Should the Steelers go after Antonio Cromartie?

yes I think that the steelers should try to get Antonio Cromartie that would help the steelers team a lot because he can do a lot for that Steelers team.I mean he did well when he was with San Diego but I think that would be a great pick up for those Steelers fans out there.

Who thinks Antonio Cromartie should be defensive play of the year?

he will defiantly make the pro bowl but player of the year is a bit of a stretch. 8 ints, one returned for a td, a fumble recovery for a td, 14 pass deflections, 25 tackles and the longest play in NFL history I would say Thomas Howard of Oak should at least be up for DPoY.

Is Antonio Cromartie going to be the next DeAngelo Hall?

I hate the fact that you ask this question when I am a die hard skins fan. However, from my understanding Cromartie is better suited for man to man coverage. A couple years back when he had that 10 interception year, he was playing man most of the time. Hence, when Schwarts went to the Lions, there scheme changed to more of a zone coverage, which he is not good at. Contrary to the comparison of D. Hall23 and Cro, D. Hall excelled at playing zone in Atlanta. That way he could take chances on the ball, and use his speed. But when he went to Oakland, there CB's play nothing but Man coverage, which D. Hall23 was not good at. However, when he became a Skin, we played him in more of a free zone scheme, and he played pretty well (just needs to learn to wrap up). But Cro seems to be fit to put his hands on a Receiver at the line of scrimmage. He is tall, has long arms, and is built to be physical. He has long legs, so he can run with most receivers in the league. I will take a wait and see approach, but I think Rex Ryan will put him into a good situation. I mean come on man. You are comparing Oakland to the Jets. Cro will get picked on though. Because not many throw to Revis Island.

What type of helmet does Antonio Cromartie use?

its a Schutt air xp with a RB robot face mask

Antonio Cromartie the real deal or just lucky?

I think you're right theres a lot of hype right now but we have to wait to see if he passes the real test of excellence, consistency

Do you guys think that Antonio Cromartie is the next Deion Sanders?

heres why cromartie is and will be a better player than sanders. cromartie has a better eye for the ball than sanders did. its not about running a sub-4 40, its about acceleration and agility and staying on the guy. with the chargers front 7 blitzing, he has to get his head around faster and does. he makes moves with the ball and cuts well. plus he is a real cool guy. he came into my work for a shawne merriman event and dude has absolutely no ego. ps what sanders said about LT, no wonder noone has nfl network ya jerk

Would Antonio Cromartie be a good fit for the Steelers?

Not a good fit. He is a big play type corner who takes a lot of risks to go after the ball, which is why he is recognized as a terrible cover corner. A 3-4 defense requires tight coverage and a lot of bump and run with the WR they face. Cromartie has enough athletic talent to start almost anywhere, but he becomes a liability at times, especially when he is opposite Darrell Revis, and gets the ball thrown his way a lot. The decision becomes that of the coaching staff as to whether his ability outweighs his shortcomings. I think in a defense that lacks any full coverage safeties (Ryan Clark, Troy Polamalu), a cover that may give up as much as Cromartie does may not be the best choice.

Will the Eagles start Asante Samuel or Dominic Antonio Cromartie?

Nnamdi Asomugha will be the no.1 corner Asante Samuel will be the no.2 corner Dominic Rogers Cromartie will be a nickle corner

How much is a Tom Brady and Antonio Cromartie rookie football card worth?

A ton and not very much, respectively Although I would advise holding on to the Brady card for a while, protect and make sure it stays in good condition, maybe try to get it signed, then wait till he retires as a god and it will be worth tons more then it is today.

Antonio Cromartie?

I have him easily in the top 5 cornerbacks. I don't know exactly where I would put him in the top 5, but I have him there. He's one of the most athletic players in the NFL. As I like to say, he's a BEAST.