As symbols of conquest go, the Master's green jackets rank as high or higher than Super Bowl rings or heavyweight boxing title belts. For reasons peculiar to the ultra-exclusive Augusta National Golf Club, however, pertinent details about the jackets are kept protectively close to the vest. For instance, the club declined to reveal who manufactures the jackets available strictly to Augusta National members and winners of the tournament. Once the manufacturer's identity was tracked down, the club declined to grant Ed Heinmann - the CEO of Cincinnati, Ohio's Hamilton Tailoring Co. - the freedom to comment directly about them. "They're very tight-lipped about everything," said Heinmann, who began supplying the jackets to the Masters 40 years ago. "And I don't want to jeopardize our situation." The tradition of bestowing a green jacket on the Masters winner began with Sam Snead's victory in 1949. Since then, the jacket has signified a champion's "honorary" membership of the club.

How can I get an invitation to play at Augusta National Golf Club? Not the tournament of course, just for fun.

too add to blitr comment...a big donation

Augusta National Golf Course?

Since Bobby Jones never turned Professional he certainly was not the first golf pro at Agusta national. He was part of the ownership group that built Agusta National, primarily as a real estate golfing development. Unfortunately the recession cause them to scale back their plan or they likely would have gone broke and Agusta would never have existed. The Master's became the Master's from the Bobby Jones invitational. I am not sure if the First golf pro was ever recorded anywhere. The club itself would likely have that information thought.

who was the architect for the Augusta national golf course?

Actually August National was founded by Bobby Jones. The course arcitect, however, was Alister Mackenzie. Jones of course has the name most associated with Augusta.

I am taking a trip by Augusta National Golf Club. What will I be able to access. Clubhouse? Butler Cabin??

Unless you're the guest of a member at Augusta National Golf Club, the only thing you'll be able to see is the guard shack.

How do you get a job caddying at Augusta National?

1. Become a capable golfer (single digit handicap) 2. Learn how to caddy... really well 3. Move to Augusta, GA 4. Meet someone with ties to the club 5. Apply for a caddy position 6. Don't blow your interview Follow these steps and it shouldn't be a problem But seriously you can do it, I know a guy who did exactly the above and caddied at Augusta for 3 years.

Has anyone ever driven the green on Hole 3 at Augusta National?

1 iron - 2010 then i woke up still piss drunk.

Which 3 holes at Augusta National were lentghened most to reach 7700 yards?

You will find the answer in the last months edition of golf digest which describes the course in detail.

Do you have to be a member to play at augusta national golf club?

no. you can be an invited guest of a member as well.

Whats the worst that could happen if you were caught tresspassing at Augusta national golf course?

The funny thing is that there could be two types of trespassers at Augusta. There isa criminal and a civil definition. If you do not have the right to be on the ground of this property, you may have committed the criminal act of going into somebody else's land or property without permission of the owner or lessee, a criminal act in Georgia, which if it is your first offense, could receive a fine of up to 1000 dollars under current state law (judges decision), unless there are aggravating factors. Aggravating factors involved with your trespass such as assault, theft, etc, could make it worse. The interesting part of this is that the golfers could actually committ trespassing as well, but are punishable only under the civil definition of trespassing. Hitting a ball into the yard of a person whose property abutts a gold course could give grounds for a tort that may be a valid cause of action to seek judicial relief and possibly damages through a lawsuit, don't laugh there is precedent.

What time can you enter THe Masters at Augusta National?

When the gates open.

How do you get to be a member of Augusta national?

According to an older Golf magazine article, you have to be a "mover and shaker", like a Bill Gates, or foreign. They want to have a diverse collection of golfers- the smaller/lesser-known country you're from, the (relatively) easier it is to get in.

where can i find free computer wallpaper of augusta national golf course?


What U.S state is augusta national golf club in?

Briskeed, the Augusta National Golf club is in Georgia. It is a men's club that holds the national tournament. One of its famous golfers that help design the course is Bobby Jones. Spartawo...

Can anyone tell me how can I get to play a round of golf at Augusta National?

here are your options: 1. become a pro and be on the top 50 money leaders of the pga tour. 2.Become a friend of a member of Augusta National. 3. Become a friend of one of the green keepers of Augusta National. 4 Become part of the press of the tournament and win the lottery to play after the tournament. \ I hope this helps see ya

Would they ever allow an LPGA major at Augusta National? Why or why not?

I think it could happen, the speed of the greens and specially distance are all manageable variables, and Augusta is not knows for it's rough, the fairways are narrow mostly because of trees and pine straw. If the members play on these greens, I see no reason why LPGA golfers can't handle them. So I don't think that the course setup is an issue, and I think the old-heads that run the place will subside. Already the club is more progressive under the new chairman Billy Payne. The bigger issue is the logistics, having two tournaments in one year specially when the course is usually closed for the summer would be difficult. Unless the second tournament was held in late summer, and they opened the course for it. I agree with rox, it WILL happen.

Did Augusta National chairman Billy Payne, of the Masters have the right to chastise Tiger Woods?

I just posted about him. No, he needs to STHU. If Tiger was so disgusting to him, why let him play at his "Masters"? Pfft. Because he wants all those $$$$$ that Tiger brings in that's why pffft. There was a time not that long ago, when people that looked like Tiger were NOT even allowed in 'The Masters' please!

Which company makes the green jackets worn by Augusta National members and Masters tournament champions?

The jackets are made by the Hamilton Tailoring Company in Avondale (Cincinnati) Oh. Read about it by clicking on the link below.

who is responsilbe for "the masters" at augusta national???

Bobby Jones. Is this a trivia question or you really don't know? He is one of the greatest players to every play the game. He was a lawyer by trade and he is responsible for Augusta. Back in his day the amateur players were actually better than the pros. The amateurs had professional jobs, like Bobby's and only played in the summer time. Take a look at the link below for more history of the Masters. The pros were looked at as second class citizens that did nothing but play the game because they couldn't do anything else productive. That, of course has changed dramatically since Bobby's days. People like Sam Snead, Byron Nelson, and Arnold Palmer made the fans come out.

Is it possible to walk around augusta national golf course without being a member?

Only if you get a ticket to the Masters, or a job caddying or on the grounds crew.

What kind of flowers are in the Founders Circle at Augusta National?


How do I enter the lottery drawing for practice round tickets at the Masters at Augusta National?

Practice Rounds tickets are limited and sold in advance by application only. Applicants are allocated tickets on a random selection basis. 2007 Practice Rounds applications will be mailed in June to those people who applied in 2005 and/or 2006 or who have subsequently requested Practice Rounds information. Successful applicants will be notified in September. Unsuccessful applicants will not be notified. The deadline for 2007 applicants is July 15, 2006. If you are not on the Practice Rounds mailing list, and would like to be added for 2007, please send your name, address, daytime telephone number and Social Security Number to: Masters Tournament Practice Rounds PO Box 2047 Augusta, GA 30903-2047

Was Augusta National affected in the tornados in the south last week?

I live in Augusta and work for a news station; there was no damage to the course during the storms. There was only some small down limbs and small branches with some debris spread. It was cleaned up within a day. It passed completely over my house with no damage at all, but a street less than 10 miles from me had trees down everywhere. The worst time the course was affected by weather recently was when we had an ice storm back in 2004. A giant tree fell between 10 and 18 fairways and crushed the large scoreboard. They still had that fixed in no time. That was the same Masters when Ernie Els hit his ball in the woods left on 11 and his ball landed in the wood scrap they piled up back there so he got a free drop.

Are there any golf games with Augusta National golf course in it? The Masters?

I believe Augusta National has a kind of "patent" on it's golf course. Not sure of the exact laws that govern it,but the course cannot be reproduced on any type of media without expressed consent of the governors. I've been to the Masters 3 times while stationed in the Army there. It's the most unbelievably beatiful course I've ever seen. you should try to get there somsday.

How does President Obama feel about Augusta National's All Male Policy?

I'm sure he's in favor of it, since that policy is one of our constitutionally protected rights.

What are the facilities available to members of the Augusta National Country Club?

i dont know what are available to the members but what most people would be surprised to know is that the course is only open to its members 4 months during the entire year. durign the other 8 months they are doing work on the course to get it ready for the masters. i also know you have to be worth atleast 10 million dollars to be a member and its THE most exclusive country club in the country. not many of that kind of stuff in your question gets out on the street.

Why have they made changes to the Augusta National Golf course?

The course is nothing like the course Jones and MacKenzie envisioned or designed. It was designed to play like The Old Course at St Andrews. It was built to be wide, mostly treeless, with big greens, ground game options, with greens that rewarded approaches from correct angles. What they have now is incredibly narrow, with new and more trees planted regularly, a second cut of rough that was never used in the past (balls were allowed to miss the fairway and keep rolling even further out of position), greens that can only be approached from one general angle since they've narrowed landing areas so much and choked lines of play with new trees. They overreacted to Tiger, just like everyone, and bastardized their course into something it was never intended to be. That said, Golf Digest will reward them with a #1 ranking in their next issue, so I guess that shows what I know. Ask yourself this, has the Masters been more or less exciting in recent years? Gone are the days where someone could blitz with birdies and drop a 31 on the back. You used to hear cheering from all corners on the back nine on Sunday. You don't hear that as much anymore, and it's because of the course.

How do you become a member at AUgusta national golf club?

Years ago is was passed down from your parents until there was a kid they didn't want to become a member so they changed it. The board has to vote you in

Has Augusta National ever appeared in a video game?

Hmmm... I'm not sure but I would lean towards probably just because the Bushs golf there. It's easily one of the best courses in Maine and even New England but I'm not sure how it stacks up globally. I used to work at Sable Oaks in South Portland and got the chance to play most of the courses in Maine but I think Sugar Loaf and Dune Grass are better courses. I googled it and it appears that it may have been in Tiger Woods 2007 as a downloadable course.

How can I purchase the one day pass from a volunteer to play Augusta National?

Good luck not many people would do that.

Golfers: Does the Augusta National go too far in limiting tickets to the Masters?

I went last week and noticed that there were few women and children. The Masters has a junior ticket program but only with the patron. Few (if any) took advantage because most of the spectators are corporate patrons. The Masters could go a long way to encourage young golf enthusiasts by extending ticket sales to them NOT just to privileged white men who go to drink the cheap beer and smoke cigars. True golf fans of all stripes ought to have some way to get tickets.

How hard of a golf course is Augusta National?

They're playing from the farthest tee boxes to the easiest pin positions. The pin positions will get tougher. If it was you and I (which, we can dream) we wouldn't be playing from those tees. Bobby Jones created Augusta National with the thought that it should be penal, but provide fair opportunities for escapes if a golfer had creativity and guile. There weren't many trees, rough was almost non-existant. By the time Tiger "decimated" the course, the Chairman, Hootie Johnson, panicked and tried to "Tiger-proof" the course. He basically turned it into a slug fest (and not the exciting, boxing slugfest... a real slug fest) by adding trees, and growing tall rough. That's why you'd see someone win at +2, or whatever. That wasn't how Augusta National was designed to be played. With Billy Payne in as Chairman, things seem to be going back to the way they were. The rough's being reduced, and trees are going (Mother Nature lent a hand this year). Yes, some holes are getting longer (which, if the USGA or Master's Committee would get on board together, they could fight the equipment makers and create a "competition ball" to reign distance in), but they shouldn't be doing that. Last year's Master's was the most exciting finish I can remember in quite some time. If they play their cards right, hopefully this year's can be doubly so.

How can I play Augusta National besides playing in the Masters?

you have to be invited into membership as recommended by another member. you may play as a guest of a member. other than that I am not aware of any way to play, unless you are perhaps an employee of the club and may have somewhat access to playing privileges.

not counting the masters, are black people allowed to play at Augusta National?

Augusta National Golf Club has about 300 members at any given time. Membership is strictly by invitation; there is no application process. It is believed that annual dues are low (less than $10,000 per year) given that the Masters broadcast on CBS earns the club millions per year. Amid much criticism of exclusive and discriminatory admissions, Augusta accepted their first black member in 1990, Ron Townsend, then president of Gannett Television Group. The newest is Lynn Swann http://www.augusta.com/stories/2010/04/08/mas_573028.shtml There are a handfull of black/African-American members. To date there are no female members. Notable current members include: Andrew Flessor, senior Indiana University. Bill Gates, co-founder and chairman of Microsoft Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric James D. Robinson III, former CEO of American Express Harold "Red" Poling, former CEO of the Ford Motor Company Carl Sanders, former Governor of Georgia Sam Nunn, former United States Senator from Georgia T. Boone Pickens, Jr., oil tycoon Hugh L. McColl Jr., Former CEO of Bank of America Lou Holtz former college football coach Steve Spurrier, current head football coach at the University of South Carolina Lynn Swann, former NFL player Pat Haden, former NFL player and current athletic director at the University of Southern California By the way Ron Townsend is the member that asked Rickie Fowler to turn his hat facing forward.

How many months is Augusta National closed before the Masters?

It closes after the event not before

Are members of Augusta National Golf Course allowed to wear their green jacket out in public?

no they arent allowed to wear that in public, but only during you are in club or any occation held by or for club...

Does anyone know what the website is for Augusta National Golf Club?

There is no website for the club; Augusta has no need to advertise or show-off to prospective members because it doesn't accept speculative membership applications. You can check the Masters results, get a course tour, and find lots of other videos and facts at www.augusta.com and www.masters.com

Why is Augusta National never included on the Tiger Woods PGA Tour video games?

mainly because Aguasta has exclusive right with teh golf course.. and believe it or not there was one out there but with jack Nicklaus.. and it was on N64

What does it cost to join Augusta National?

The $25K initial cost is probably close. There are full members and there are 'others' so not everybody pays the same. There's also a monthly fee of $100 +/- (not a lot for Augusta National), caddie's fees, etc. The big cost comes at the end of the year.....all the costs of running and maintaining, improving, adding to, or modifying one of the worlds greatest golf courses is divided up and each member pays 'his' share. The Master’s week has a $60MM price tag for example. In other words, "...Here's what it costs, pay this." That's the 'true' cost of membership and its not something you’re likely to find on the Internet. Oh, and the cost is divided between the 300 members.

What happened at the masters played at the augusta national this week?

Trevor Immelman won. Tiger finished second, three strokes behind.

What do you think of a us open at Augusta national?

Never two majors there,but the ryder cup would be the greatest tourney ever!!!Even the old ,stuffy augusta members might approve that one.Plus put in early fall and the course would have a 6 month recovery time and the ryder cup has limited players contributing less wear.

Can you play Augusta National outside of the Masters?

You can play as guest of a member, as said above, or if you're lucky enough to caddy there, you'd get free run of the course for a day before the course closes in June. And you can't buy a membership, you have to be invited. Then it's $250,000 to $500,000 to stay a member.

How does Augusta National patrons list get changed, are they transferable or sold?

From reading an article a few years back...you're talking about a renewal rate of about 99%...once you're on the list, you renew every year, so folks on the list...not much movement from year to year. According to the article, you can bequeath your "spot" to your kids. You can't sell your spot (if the club catches someone doing this...you're no longer a patron). Same with reselling badges. Their attitude is pretty simple...it's their tournament, their club, their rules, and they seem to do pretty well.

How do you know if someone wearing an Augusta National clothing item has played the course?

The Augusta National shirts are striped.

Is it true that ladies cannot play golf at Augusta National?

False- while there are currently no women members at the club, the club has hosted umpteen numbers of female guests over the years.

Any Golf Game for the PC where you can play Augusta National?

I don't think Augusta National would allow licensing for anything. It is just a very, very private club that doesn't need any outside cash influx.

Are women are allowed to be invited to see the Golf Masters in the Augusta National Golf Club?

Yes...women are certainly able to be patrons at the hallowed grounds of Augusta National. The newest "boss" at the club, Billy Payne is slowly and quietly paving the way to allow female members in. It may not happen in his tenure, but I believe it will happen within the next 10 years.

Is it time for Augusta National to change the par 5 15th Hole?

Absolutely not. The genius of Augusta's 15th lies in its risk/reward. Players are tempted, because of its relative short length, to go for it in two. However, as you have pointed out, there are many things to consider before pulling the trigger. Look at how Zach Johnson played the 15th (and all the par 5s) last year. He laid up on every par 5 and it paid off dearly.

How Do You Apply For A Position At Augusta National Golf Course?

women are not allowed at Augusta, so she doesnt have any chance at all.

Augusta National?

If you do I hope you get arrested !