Can someone tell me anything about Appleton, WI?

It's the home of Harry Houdini. One day I'll make a pilgrimage...

the apparent angle of the sunset in appleton, wi seems too far north, why?

That can't be; at least if you observe both the rise and set on the same day. If it rises south of east, then it has to set (on the same day) to the south of west. In winter it will both rise and set south of due east and west, and in summer it will rise and set north of due east and west, but on the same day it has to both rise and set on the same side of due east and west, either both north or both south.

where is the closest cinnabon near appleton wi?

up ur butt...

I am going on a road trip from Atlanta, GA to Appleton, WI. What are some good destinations on the way there?

Here's a couple possibles: National Parks Odd and Unusual

What's a great shooter to make using Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum V/X?

Apple liqueur (Apple Pucker) - its called an Apple Jack. About 6:1 Appleton:Pucker. Just so that it tastes sweet and apple like.

Are there any slalom water ski courses near Appleton, Wisconsin?

I don't know how close they are to Appleton, but here's a quote from the website below that pinpoints at least three of them in Wisconsin. "There are a few around Adams but most of those are private. I know it's a bit of a hike, but Neosho has a public course on a small pond."

Where can i find open youth boxing matches around Appleton WI?

Do you know of any one selling old house/fixer-upper in or near Appleton, Minnesota?

Since you are a Yahoo user, why not try: Another popular site is: You can also try Craigslist at: Another option is to try this site run by e-bay: Good luck with your search.

Does anyone know any adult film store in Appleton, WI where you can rent DVD's instead of buying them?

just go on the internet freak or get a girlfriend to do it for you there is so much on the internet its sickening but seriously get a girlfriend

I purchased a butcher block table that was made at Appleton Maple Lock Co.. Can you tell me what the value is

It is worth roughly what it cost you. A bit more if they have increased in value and yours is new, a bit less if you have used yours. The color is a treatment to inhibit bacterial growth. Sorry, I should not have clicked this, I cannot even find information on the original company

In Appleton, Wisconsin, how would i be able to live with my friend and her parents legally?

Even a hand written agreement is adequate, have your parents to set the specifications and either type it out or hand write it, take it to a notary and have your parents and your friends parents to sign in front of a notary and it would be legal for all purposes. All Banks have Notary's on staff and they are free if one or both of the people involved are customers of the bank.

where can i get pho in Appleton Wi?

The West Bank Cafe on 732 E. Burleigh St. in the Eastside of Milwaukee is pretty good.

What organization pays for blood plasma in the appleton area?

theres one in greenbay

Anyone know a gr8 tattoo artist around appleton wisconsin?

No i don't sorry

Is there a Forever 21 in the Fox River Mall in Appleton, Wisconsin?

Yes, there is

Who has been to or lives in Appleton, Wisconsin?

hi there,i don"t reside in appleton,here"s a couple of links for you.absolutely every thing you want to know and more!!good luck in your new job.. best wishes..

Anyone know of a good sushi bar/restaurant in WI, between appleton and milwaukee?

Kyoto-7453 W. Layton Ave.

Whats the story with the stone ovens in St Joseph Cemetery in Appleton, Wisconsin?

None of the native tribes in Wisconsin built anything out of stone. No witches do that either, sorry but it sounds like someone clueless trying to make the grottos mysterieous. The colonists in Wisconsin came from German and Scandinavian countries, they had grottos in their native countries so they built them here as well. Several towns have these, they're on the tourist routes now. Feel free to contact your city's tourist center or even the civic's/mayor's office about the history of them.

where can i get a body kit installed. I live in northeastern wisconsin. by greenbay and appleton?

I'd just start by asking at the local body shops. BIG fire huh? Well it couldn't have been as bad as the one in Chicaga (kidding kidding). Baron von Party from Wisconsin also.

How much would bus tickets cost to appleton wisconsin from baltimore maryland?

You can easily look that up yourself at "". No one else can really tell you because you didn't say what dates you plan to travel, and what level of service you want.

Got a good recipe for Appleton Rum to share?

I like Appleton light with pineapple....

Where can I find a cheap flight from oshkosh, appleton, or milwaukee wisconsin to tucson arizona?

I would definitely try flying from Milwaukee - more options. If you are super-sensitive on price, maybe a drive to Chicago - they have cheaper flights. A long haul, I know. Your call.

What type of shifts do officers in the Appleton Police Department work?

Pick up the phone and call the PD or town manager. [duh]

I need to find a criminal thinking class in appleton wisconsin for a parolee?

maybe ask the Judge?

How old do you have to be to work in Appleton Wi?

WI has specific laws where minors are concerned. This link: not only tells you what hours and other restrictions exist, but at the bottom also has a link to a list of minimum ages of employment for specific jobs. Hope this helps.

Is someone in the Appleton WI area missing a orange kitten?

Most newspapers will allow you to post a free found ad! You should call ASAP to place the ad! You can also place an ad at, and contact local veterinarians and ask if anyone called about a missing cat.

Are there any good Japanese or Japanese-esk shops in Appleton Wisconsin?

The closest thing I can think of is Vagabond Imports, on East College Ave. I don't think they carry any Japanese clothing, but they might be able to help you find what you're looking for. Otherwise, you may have to check Madison, Milwaukee, or Chicago. Just a thought... Have you tried asking at the Nakashima restaurant? Maybe they could put you in touch with somebody.

What are some rhetorical figures in Andrew Marvells, "Upon Appleton House"?

I see, you are asked to do a comparison between Jonson and Marvell in their poems about stately homes of great noble families. Same answer as for Jonson: the poem is too long. You really have to read it yourself. If you need any help, go there: You will find good resources there, scholarly articles and student essays, but of very good quality. And links to other poems by Marvell.

How to find and contact an internet sales manager at a car dealership in Appleton, WI?

Osseo Ford. Osseo, WI. Awesome people. Really take care of customers! Down to earth people who care more about happy customers than anyone else I have dealt with.

Where can I go to pick fresh raspberries or strawberries near Appleton, Wisconsin? Any orchards close by?

Anybody Know Any Pet Stores In Appleton That Sell Tarantulas?

The only other one is Just Pets on Richmond. You can call them and ask, but if they don't, then you'll have to look elsewhere. I know Hoffers Tropic Live & Pets in Milwaukee has a large selection of tarantulas. They carry snakes and lizards there too. Here's their site

Where can I go to find artificial flowers in the Oshkosh and Appleton, WI area?

Pier One , WallyWorld

Will somebody tell me a few of the pet shops in appleton?

there is pet supplies plus over on Northland Ave and out towards Menasha and then there is a new store called Petland and I think that is on the East side of Appleton. That is a new store that just opened up.

Can anyone tell me of a good counselor near Appleton Wisconsin?

A good pastor would be your best bet. Mine has helped me for years

What is the best place to get ur ears pierced with stainless steal earrings Around appleton area?

Search around for a reputable piercer - usually found at a tattoo shop. has a database of APP certified piercers in your area. I think also has a database of piercers.

What is the fastest way to get from O'Hare airport in Chicago to Appleton city in Wisconsin?

Why don't you fly? I don't believe Amtrak goes past Milwaukee but I could be wrong. A cab is outrageous and you won't find one to go that far. Your only alternative would be Greyhound. After all you are at O'hare

What will the road conditions be between Antigo and Appleton Tomorrow?

Winter weather warning for the entire state of Wisconsin until 6 am on Sunday. Sorry.

where to take jazz piano lessons near green bay or appleton?

Contact the UW-Green Bay music department, either piano or jazz faculty. Someone there could probably tell you if there are any piano students who would give lessons.

Do you say the mega urban sprawl of Chicago will reach as far north as Appleton, Wisconsin?

suspect? maybe you might want to get to know any new neighbors to see if they share the same comedy as you in hopes to share a laugh or two. this seems to be the most likely route to fortify your social circle.

What rum here in America tastes like the Jamaican Appleton White Overproof rum?

Substitute another white rum such as one of the following brands: Bacardi Banker's Club Havana Club Military Special Palo Viejo Santa Cruz Happy drinking!

How close is appleton wisconsin to brillion wisconsin?

According to Google Maps (should I have used Yahoo Maps???), Outagamie County Regional Airport (ATW) in Appleton is 29.7 miles from Brillion and takes about 39 minutes. Austin Straubel International Airport (GRB) in Green Bay is about 31.0 miles and takes 44 minutes. Looks like it should be about a wash either way. Go with the cheaper ticket, assuming the times work ok. One consideration is that GRB is a bigger airport and, in the event of inclement weather, may have more flight options for you to consider. On the plus side, both have free wifi.

Where is the only unmarked intersection in Appleton, WI? It is commonly included on driver's license tests.?

Since the DMV is located on 720 West Northland Avenue, I would say that from looking at the google map it might be on or near Wisconsin 47 street.........

what do I wear and pack for a trip to appleton wisconsin?

Get out a map. Find Portland. Find Appleton. Portland is actually further north than Appleton. Appleton might be warmer - but the air currents are different in the Great Lakes area than the Pacific Northwest. So now go to a weather site. Look up the average high and low temperatures in September for Portland (74 and 55). Now look them up for Appleton (70 and 51). Hm. Might be a tiny bit cooler in Appleton, but not much. What goes in your carry-on? Nothing dangerous and no liquids/gels over 3 ounces. I prefer not to bother with the sizes of my shampoo, etc and just put all of my toiletries in my checked bag. Things you really should put in your carry-on are valuables (like electronics, camera, jewelry, etc) and prescription medications - things that would cause an issue if your checked bag was temporarily or permanently lost. What to wear to the airport? You want to look nice but feel comfortable. You will have to remove your shoes when you pass through security, so keep that in mind. And airports and planes can be a bit chilly at times, so having a sweater or light jacket is a good idea (although you'll have to remove that at security as well).

What tuxedo rental places have locations in both the Appleton WI area and the Milwaukee, WI area?

There is a Gingiss Formal Wear located in Appleton and Milwaukee. Here's their info: Appleton, WI 54911 (920) 830-3677 2500 N Mayfair Rd Milwaukee, WI 53226 Phone: (414) 476-7909

Where can a person find original blueprints for houses built in or around 1895 in Appleton, WI?

The Inspections Department issues building permits. They are located on the 5th Floor of City Hall or you may contact them at (920) 832-6411 Amazing how the search thing on your computer works

Where is Antigo WI and how far is it from Milwaukee WI or Appleton WI?

hi there,information for you,enter Antigo WI. in the question bar.. Antigo to Milwaukee 205miles Antigo to Appleton WI? 96miles best regards pops..

Does anyone know of a good friendly church in the Appleton, WI area?

I'm from Appleton, WI. It is a nice area. The church that you go to would depend on your denomination. Are you Catholic, Protestant? I'm Unitarian and the church on the south side on calumet street if very nice.

What are the questions and answers to the new appleton riddles on Horse Isle?

there on online guides to this, just google it. the riddles can be found here:

Do airlines use jets or propellar planes to fly in to Appleton, Wisconsin?

The type of plane used depends on many factors, but you can find out the kinds of planes flying into or out of the airport by looking at a site like FlightAware (; they show the aircraft type for all arriving and departing flights. Looks like Canadair and Saab commuter aircraft are the rule for Appleton.

What are the instructions for Appleton Honey & Spice Ham Glaze?

Sugar, Fructose, Dried Honey (Refinery Syrup, Honey)Spices.