What kind of charges will someone get for stealing my atm card and withdrawing 300 dollars? Any jail time?

Petty Larceny caries a fine of up to $50,000 and can carry some jail time. Usually it is reduced to community service if this is their first offense. However, using your ATM card could constitute Identity Theft which carries another maximum $100,000 fine and 2 years in jail.

What is the best way to avoid ATM withdrawal fees while in a casino?

Go to the bank you bank with. The grocery store doesn't charge to get $ back. Bring travelers checks.

How long would it take for my TD banknorth atm card to arrive in mail?

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How many times a week do you use an ATM machine? Is it usually your bank or privately owned machines?

You do understand that if there and regular ATMs on the campus, that the provider of those will have an exclusive deal with the university to provide them. And likely pay the university a fee. As well, most people no longer use the private ATMs as the fees are way out of line. People would rather use a real bank ATM.

What is the most universally accepted ATM system in the world?

There is NO ATM cared that is accepted worldwide. DEBIT cards, with the Visa or MasterCard loge are accepted anywhere Visa or MasterCard are accepted. If neither of those is not accepted wherever you are, it is highly unlikely ANY card will be accepted.

How do you start an ATM machine in a store?

You have two options: 1)Buy and service your own machine or 2) rent space for some bank's machine. The ATM store has some good information about owning your own machine. Be aware that you'll need to keep plenty of clean crisp bills around to reload the machine and you might want arrange for an armed guard when you open the machine. Some have over $10,000 in them! Your local bank, if you ask them, might install and service their own machine and just pay you rent for the space. No hassles for you but less profit.

How would I start an ATM Franchise?

http://www.businessopportunity.com This website is a leading source for finding franchising options and business opportunities. The listed opportunities range from coffee and childcare to nutrition and vending and everything else in between. Now, you say you're looking for ATMs? There's a section just for that called "ATM Machines and Processing". ACFN looks like your best bet as most of it's machines are located in hotels, movie theatres and theme parks.

How does the ATM know how much is being deposited by check?

You type in the amount on the cheque. Later on when the contents of the ATM are removed each deposit is checked by a real live teller to make sure the amount you entered and the amount on the cheque match. Also when you deposit into an ATM instead of going to a bank teller the funds you deposited aren't credited to your account until reviewed (or if you have great credit I've heard it goes through automatically then any adjustments are made later if you made a mistake - being young I still have to wait :P)


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