How will you celebrate the Autumnal Equinox?

starting with the grape harvesting in my front yard! of course leaving some grapes and apples in the bowl for my neighbors the deer and whatever other critters might come around. a small sky clad ceremony with cakes and ale ( actually it won't be ale more like hot apple cider) and afterwards sitting outside in the moonlight just watching the night sky and feeling the crisp autumn air on my skin

Where is the earth in its orbit during the Autumnal equinox?

How did you celebrate the Autumnal Equinox today?

I put on goat's horns and danced,naked ,around the Persimmon tree in my yard until the cops showed up. They wanted to join in the festivities but I told them I have to go in, they left and I went back out and proceeded to continue with the ceremonies. Stupid cops!

Can I balance an egg on a day other than the Autumnal Equinox?

You can balance an egg anytime. It just requires patience and a steady hand. A level table also helps. Heck, I've even balanced an egg on its thin end.

Sept 22 (Autumnal equinox) at what time does this star rise and in what direction?

No idea.. Im on here looking for end of the world questions! Google it?

Can I put out Halloween decorations since today is officially the Autumnal Equinox?

I've put up my more "autumn" decorations, actually just because I wish it felt like real autumn. Yesterday they let our school out early because of the heat....sheesh....I will wait to do the Halloween stuff until Oct 1. You should see our house. My husband was born on Oct 31 so Halloween is his big day and our house is decorated to the hilt inside and out. All the kids come to us because my hubby puts on a whole show for them. I just hope he doesn't sweat to death in his costume this year!!

Which of the following is NOT true of the autumnal equinox?

A is doubtful said, because that's a common word for the 2nd equinox in the year, the 'autumnal equinox'. Yes, for southern the Spring begins, and also Sep for them, but why should you still not say the sun sits in 'autumnal equinox'. B is commonly true, for an equinox is the sunrise exactly in east-point, sunset exactly in west point C is perfectly true. That is the definition of an equinox. D is a common rule, on an equinox day and night are equal E supposing 'the time the sun reaches' is the crossing of celestial equator and downwards, this seems correct

when does the autumnal equinox appear this year?

It was last night. It is "fall" in the northern hemisphere and "spring" in the southern. There is no governing organization that defines "Official" seasons, they are just traditions. For that reason I have founded the International Governing College of the Seasons. We declare to day to be the first day of northern fall and southern spring. Now it's official. 8-)

why do we get our autumnal equinox later than its supposed to be?

I think that maybe (1) your teacher didn't really say that, or (2) you didn't really understand what he said. The September equinox happens at the same instant everywhere on Earth, at 9:04:44 Universal Time. By definition, it happens when the center of the sun reaches 12:00:00 Right Ascension. That also happens to be within 30 seconds of when the sun is exactly over the equator (the old definition). Did your teacher use the words "equilux", or "equal day and night"? That's a different thing, it is when sunset and sunrise are exactly 12 hours apart. The date/time for that depends on where you are, so it could be on the 27th. Sunset and sunrise are measured from the "top" of the sun, and the atmosphere makes the sun appear higher off the horizon than it would in a vacuum.

Why do local sidereal time and apparent solar time coincide at autumnal equinox?

Originally, GMT was defined as the hour angle of the Mean Sun at Greenwich, which meant that 0 h GMT occurred at noon. It was redefined in 1925 to bring it into line with civil time in which the time at noon is 12 h. The original definition was retained as GMAT (Greenwich Mean Astronomical Time). Thus although hour angles are normally taken as 0 h for an object on the meridian, 12 h is added in the case of the Sun. It was partly to avoid confusion over these definitions that Universal Time was introduced.