How tall is Bachelorette's Ashley Hebert?

Nice try but horrible guess at 5' 7". Chris Harrison the host of The Bachlor is 5' 9" and she's considerably shorter then he. Definatly more than 2". I'd guess 5' 2".

Ashley Hebert The Bachelorette?

You nailed it. She's dumb and desperate. ANd even ABC seemed to be making fun of it by having Jimmy Kimmel on. I laughed out loud. It was hilarious. LOL LOL Can this show get any cheesier?

do you think ashley hebert, from the bachelorette, is pretty?

I don't know why everybody asks if she is pretty or not...she is definitely not ugly...the poor girl is somewhat goofy and immature and she is petite and happens to have small breasts...not everybody can look like Emily Maynard...she is supposed to be herself, a lot of the guys were disappointed that it wasn't Emily who was the Bachelorette so one can understand that a woman with an already not too high self esteem will feel worse if guys make fun because her breasts are small...she should gain more self confidence become a bit more mature and then she will be pretty...She is very slender that makes her really appear fragile looking but she is not ugly...she is not above average but definitely not ugly and not below average looking but what matters most is character and she needs more self confidence, a self confident person will radiate happiness from the inside out and that is a different kind of being pretty...She is pretty and apart from or prettiness lies in the eyes of the beholder...some guys find her attractive genuinely and some guys don't. it's good that every guy has different tastes when it comes to looks and personality counts just as much as looks do or more...because looks come and go unless we all go and have cosmetic surgery at some point in our age 50 or 60...The guys who think her pretty and like her are there for the right reasons, the others who don't should not stay on, if they find they can't find her attractive or find a lot in common with her and feel that this could lead to a great relationship...then they are the wrong guys.. .x

What brand jeans did Ashley Hebert wear to Jp's home town date?

The producers arrange with designers all the clothes that she can chose from I would write to the produers at ABC

Where did Ashley Hebert get the dress she wore on Jimmy Kimmel last night?

I don't know, but I didn't think it was very attractive on her. The top kept falling off her shoulders or something.

Does Ashley hebert from the bacholorette smoke cigarettes?

Never "saw" her but she may on occasion. She seems like a 12 yr old so that would look strange.

How tall is Ashley Hebert, The Bachelorette?

she's tiny 5 foot 1 sounds to be correct♥

How do I get on The Bachelorette and get a date with Ashley Hebert?

You're a bit too late. You'll find someone better.

How would you describe the Bachelorette's (Ashley Hebert) style?

I think her style if pretty girl neighborish i guess..? (Sometimes her outfits seem to be a bit on the boho side... loose natural colors with wavy hair and simple makeup) Key Pieces?? hmm... im not so sure about that but here are some stores where you can find clothes that she might like to wear... -Target -Marshals -Arie -American Eagle -Nordstorm :)

Where can I find the light blue dress worn by Bachelorette Ashley Hebert in this Us Weekly video?

I would write to the producers, at ABC