Do Ashley Greene and Jackson Rathebone date?

See, i was thinking the same thing. In ANY interviews they are always together and very comfortable with eachother. I think they like eachother but haven't started dating OR i think they are keeping it really quiet.. Think about it, people want to know if they are together and are becoming obsessed with them, which means more publicity for them. and if they were to say yes we're dating i don't think it would be as exciting. Are you talking about the kiss when they were doing that MTV interview thing????? i thought that was incredibly cute :)

Are Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, and Ashley Greene going to continue their original roles in New Moon?

Yes they are and jacob also put on weight to play the role of jacob and they've all signed to play in new moon. also, new moon doesn't start filming until march so rob's hair should grow by then and if taylor,rob and ashley get sacked chris will get a lot of hassle and angry fans especially if rob or taylor left.

Any actresses that look like Ashley Greene?

Annalyne Mccord- I always think she is Ashley G.

Does Ashley Greene wear a wig for the Twilight movies?

no i think it's her real hair, i could be wrong though.

Ashley Greene from Twilight recently said she's too busy to eat, are atheist too busy to eat the word of God?

lol. That's a good analogy. I think it's undecided people who are too busy to eat. Atheists have made a decision against food, like anorexics.

what is the OFFICIAL website for ASHLEY GREENE?

I don't think she has an official site. There are tons of fansites that have popped up recently,but,seeing how they are all probably the creations of 12-15 year old teenage girls,they're more than likely pretty pitiful little piles of fail.

What is your opinion on Joe Jonas losing his virginity to Ashley Greene before marriage?

I honestly don't give a damn. Joe Jonas losing his virginity is NONE of my business, nor is it any of yours. You're acting like he's a little boy or something; while i believe in waiting until marriage, not everyone does. He's a grown man, he can do what he wants.

Ashley Greene?

she's an actress. ha, if you ever watch any of the interviews she's in she's funny=]

Why did ashley greene lose her role in scream 4 to emma roberts?

she was beat out by emma and personally Im glad emma got the part. I like her better.

How come The Twilight Actress Ashley Greene tours with the guys not the girls like Kristen and Nikki?

Too much DRAMA! She roles w/ the boys, it may be a tomboy thing also.