names and meanings?

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