What are the little symbols on the back of Arkansas' football helmets?

It's their SEC sticker. SouthEastern Conference. So what do you think of McElroy?

Has ESPN already talked about Arkansas football in their 50 state tour?

I don't remember if they did, but alas ESPN always gives 2 days to the Big 10- Pac-10 Everboday else 1 day congratuations ESPN Big 10 Fans!!!!!!!!!

Who will win the Kentucky VS. Arkansas college football game this Saturday?


How come wild hog formation doesnt come up when im with arkansas in ncaa football 08?

It's in Arkansas' playbook under Shotgun Y-Trips. You go into that formation and they have 3 plays for the Wild Hog. You select it and it will automatically put McFadden at QB and Felix Jones at WR.

How do I tryout to walk on the university of arkansas football team?

http://www.razorbackfootballcamps.com/ Go to the Senior Football camp at the UA. When you are at the camp, talk to the coaches about trying out for a walk on position.

Where can i watch a replay of the 2009 Alabama vs Arkansas football game?


Is Arkansas football going to be good this year?

Maybe?Just have 2 wait and see.But GO SEC!!!!!

need to find a website that tell whats going on with the former Arkansas football players?

well, im an illini fan and on the illini website it says what nfl teams or other teams former players play for. maybe check the Arkansas site?

if i live in arkansas and i have Espn Gameplan will i get to see the arkansas football games?

If you live in Arkansas, you don't need ESPN Gameplan to watch the Razorbacks. If they're playing on ESPN or ABC regional TV they'll be shown in Arkansas. ESPN Gameplan shows games on ESPN or ABC not shown in your region.

arkansas football?

Casey Dick Ryan Mallet from Michigan transferred over but will have to sit a year out