My 30 year old friend Scott has the biggest crush on Avril Lavigne. What should I tell him?

Don't tell him nothing. Let him dream.

What are ALL the songs by Avril Lavigne?

Avril Lavigne Whibley, better known by her birth name of Avril Lavigne, (born September 27, 1984) is a Canadian rock singer and musician. She has sold over 31 million albums worldwide. In 2006, Canadian Business Magazine ranked her the seventh most powerful Canadian in Hollywood, and in 2007 she won ninth place in the Jabra Music Contest for the Best Band in the World, based on fan votes from around the world. Lavigne's debut album, Let Go, was released in 2002, and went on to sell over 18 million copies worldwide and was certified six times platinum in the United States. Her second and third albums, Under My Skin (2004) and The Best Damn Thing (2007), respectively, reached number one on the U.S. Billboard 200. Lavigne has scored five number one songs worldwide to date and a total of eleven top ten hits, including "Complicated", "Sk8er Boi", "I'm with You", "My Happy Ending", and "Girlfriend". ALL the songs by Avril Lavigne:

How did Avril Lavigne do her hair in 2004?

i don't know if i understand what you mean by stringy except if i do understand, i think you mean the lighterish color looks stringy... okay but anyways, it's because she just has a little bit blonder highlights on the top and darker on the bottom.

AvRiL LaViGnE?

yeah she loves deryck they just had there 2 year anniversary she wrote when your gone about him and he wrote with you about her thats the reason her style now is bright and upbeat cuz shes happy and stuff if something bad happens and they break up she will probably be sad and go back to her dark style

How can you get an Avril Lavigne pink Black Star christmas tree on stardoll?

It just appears in your suite, you don't have to do anything really..

AVril Lavigne?

sko8er boy I think :) pussycat dolls :)

What are the girls supposed to be in Avril Lavigne's music video for Girlfriend?

redhead = nerdy, supposedly uncool, dumb and boring girlfriend. emoish girl = overconfident and jealous bitch who gives the nerdy girl a hard time as she attempts to steal her boyfriend from her. her "edgy" look is supposed to showcase her defiant and rebellious character. blonde = avril's real persona rocking with her band. ironically, the emo girl doesn't get the guy, but blonde avril does.

Avril lavigne?????????

I've been a fan of her ever since 2002. I totally love her, but I think now that she's gone all girly and probably b*tchy, I think I like her less. But I still love her! I just prefer her old style, punk and dark. Anyways, I love all her songs. Her music is just great. I really really know all of her songs, I have them memorized. :) But since you're asking what are my favorite songs of her, these are my top 10. 1. Tomorrow 2. I'm With You 3. Why 4. My Happy Ending 5. Freak Out 6. Naked 7. Get Over It 8. What The Hell 9. I Love You 10. Wish You Were Here I love her first and second album more than the last two. :)

avril lavigne?

The Best Damn Thing (2007) -Girlfriend -I Can Do Better -Runaway -The Best Damn Thing -When You're Gone -Everything Back But You -Hot -Innocence -I Don't have to Try -One of Those Girls -Contagious -Keep Holding On Let Go (2002) -Losing Grip -Complicated -Sk8er Boi -I'm With You -Mobile -Unwanted -Tomorrow -Anything but Ordinary -Things I'll Never Say -My World -Nobody's Fool -Too Much to Ask -Naked Under My Skin (2004) -Take Me Away -Together -Don't Tell Me -He Wasn't -How Does It Feel -My Happy Ending -Nobody's Home -Forgotten -Who Knows -Fall to Pieces -Freak Out -Slipped Away I think I missed a few, but they're from like special live albums and holiday albums with multiple artists featured.

Avril Lavigne?

Avril went from punk to preppy because she's HAPPY. Nobody really understands that. They call her a poser and whore, but she's happy now, and why can't people see that? When she started dating Deryck Whibley was when she started acting more preppy. She's HAPPY. Her marriage made her HAPPY, yet nobody understands that, and they're all hatin her for being happy. This is no offense to the asker or any Avril fans, but why can't you just leave her alone to be happy? If she divorces to Deryck Whibley, she'll be crushed, and probably go back to skater chick, so those people who still can't understand Avril, just hope they get a divorce and then you'll get your old Avril Lavigne back probably, and when she's crushed, I hope you're all happy.