Why do the ABC song, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and Baa Baa Black Sheep all have the same tune?

People weren't so creative back in the day

is the nursery rhyme baa baa black sheep racist?

The majority of nursery rhymes have their roots in some story from long ago. For example, 'Ding Dong Dell' is about prostitutes, Humpty Dumpty was in fact a cannon and Miss Muffet was a real person, the daughter of a Doctor Muffet who used spiders as medicine. Baa Baa Black sheep was from around the 1740's and was about SHEEP. The original words were: Bah, Bah a black Sheep, Have you any Wool? Yes merry have I, Three Bags full, One for my master, One for my Dame, One for the little Boy That lives down the lane. The most favoured meaning/root of the rhyme was that it descibed the tax on wool. One third of the money made selling the wool went to the King (Master) one to the Church (Dame) and one was kept (the 'little boy down the lane' being the owner of the sheep). However, there are no records that a tax existed in this form and wool was actually taxed at around six shillings a bag. It seems then that they have yet to uncover the true meaning behind the rhyme. Personally I think it doesn't have one and it's just a kiddies song.

how does songs like baa baa black sheep, head sholders knees and toes, 5 little ducks, and im going to mail my?

Songs are typically a fun method of teaching young children. In the case of Head, shoulders, knees and toes, the children are learning the location and the correct pronunciation of body parts. Everyone has their own way of learning. These songs accompanied with movement cover kids that learn via tactile (touching), visual (see others) and auditory (singing) channels. Queens mom - a working mom that has had experience investigating every aspect of childcare. www.royalnapmat.com

Is it possible to buy all the episodes of baa bahoo aur baby?

yes if you have the money

Name, info on a book called Baa? Or something like that, it was about sheep building and destorying themselves

http://www.amazon.com/Baaa-David-Macaulay/dp/0395395887/ref=pd_bbs_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1213198322&sr=1-1 Baaa by David Macaulay From School Library Journal Grade 6 Up Though a timely fable, purchase of this title would depend on demand for satirical, semi-apocalyptic material. "There is no record of when the last person disappeared." The human population of Earth is dead. A flock of sheep, in search of food, wanders into an abandoned town, and, with the help of supermarkets, television and video-cassette recorders, take up where humanity has left off. With the benefits of civilization come the problems that go with it - overpopulation, food shortages, rationing, crime and military police. Then, a solution to the food shortage is found - Baaa. As the availability of Baaa increases, the population decreases, until the day the last two sheep meet for lunch. "There is no record of when the last one (sheep) disappeared." While this is not a new idea, it is thoughtfully and humorously presented. The illustrations black-and-white ink-wash drawings have charm and wit. The sophisticated humor will be accessible to older children, but the picture book format may not attract them. A useful discussion-provoking title where high concept/low level material is needed. Janice M. Del Negro, Hild Regional Public Library, Chicago Copyright 2002 Reed Business Information, Inc.

What exactly is ya baa?

It is made up of 2 Thai words, Ya is medicine, while Ba is crazy. So this is a word to describe so-called crazy pills or more commonly known as Ice or amphetamines. It is becoming a social problem as it is believed that this is made in neighbouring Myanmar and is easily supplied into Thailand. And it is cheap. However the quality is always doubted and deaths from consumption had been noted.

In which episode of The Office is when they all fight and there is a sheep's 'baa' heard in the background?

Could you add a bit more context to this? If you mean "fight" as in "argue," it could be about half of the episodes. If you mean physical fights there could be a lot, depending on who you're talking about: Michael and Dwight in "The Fight," Andy and Dwight in "The Duel," Jan and Michael in "Dinner Party," etc. If you could say who is fighting, what kind (argument, fight fight, etc.), what they're fighting about, or anything like that, it would help identify it. If you add more information like that, I will hopefully be able to give you an answer. note: in addition to The Surplus mentioned by the other user, Dwight takes Ryan to Schrute Farms in "Initiation" (S03E05), where they frequently argue and Ryan is supposed to wrestle with Mose (who is representing "fear").

Harvest moon tree of tranquility - when I brush my cow it goes "baa"?

I don't play Harvest moon so don't have an answer, sorry... just wanted to mention that your question made me spray my tea all over my laptop :D Have a star :)

Can you still use 'baa baa black sheep' or is it seen as racism?

I think most educational establishments have banned the use of bar bar black sheep now. My nephew is 4 and they don't use it in his school. However I think this is silly, black is a colour I don't see how it can be seen as racist. And now they refer to what was 'black boards' then became chalk boards as white boards... I don't see how white board is less racist than black board but hey thats the crazy politically correct people who mess it up for all of us. Im Indian and hate to be treated as if somehow this is what I want all this over the top political correctness..... madness

What does the stats WHIP, BB, and BAA in baseball mean?

Walks and Hits per Inning Pitched Base on Balls (Walks) Batting Average Against

Is the nursery rhyme 'Baa, Baa, Black Sheep' racist towards black people?

No--I'm sure that rumor only came about because the words "black" and "master" are involved. It actually is entirely to do with the wool trade. You can read more about it here--just scroll down a bit. It's actually somewhat interesting: http://www.historic-uk.com/CultureUK/morenurseryrhymes.htm

Do ewe resent the Baa baa black sheep song?

Moo moo Jersey Cow have you any milk. Yes Jinx Yes Jinx 3 buckets full 1 for You, one for Pandy, one for the loud boys who live in your house. I asked my Sheep, they don't care, but they respect cows.

Where can I find the songs, twinkle twinkle, baa baa black sheep, and abc sung together?

Mickey's Top 40 Disney Records 41 tracks (69:35)

BAA. Can you have an exclamation point at the end of a sentence if it is not dialogue?

Stylistically, you can. However, I personally find the use of them in narrative the mark of an armature. There are other ways to express emotion instead of relying on the use of punctuation.

Why don't you let people know the present statistics of Yaa-baa after Thaksin forced out?

Statistics also show that innocent people were killed in the so called war on drugs, including young children. Does this make you happy?

why is baa baa black sheep nursery rhyme banned?

It is not socially acceptable in this time in our lives,we have grown as people and do not want to offend children it may not be important to some and they may see the implications it raise with some children to be Black and someone singing this it is offensive and should not happen. Each child should feel comfortable and not experience differences in a educational setting. Children are very sensitive and bad experiences have lasting affects on them. As some deemed it is not politically correct due to changes in our education and meeting the needs of others and being aware of stereotypes.

What do you think of the name Duece baa Haag?

It's douchetastic!

When looking at baseball statistics for a pitcher, what does "HLD" and "BAA" stand for?

HLD - a 'hold'... a reliever who comes into a game with a lead, but doesn't relinquish it BAA is Batting Average Against

How many PS3 special bundles (inFAMOUS,BAA,DKoBR) will be in stock at Wal-Mart?

Who runs the British Airports Authority (BAA)?

Surprisingly enough to me, it looks like the board of directors is made up or more Spaniards and Canadians than anything else. Here is their websites url: http://www.baa.com/portal/page/Corporate%5EAbout+BAA%5E Who+we+are/23536da45a282010VgnVCM100000147e120a____/448c6a4c7f1b0010VgnVCM200000357e120a____/ (You'll need to cut and paste the second line into the address window). Sorry its so long. If it won't work just search for BAA and look at the "Who We Are" tab. A quick search of their resumes shows nothing about knowledge of how to pilot a plane. They are all business and entrepreneurial, imho. Just smart enough to hire the pilots and not get their feet 'wet' with actual aircraft or airport operations, probably. Again, imho. I have no comment as to why only a couple of native Brits still serve on that important national board. Hmmmmmm.

How did the baa baa black sheep get 3 bags full of wool?

They shaved their neighbors after taking them out on the boat to go tubing.

Does Methamphetamine (Yaa baa) still pour and popularly use in Thailand?

You forgot to add people who ask stupid question on YA Thailand trying to insult the country. These are the worst drug abusers.

What degree is better BA(Arts) or BAA (Applied Arts)?

BA is a more generalized degree, the BAA is a little more specific for certain jobs, however they are essentially the same degree.

Is the rhyme baa baa black sheep in simple time?

Simple time. It's in 4/4.

how does the nursery rhyme Baa Baa Black Sheep end?

...and one for the little boy who lives down the lane. If it was none for the naughty boy the sheep would have one left over, whats a sheep going to do with a bag of wool.

where can i find episodes of baa bahu aur baby?

u r in wrong section, post this question in television section

Why you want to work for BAA?

I fail to see what Greece has to do with Heathrow, England and BAA. Anyway, since it seems that that is your dream, then you simply state that you want to follow your dream that you have since childhood. Also let them know what you are talking about by mentioning a few more details of what you are expected to do once you get hired. Good Luck.

What percentage should i get in every sub-tests in UPCAT to pass BS BAA, a quota course?

Those are pretty good. Your grades in high school would affect about 25% of your UPG. However, your grades aren't a guarantee you'll pass. It'll all come down to how you apply that knowledge during the UPCAT. Our class valedictorian and salutatorian didn't pass the UPCAT, but those of lower ranks in the class did. I think you're going for a slot in the UP Diliman campus like every other UPCAT hopeful. Well, that's fine but I recommend putting UP Los Banos as your second campus preference. UPLB has lower UPG requirements. You can just request to be placed in another campus if ever you pass. Tips: Study at least a month before the UPCAT. Remember your basics. There's a lot of Biology and Chemistry in the test.

What options, paths can I take with a BAA in psychology?

Some states allow a Bachelors degree in a human services field such as Psychology and Sociology for entry level employment in case management services such as a probation officer, juvenial deliquency case manager, family services/child protection worker, disability services case manager, etc. If you gain certification, you can also teach Psychology at the High School Level. You could work as a Psychiatric Technician (nurses' aid) at a Psychiatric hospital, oversee research subjects in the private/government sector (e.g., in drug trials). Police work is also an option, as well as furthering your education to the graduate level for a career in private practice. Sounds like you are already a skilled photographer, why not stay in that field if you enjoy it -- crime scene photography, private studio, employment with Olan Mills or the like?

What is the song called that goes like Doo ba be dibeda dooba, Dooba baa dooba?

its called Blue by Eiffel 65 im pretty sure look it up on your tube.

Have Buoyancy Assisted Airship (BAA) designs in the 50% bouyancy range been investigated?

Oh, yes. There was one that had four helicopters (on on each corner) along with the air bag. Didn't work well. Crashed. Popular Science also had an article on it years ago. They were even investigated as a option in the logging industry for rough terrain access.

How do you pronounce the Baa-Baas (Barbarians)?

Like Bar bar black sheep good rugby club facing allblacks next week should be a cracker Cya

What price did you pay for a 5,000 face value, 1 year maturity, baa rated corporate discount bond?.0522 I rate?

Answer: $5,000/1.0522 = $4751.95. An online bond calculator gives you the same result. http://www.zenwealth.com/BusinessFinanceOnline/BV/BondCalculator.html

Watch The Mentalist Season 2 Episode 18 Online Aingavite Baa?

i just seen this episode at http://WATCHTHEMENTALIST20.TK

What is the name of the song that says "It ain't no lie, baa, baa, baa"? I think it might be by Britney Spears?

Hahaha nice interpretation. "Baa Baa Baa" is pretty much what Justin Timberlake says. And his very high voice makes him sound like Britney Spears. Don't mean to offend you or anything, the song's very catchy, I just find this hilarious!

Has 'BAA' been taken over by 'ADI' and if so, what happens to my 'BAA' shares? What do I do with them next?

Yes they were taken over in 2006 for £9.35 a share in cash. Do not use Keysearch to claim your entitlement, or they will deduct a fee of 15% +VAT. Try calling Computershare on 0800 408 1003 and follow the instructions.


this guys youtube channel features all the games. he just uploaded the entire all blacks - baa baa's game. http://www.youtube.com/user/TonyTai2009#p/u/13/AMInLkECaBY if you just want to watch the highlights then they should come up on youtube some time soon.

A cow says moo, a cat meow, a pig goes oink, a dog bow-wow, birds say chirp, sheep go baa.What about a tiger?

GROWL!! LOL.. *check the source lol

How does the song Baa, Baa, Black Sheep promote phonological awareness?

Kids chant it and notice the rhyme. WOOL/FULL. Their brains think, oh, if I change the first sound from w-->f, then it makes a different word. Of course their little brains don't know the names of the letters, but they are trying to sort out what is important in their language and what isn't. The brain thinks, "Obviously f and w are important sounds in my language because they change the meaning of a word." This is phonemic awareness--understanding what are the important sounds in your language. In Chinese, the words have tones. So if you say FAN? or FAN!, the words are completely different. One means "rice" and the other means something completely different. So Chinese children need to learn that the tone of the vowel makes a different meaning. But English speaking children don't.

What qualifactions do you need to be a BAA Firefighter and How hard is it to get into it?


Basketball: What was the Indianapolis Jets record of the BAA?

18-42 for a .300 winning percentage.

what happens if i miss my flight with BAA?

On many airlines, tickets are automatically cancelled if you fail to show up for your flight. You need to call the airline as soon as possible (and now, if you can) to see whether you can make arrangements for a later flight -- showing up the next day without making such arrangements might mean that you're going nowhere and are stuck with a worthless ticket.

I am using Alif Baa to learn the Arabic alphabet, How do I do these exercises?

I learned the alphabets in school ofcourse,to get better with the alphabets practice alot,write them down and keep saying them more as usual,thats the fastest way!

Last night i was sitting whatching tv then there was a biigg baa boom every one is wondering what it was?

It could have been a Sonic Boom from a high flying Military Jet.

Do you think I am right in my thinking about BAA offering more money to house owners ?

The airport does not give a damn what the prices should be, they just want to get the purchases handled quickly.

What are the letters for the song Baa Baa Black Sheep for piano?

C D E F G A B - correspond to white keys in the pctave ba ba black shEEp G G D D have you any whool E E E D Yes sir yes sir three bags full C C B B A A G one for my master D D D C C and one for the dame C B B B A and one for the little boy who lives down the lane A D D D C D E C B A A G

What was the record for the Providence Steam Rollers of the BAA?

46-122 record.

What's the name of that song on wedding singer that goes a ba ba baa baaa I know you something something?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3HWo63f3fFE the song is called "True" written by I think Gary Kemp preformed by "Spandau Ballet"

What team was the first to win a championship of the baa in 1946-47 season?

philadelphia warriors

How do I find out a historical share value for shares held in BAA?

try marketwatch.com