Why are white female singers, eg Dolly Parton and Kate Bush, such better songwriters than black female singers?

I'm sure it's not true in every case, but I, too, have noticed a lot more white singers who write their own songs.

I need good Songs by Female Artists?

V-Nasty is a very kid friendly artist with a beautiful voice.

What black female singers do actually write their own songs?

Tracy Chapman. I think she has only done two full albums.

rate these singers vocally 1-10...?

mariah carey whitney houston patti labelle uretha franklin jennifer hudson beyonce celine dion cristina agulera alicia keys

Is Soulja Boy really music???

It's just some stupid trend that will be over soon. He's a rap wanna be and he's not nor will ever be a professional rap artist.

Who's You top Female Vocalist (solo artist only)?

i think christina aguilera has an amazing voice, she's my fave female singer. (",)

All Time Best Female Vocalists?

Chaka Khan, Whitney, Jennifer Holiday, Laurynn Hill, & Alecia Keys

Duets by two women/girls/females?

Are You Strong Enough...Sheryl Crow and Stevie Nicks :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCYAuTFjAL8&feature=related

This artist sings 'Oops, I Did It Again' and 'Broken Heart':?

Britney Spears

Who are some singers, past & present, who have their own distinct sound?

Jimi Hendrix! I know it's Jimi when I hear that electric guitar and then hear that great voice. I think Marvin Gaye has a unique sound along with John Lennon, Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin, Josh Groban, Michael Jackson, Elton John, Seal, Bob Dylan, Muse, Tina Turner and Cher. All great artist and in their own way.

Who is the original diva?

Aretha Franklin. Shes the Queen of Soul. She came before the others

Are there any female pop artist today who don't make songs that are risky? And why do most women those songs?

You're just choosing out of a small group. There is plenty of female pop singers that aren't "risque". Like Taylor Swift for example, even though her music is terrible and every song is the same. It's definitely not risque

who else thinks Beyonce is a better artist than Whitney Houston and Janet Jackson?

I don't like any of them. But, Beyonce is very talented. They all are very talented. Well, except Janet Jackson. She really only has talent in the dancing arena. Between Beyonce and Whitney, I guess I'd have to say Beyonce. She's been way more dependable as an artist.

is whitney houston an actress?..........?

yes,she was in the hit movies 'The Bodyguard' co-starring Kevin Costner and 'Waiting To Exhale' co-starring Loretta Devine. and personally i think whitney has the better voice

Are black women better singers than white women, and white women better songwriters?

I guess you could say that. But you have to remember that Aretha Franklin wrote a good number of her songs also.

What are some difficult r&b songs to sing ?

Aretha's hit from 1968, "The House that Jack Built" seems like it would be challenging. Here it is, along with another of her hits, "The Weight". These are both "hard-driving" soul songs. If you're interested in a big, pop-style song, the second link is Aretha's version of "I Dreamed a Dream", again very challenging.

Why do people say that black women are great singers when it's not always true?

I have NEVER heard a black woman who had a singing voice that wasn't loud and obnoxious.

What is a good song for a music competition?

the dream by El Debarge Also Relax by Meca, ok this one may not be a good one to show off your voice, but it will move the crowd. good luck It's gonna take a miracle, stacy latisaw

Can you find a good belting song for me?

true or false:when whitney houston was in her prime she could slam aretha in singing?

True. Houston had an amazing voice. Aretha sounds like she's screaming all of her songs. ☼

What's your favorite whitney houston duet? i'll name them below if you don't remember.?

If I Told You That....George and Whitney sound fabulous together! =)

how does whitney houston look on the cover on her debut album?

She looks happy and relaxed. Okay, Whitney has a prettier voice than Aretha Franklin. But Aretha Franklin can SING, and I think she sings better than Whitney. If you notice no one hardly ever tries to cover Aretha's songs, because they just can't put the Soul that she has into them. When Aretha sings a song, she owns it.

whitney houston ''im every woman'' or aretha franklin ''respect''...... ladieswhich song is your anthem?

Aretha Franklin or Cher or Tina Turner or Whitney Houston or cline Dion?

Aretha Tina Whitney (before Bobby Brown and drugs ruined her) Cher Celine

Chaka Khan, Diana Ross, Whitney Houston, Patti Labelle, Grace Jones, Aretha Franklin?

The best R&B female singer, artist and diva in the entire world honors have to go to the grand lady herself Aretha Franklin. There has not been any one even close to her with that voice of hers. The other singers mentioned are very good singers and have a lot of talent but can't compete with Aretha. She can push the roof off of any house and/or church for that matter with that talented voice of hers.

true or false:when whitney houston was in her prime aretha franklin could not hold a candle to her?....?

Stop asking this!

Aretha Franklin 'Queen Of Soul' Vs Whitney Houston 'The Voice'?

I go for Whitney, hands down. Aretha may have the title as the Queen of Soul but the delivery, voice, impact per se- what have you - all for Whitney.

Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, Sade, or Anita Baker?

I love Sade

Between the three of them, who is the best of the best: Patti Labelle, Whitney Houston, or Aretha Franklin?

Patti Labelle. she steals the show and she has an incredible vocal range. she also does what none of the others do......always surprises and treats her fans to what they don't expect....EVERY NIGHT!

whitney houston or Aretha Franklin?

Definitely Aretha Franklin. She is an architect of soul music. She is a legend. Although Whitney can hold her own, Aretha is just a laid back soulful songstress and artist.

who has or had better voice: aretha franklin, donna summers. whitney houston?

aretha franklin

does anyone think whitney houston would win if she was singing agianst aretha franklin?

Aretha will blow Whitney out the water, Aretha's a true singer.

Whitney Houston? Or Aretha Franklin? Best voice?

Aretha is, and always be the Queen of Soul. Whitney had an amazing voice until she killed it with drugs. Pre-drug Whitney was probably as good as Aretha, but present Whitney? No way. So in the present, Aretha is the better singer. But if Whitney gets her act together and gets her voice back to how it used to be, then they may be about even - but Aretha will always be legendary.

who is the best singer whitney houston or aretha franklin?

i think whitney houston has a better voice...but she wasted it...she could have been such a huge star...instead she is known for her drug addictions and getting beat up by her husband, bobby brown....i would have to go with aretha franklin for having a better career, more hits, more consistant

who do you think aged better and has a better head voice: whitney houston or aretha franklin?

Aged better? Whitney Has a better voice? Always has been and always will be Aretha. The only reason Whitney sounds like she has a better voice is because of song choice. She does involve some POP into her music so its easier to see why people would think her voice is better. Dont get me wrong, I think she has a good voice. But the queen is Aretha!

If you had a choice of Patti Labelle, Aretha Franklin or Whitney Houston to sing at the superbowl, who'd it be

I'd say Aretha Franklin but Whitney Houston had the greatest performance at the superbowl when she sang the National Anthem. If Whitney could pull it off again, I would say her.

who do you think is prettier and sings better:whitney houston or aretha franklin?

Whitney before the drugs, Aretha after Whitney went all in for the dope.

whitney houston or aretha franklin.........?

I think Whitney Houston has aged better and has a better voice.

Aretha Franklin or Whitney Houston?

Whitney Houston!

Aretha Franklin vs Whitney Houston?

Aretha franklin!

whitney houston vs aretha franklin who do you think is the better singer......?

I totally agree with you! Whitney at her prime would shit on Aretha. People think that Aretha is better because she has a lot of soul, but Whitney's vocals are too powerful imo Look at How she litterally KILL Aretha's song "natural woman", A LOT BETTER than Aretha's version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_lpaXDmo4KY


deffinatly aretha franklin! shes classic!

whitney houston vs aretha franklin who do u think has a more powerful voice?

I say Whitney. But they both have powerful singing voices. You're talking about two different types of vocalists within the same music genre. That's like comparing Beyonce to Patti LaBelle. Aretha is a vocalist with traditional gospel and R&B background, with a "raspy" voice so how she sings and approches a song is going to be different than Whitney. Who grew up listening to the traditional music of Aretha but singins very crisp and clear is a R&B/Pop vocalists. Can Aretha pull off a Whitney song? Maybe but she will make it her own style. Can Whitney sing an Aretha song? Absolutely but it will "sound like Whitney song".

What would you do if Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin came to your house?

I would ask them "where the hell is my pizza"?

Who is the best singer aretha franklin or whitney houston?:)?

aretha 4ever!!!!!

who do you think was prettier and had a better voice in her prime: whitney houston or aretha franklin?

Wow such a tough choice..Aretha and Whitney are both legendary singing greats..Whitney had the better voice in her prime in my opinion..

who do u think can sing better and aged better whitney houston or aretha franklin?

Aretha is a lot better than Whitney. That's why they call her Lady Soul...

whitney houston vs aretha franklin who do u think is a better singer?

Wrong section. ...Aretha is the queen of soul...just saying.

whitney houston vs aretha franklin who do you think has a stronger head voice?


Why does Dolly Parton write way more songs than Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston put together?

How the hell should we know how their productivity works? There are singers that don't write their own songs at all and they come out with hits and "classics." There are singers that write all their own songs and they never go anywhere in their career. But no one is in Dolly's/Aretha's/Whitney's head, so we have no way of knowing why one writes more than others.