Who thinks Ashley Graham should be in Resident Evil 7 if there is going to be?

no, are you not happy with just resident evil 6 coming out?
also you can get a very early access to the resident evil demo if you buy dragon's dogma!

How much do you think Ashley Graham weighs? (picture & measurements included)?

Maybe like 160 - 200.
Lol idunnno, sorry.

How is plus sized supermodel Ashley Graham different from most plus sized females?

I don't know what you mean by "big boned". That is flab, not bone. The difference is that she is young and has good skin tone. In a couple of years the wrinkles will show and she will look obese same as any other fat lady.

In Resident Evil 4 was Ashley Graham raped by a Ganado?

In my mind, I'd say probably considering that those Ganado fellows are a bunch of horny bunch of guys too..... xD lol
But in all seriousness, no I highly doubt it as she doesn't really look that dramatic when leon found her.....

Is Ashley Graham F-A-T?

I'm looking for picts or info on Ashley Graham she is a model?

That site has around 6 pics and some links to more.

Where can i find some pictures of model, ashley graham?

Google image search: http://images.google.co.uk/images?q=ashl...
If you go to the Google homepage and click on the link for "Image" you can search for anything!

Why was Size 16 model Ashley Graham ad discriminated from dancing with the stars? (photo) ?

To kind of answer your question and refute what the other person arrogantly said...
I *somewhat* agree with them in that it wasn't an issue of her weight. However, I have been looking at a lot of the comments on Youtube.com around the commercial and videos supporting it and a lot of people say that it's no different from a Victoria's Secret ad. And if you look at the small report done by NPR, they show the very scantily clad dancers from Dancing With The Stars that they didn't want to play the ad during. Personally, I feel like I see just as much skin on Fox News as I did in the ad.... which is why people are "jumping to conclusions" that it's about weight. It's kind of like, well, what is it then? I believe part of it is the fact that there's a huge sexual connotation to "meet Dan for lunch" when she leaves in her lingerie and jacket, and it is a bit inappropriate (I'm socially conservative, to some degree, but I'm also a proponent of "If you don't like it, don't watch it.")
But how come no one's stopped to think that's what Lane Bryant wanted? They've gotten more publicity from this thing being banned from prime-time television than they would have if it aired!! I think they've done a great job marketing this, CBS and FOX couldn't have helped them out more if they wanted to. Now Ashley Graham is getting lots of press (and so is Lane Bryant), and people are seeing what real women SHOULD look like-- hey look, it's a healthy and beautiful fat person? I thought skinny people in the media told us that they didn't exist???
That's what your uproar is about.

What do you think of model ASHLEY GRAHAM? Do you find her ATTRACTIVE?

wow. i have never heard anyone say that in my life.
"i don't understand plus size modeling because i think it promotes obesity"
you do realize that ashley graham is nowhere near obese...
she could be considered thick-boned, but she is healthy i'm sure. you can't make it as a plus sized model unless you're physically fit.
i think she's very pretty, but she wasn't born skinny.
if you said this to my face i would probably punch you, not because i am obese and i want to stick of for obese people, but because you're so centered on body image and are basically putting bigger girls down because they weren't born perfect.
there's my two cents.

Who thinks Sherry Birkin & Ashley Graham from Resident Evil should meet and be in Resident Evil 7?

Considering how much the Resident evil community (in general, not everyone) hates Ashley, I'd be surprised to see her in another RE game again.
But Sherry is cool.
Maybe Sherry can be in the hero and Ashley becomes evil (or at the very least stops getting kidnapped and/or looses her ability to scream in that voice *lol*)