i want to donate my birthday...?

I have donated before for my birthday it is SO worth it!!!!!! Play some Justin burner One direction Cher Lloyd Olly Murs All good clean music :) And just sit and talk!!! It shouldn't be too planned!!

Do u like like Justin bieber?

Justin is an amazing person. I love how much he gives back and genuinely cares about his family, and his young fans like Avalanna. I will be praying for her

Enstarz - Why Does People Hate Justin Bieber So Much?

How is 6-year-old Mrs Bieber?

Avanlana? on the all around the world special, justin said he may not see her again because she might not live much longer. i actually cried this morning because its so sad. he just tweeted about her and there is a day where everyone is going to trend #prayforavalana

Why does everyone hate on Justin Bieber, he seems like a good dude?

Because people are just jealous of him and have no life so they just criticize him to make themselves feel better.

Avalanna routh (6 year old Mrs bieber)?

She's so cute! I heard that she might not even be around for much longer. Justin said in one of his vids on youtube (all around the world tour part 2) that it upsets him to think that he may never see her again. He adores her to pieces! he kisses her just like he does to jazzy! Bless her she's only 6! Cruel world sometimes!! xx

Do u have any news of avalanna (6year old.Mrs bieber)?

Did Avalanna Routh pass away?

No she did not pass away. Here's her official twitter if you want to keep up to date with the things that are happening to her ~ https://twitter.com/avalanna

Did Avalanna lose her sight and hearing today, and does she only have until Wednesday?

omg were did u find out that she is only here till Wednesday!!!!! u mean tomorrow !!!! but i herd that she's loozing the ability to speak not to not see! i todaly a beliber and lobe her so much she will always be Mrs bieber stay strong avalanna

When Did Avalanna Routh die? The Date please?

How long will avalanna live?

Forever I guess!

How do you pronounce Avalanna?

This is how I would pronounce it: A (as it's pronounced in the word 'say') VUH LAH NUH

If cancer wins what time will Avalanna die?

I have heard she has till wednesday, but idk if this is true